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Terrence Rodney Rideout was born on January 30th 1979 in St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Terry began his speedway racing time after meeting up with Corinne Franic. Corinne was one of a few very successful female speedway riders, who gave the guys a run for their money!

As they began dating, Terry came to events and despite not wanting to have a go, slipped on the helmet and steel shoe one Tuesday evening, and immediately looked good. He took to speedway well and produced some great racing at all the Canadian tracks.

Terry worked his way through the ranks and was always a treat to watch. His fearless attitude (we blame the Newfie in him) gave spectators a great race every time. He interacted with the supporters and was always up for a photo after the events.

His crowning glory came in 2014, when he won the Canadian Speedway Championship event! He was so proud to ride with the #1 for the 2015 Season!!!

He was such a great rider with a heart of gold, he worked to help others lending his bikes to rivals and anyone wanting a go, just to keep the show going! His highlight for this was when he lent Tommy Hensby his bike at the last minute to compete in the 2012 Canadian Championship following his own mechanical breakdown, with both him and Tommy riding the bike throughout the night. Eventually leading to Hensby grabbing the Division 2 Canadian Champion title on his bike!

His life in Ontario was good, he trained horses for harness racing, moving around as the work demanded. He was well respected and liked within the horse racing family and did very well. Despite this, he felt that he needed a new challenge, and headed to Alberta with his now wife Corinne, and two sons Curtis and Dylan. He worked repairing large equipment, sometimes in the middle of nowhere in awful frigid temperatures, but Terry took it in his stride!

Sadly though, on his 41st Birthday in 2020, he was tragically involved in a motor vehicle accident and passed away at the scene.

This unique character will be forever in our hearts, his smile, his quick wit and sarcastic humour is sadly missed by us all.


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