Welland Programs

Over the years, a superb weekly program has been put together, this covers local speedway riders and bios etc... Duncan Luke has provided us with many covers from the past years to view.

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National Programs

The Canadian Speedway Championship events held yearly had some superb programs created by Duncan Luke. He has supplied the covers to view.

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csra awards

Review the Historic Canadian Speedway Awards - 1980 to 2010

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Paris Programs

David Hensby, Tom Marriott and Duncan Luke created some super programs for the Paris Speedway races held on Friday Nights. We offer a few covers to view by clicking below...

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race reports

Since 2003, race reports have been compiled and results reported through Duncan Luke, Emily Hensby, Terry Rideout and David Hensby.

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Tom's history page

Tom Marriott, one of our historians for Canadian Speedway is building a new page for our site, please take a look and keep an eye on this section!

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Statistic Covers

Duncan Luke created some superb booklets providing the years statistics. Sadly the demand for these diminished with the dropping ridership. The covers Duncan made are shown by the link below..

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newspaper articles


The riders of Canadian Speedway have for many years been covered in newspaper and magazine articles. We have complied a great selection for your perusal.

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Interesting reading ahead...

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canadian speedway history

This section of our site is forever growing. Despite its size, Canadian Speedway has been blessed to have some iconic names associated with it, and we are proud to bring this information to you.

Thanks is offered to many contributors including Duncan Luke, Tom Marriott, Roger Stevens and David Hensby for the the information used on this site.