photo gallery - Motorcycle shows

Bike - Jeff Orosz
Bike - Tim Murray
Tim Murray
Tim Murray
Emily Hensby in Jeff Orosz suit
Emily Hensby in Jeff Orosz suit
Tim Murray
Tim Murray & Jeff Orosz
Tim Murray & Jeff Orosz
Tim Murray & Jeff Orosz
Jeff Orosz receiving CMA award
Emily Hensby & Tim Murray
Bike - Jeff Orosz
Tim Murray

Elizabeth Small on Rob Dixon's Bike

Bike - Jimmy Orosz

Emily Hensby on Tommy Hensby's bike

Charlotte Hensby in Kyle Legault suit

Emily Hensby with John Kehoe's Bike and suit

Bike - David Hensby - Mannequin - Len Dillon

Bike - Phil Small
Bike - Tommy Hensby
Wesley Pierce
Tommy Hensby & Norm Fisher

Welland Club amalgamated with CSRA in final few shows

Wesley Pierce and Mark DeRuyte

Emily Hensby in Aaron Hesmer suit on Rob Dixon's bike


Gary Hesmer, Aaron Hesmer, Emily Hensby

Bike - Gary Hesmer
New Crated Jawa
Tim Murray & Tom Marriott

Kyle Legault with Charlotte Hensby in Kyle's suit


David & Emily Hensby on Rob Dixon's bike

Mike Hammond, Norm Fisher and Tommy Hensby
Bike - Mike Hammond
Bike - Mike Hammond
Terry Rideout, Corinne Franic and Emily Hensby
Bikes - Tommy Hensby / Jeff Orosz
Emily & Tommy Hensby
Bike - Jim Orosz - JAP


canadian speedway history

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