about us

The Canadian Speedway Racing Association (CSRA) was formed by a group of Ontario speedway enthusiasts in 1974, and subsequently incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1986.

Over the years, the Canadian Speedway Racing Association has taken many roles in the promotion of the sport in Canada.

These have included:

  • Paris Speedway weekly race scheduling and event organization
  • Speedway program compilation.
  • Welland Speedway weekly and Championship organization.
  • Financial race payout awards
  • Overseas rider financial support.
  • Membership volunteering at racing events for organization, marshalling, referees and other important positions.
  • Comprehensive website supporting Canadian Speedway.
  • Weekly reporting of race events, published on worldwide websites and publications.
  • Yearly awards banquets.

Our Association is currently not accepting any membership applications, but your interest is very much appreciated!


canadian speedway history

This section of our site is forever growing. Despite its size, Canadian Speedway has been blessed to have some iconic names associated with it, and we are proud to bring this information to you.

Thanks is offered to many contributors including Duncan Luke, Tom Marriott, Roger Stevens and David Hensby for the the information used on this site.