PARIS SPEEDWAY covers (courtesy of Mr. Duncan Luke)

Throughout the Paris Speedway Racing seasons, some great people were very instrumental in producing the weekly race program. These programs were also full of interesting items, such as past race reports, rider profiles, rider photos, current speedway information and of course a fillable race card.

Thanks is offered to Mr. Duncan Luke, Mrs. Joan Luke (Photographs) all program compilation up to 1996. Duncan was the program race card organizer and race card administrator for all events to 2010. Mr. Tom Marriott (1996 to 2010) Program printer, editor and cover note editor. Mr. David Hensby (2006-2010) Articles, photographs, additional speedway news. Cover designs.

We sincerely thank them for their dedication and for the memories on the page!


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canadian speedway history

This section of our site is forever growing. Despite its size, Canadian Speedway has been blessed to have some iconic names associated with it, and we are proud to bring this information to you.

Thanks is offered to many contributors including Duncan Luke, Tom Marriott, Roger Stevens and David Hensby for the the information used on this site.