Tommy Hensby GoPro
Final Race
Promo Video
Heat Race
Heat Race
Sidecar Racing
Final Race
2005 Grand Final
Scary Crash For Katalin Davis
Division 2 Heat Race
John Kehoe
Tommy Hensby Practice
Zach Peters Crashing Out
Heat Race

Practice with Aaron hesmer and Rob Dixon
Great Heat Race
Aaron Hesmer Wipeout
Aaron Hesmer Interview
Aaron Hesmer Doing Some Hot Laps
The People Of Paris Speedway
Sidecar Action
Super Heat Race
Graham Wale Teaching Tommy Hensby
Scott Collier Taking In A few Laps
Terry Rideout Shows The Way!
Mike Hammond Crashes Hard - Ice Racing

Eric Chitty Wins
Rob Fisher in the UK


canadian speedway history

This section of our site is forever growing. Despite its size, Canadian Speedway has been blessed to have some iconic names associated with it, and we are proud to bring this information to you.

Thanks is offered to many contributors including Duncan Luke, Tom Marriott, Roger Stevens and David Hensby for the the information used on this site.