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Tony Armstrong was born in Wordsley, England on December 25th, 1945.

He was one of a posse of Midlands based juniors who made the journey down the M1 Motorway every week to ride for the Crayford "Highwaymen" in the newly former Second Division.

Tony was on the fringes of the side in 1968, before establishing himself a regular starter in the line-up the following year.

Riding mainly in the reserve berth, he scored solidly for a five point average, and recorded a paid maximum against Plymouth on the London Road Circuit on June 4, 1969.

He made 67 League and Cup appearances for the Kent side over three years, and clocked up over 200 points in the process, before being left trackless when the club closed due to poor crowds on the eve of the 1971 season.

He moved to Hull for the the new campaign, but only made one league appearance for the 'Vikings" as he was forced to retire with a knee injury.

Tony later emigrated to Toronto. Where he rode again between 1977 and 1982.

He was a solid rider in Canada, and he won the yearly Championship race in 1978, however, the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) sanctioning body, didn't officially recognized speedway as a Championship class at the time, so it didn't qualify as under the Canadian Speedway Champion title as indicated on some historic speedway website's.

Tony was married to Hazel, who ironically was the daughter of 'Mr Canadian Speedway" Stan Bradbury.

Later in his life, Tony moved to the Canadian Province of Alberta.

Sadly, Tony fell ill shortly before his 67th birthday, and he died on the December 14th, 2012.


Year Club Meetings Rides Points Bonus Ave
1968 Crayford 6 13 11 273 4.31
1969 Crayford 30 98 99 30 5.26
1970 Crayford 31 109 101 23 4.55
1971 Hull 1 2 0 0 0.00




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