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Stan Bradbury completed his British speedway racing career in England in 1953 and began to race stock cars. In 1957 he emigrated to Canada with his wife Dorothy, and began a pursuit of putting on speedway races in Canada. Ken Sobel who was a TV channel owner, had a track in Dundas, Ontario which they used for their races. Due to the 1950's mass emigration from the UK, Canada was lucky to have some ex UK riders, such as: Jeff Crawford, Johnny Sargeant, Allan Kidd, Bingley Cree, George Butler and Stan's dear friend Mike Tams. They all enjoyed racing and allowed some Canadians to join in the fun with Dave Dodds, Mark Kehoe and another good friend Bob Fisher, coming into the picture later on.

In 1973, Stan, Bob Fisher and Mike Tams got together a bunch of riders to begin the Canadian Speedway Racing Association. Stan was the Secretary for 25 years as well as, being President for a while and chief cook and bottlewasher!!! Many people have continued with this great Association to this present day, and today it also runs with an ex-pat, David Hensby as President who still works closely with Stan.

Stan also took some time out to write a book for all up and coming speedway riders. A copy of this great book is available on the Canadian Speedway Racing Association website. A fascinating book for any rider to read on what to do and most importantly, what NOT to do!

His unselfish nature brings the riders closer to Stan. He will often be seen at the Paris Speedway practice sessions giving advice whilst stood on the track, never shouting, never a cross word. Just a calming voice of reason, explaining why it really does hurt when you fall off! During the races, he will wander the pits after watching and listening to a bike and make suggestions for a set-up change or tuning change, that makes the difference between winning and losing. His most famous student is Sheffield Tigers asset, Kyle Legault.

Kyle had this to say "Stan is the man who provided me with a bike so that I could have my first ride on a speedway bike. I first had a ride one Friday summer night back in 2001 on Stan's 250cc junior speedway bike. The next year he would bring along a two valve Jawa and would let me have a ride on that every Friday after the meetings....BUT ONLY IF I ASKED PERMISSION FIRST!"

Stan rode for many years in Canada, and has been the biggest advocate of the sport without question. Giving not only his time to promote the sport, but his mechanical knowledge, bike set-up and unselfish support of any rider who needs help, only instills the title of 'Grandfather of Canadian Speedway' Even today in his 80th year, Stan will still take an opportunity to take a seriously bent frame or misfiring magneto and rebuild them like new! In the Summer of 2006, a 1971 JAWA engine was taken apart after sitting for a few years after Stan had worked on it, and to the amazement of all who witnessed it, they saw some of the most intricate work ever seen. This engine was pristine, and runs and pulls as well as the day it was made!

2006 in Canada was also special year for Canadian Speedway. A new 'Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame' was formed by Mr. Bar Hodgson. He began a special Hall of Fame that inducted nominated riders from all types of motorcycle racing and promotion, including the Canadian Motorcycle Association, the official Canadian ruling body. Nominations for these inductees was a very high honor and thanks to the great efforts and dedication of Ian March, Stan was able to make Canadian history in becoming the first speedway racing inductee. A proud moment for us all in Canada to witness the well-deserved prize being awarded to Stan on this night from Ian!

A true gentleman, a true friend, Stan Bradbury known to us all as 'Mr. Nice Guy', and you know what he really is!

Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction

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