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No Speedway Class was run at Paris Speedway throughout 2016

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No Speedway Class was run at Paris Speedway throughout 2014

May 18th 2013
1: Kyle Legault
2: John Kehoe
3: Mike Hammond
4: Terry Rideout
May 19th 2013
1: Casey Donholt (USA)
2. Terry Rideout
3. Zach Peters (USA)*
May 31st 2013
1. Matty Ward
2. Terry Rideout
June 14th 2013
1. Mike Hammond
2. Terry Rideout
3. Mark Priebe
June 21st 2013

Matty Ward arrived at the track with his newly purchased bike, as well as Tommy Hensby returning to the track after a year away! Joined by regulars Terry Rideout and Mike Hammond, the night was poised for some fun on a bumpy track!

Heat One:

Newcomer Matty Ward fell as he hooked up on lap 2 which left Tommy Hensby to pass and grab third place, Whilst Terry Rideout held off a hard charging Mike Hammond for a good win.

Heat Two:

Matty Ward again fell in corner 1 leading to restart off the 15 yard line, Terry Rideout held off Mike Hammond for the win as Tommy Hensby was forced out on lap 3 with a broken foot rest leaving Ward to grab 3rd place!


Again Matty Ward was the focus in his first meeting, he flew from the start grabbing the lead, but the track experience of Rideout led to him to passing on lap 2 and Hammond also showed his skill as he went in hard under Ward in the final corner to grab second place. Hensby's return to the Paris track was a successful safe night aboard Mike Hammond's second bike, following his big crash at Welland last weekend.

Main Final:

1: Terry Rideout

2: Mike Hammond

3: Matty Ward

4: Tommy Hensby

July 12th 2013
1. Matty Ward
2. Terry Rideout
Many thanks to David Hensby for the above reports and results
June 15th 2012

hree riders in attendance on this warm and humid night, provided some good solid racing!

Heat One:

Terry Rideout kept the lead from the tapes, Mike Hammond pushed hard but to no avail. Aaron DeVeau finished 3rd.

Heat Two:

Aaron DeVeau went down in turn 3 and forced a restart, upon which Mike Hammond claimed victory over Rideout and DeVeau.

Heat Three:

Mike Hammond got a great start, but suffered from a speedway nightmare, as he forgot to turn his fuel on, so he dropped back as Rideout and DeVeau went by!


A tight race by all three, with Hammond coming out champion of the night, with Rideout and DeVeau rounding out the field!

June 29th 2012

Terry Rideout made his way back from his wedding in Newfoundland, to win the night at Paris Speedway

Heat One:

Terry Rideout kept the lead from the tapes, Mike Hammond pushed hard but to no avail!

Heat Two:

Mike Hammond claimed victory over Rideout.

Heat Three:

Hammond once again, pushed Rideout hard and grabbed the win on lap 4!


A tight race with Rideout taking the checkered flag ahead of Hammond!

July 6th 2012

Terry Rideout and Mike Hammond continued their seasonal battle!

Heat One:

Mike Hammond was pushed hard by Rideout to take the win!

Heat Two:

Repeat of the first heat as Rideout pushed hard but could get by!

Heat Three:

Mike Hammond looked good again, Rideout still couldn't get by!!!


A tight race with Rideout spoiling the heat wins by Hammond, by taking the checkered flag

July 20th 2012

Three riders in attendance on this warm and humid night, provided some good solid racing!

Heat One:

Terry Rideout kept the lead from the tapes, Mike Hammond lost his chain leaving Aaron DeVeau to grab 2nd place.

Heat Two:

Terry Rideout with the hole shot,  on the 2nd lap Mike Hammond got inside in corners 3 & 4, and were side by side into corners 1 & 2, with Hammond getting by coming out of corner 2 for the win. Aaron DeVeau slid out and remounted to finish the heat.

Heat Three:

Aaron DeVeau got the hole shot on wet slippery track, but slid out in corner 1, The heat was restarted with DeVeau back 15 yards.
Hammond and Rideout were side by side all heat with Hammond coming out the winner!

Mike Hammond got a great start, but suffered from a speedway nightmare, as he forgot to turn his fuel on, so he dropped back as Rideout and DeVeau went by!


A tight race by all three, with Hammond coming out champion of the night, Aaron DeVeau once again slid out and remounted, and Terry Rideout smacked the wall hard as he tried everything to get passed Hammond, but pulled back when he realized that the boards were in his way!

July 27th 2012

Friday night. the track was in very good condition, it provided the riders with a much gripper track due to the rain storms on the day, leaving a thicker/heavier stone dust surface!

Heat One:

Terry Rideout gated like he was fired from a rocket with Mike Hammond and Aaron DeVeau behind him! The track was deep & grippy leading to some interesting slides!

Heat Two:

Mike Hammond, won with Terry Rideout and Aaron DeVeau working on different lines try to figure out what was needed to win!

Heat Three:

The same scenario as heat 2, with the riders still adapting to the interesting track surface.


Mike Hammond gated well from the inside, with Rideout and Deveau hard in pursuit, coming out of 2, Hammond Lifted and had to back off as Terry Rideout took advantage and went around outside. Rideout himself then went wide in 3 & 4 on lap 2, luckily held back Hammond and DeVeau, then again on lap 3, the same scenario for Rideout, this time Hammond was ready, and pounced to grab the win of the night!

August 3rd 2012

The return to the Paris track by Joe Heye was received well by the crowd! His return to 2012 action saw him win the night, but sadly this was marred by an unfortunate incident.

The heats were are won by Mike Hammond, who looked fast and controlled all night, he was joined by Heye, Terry Rideout and Aaron Deveau to enjoy the fun!


The final race saw some questionable officiating, with Joe Heye crashing out in the first attempt of the final in corner 3, he was somehow put back on the line for the restart which caused some confusion between the other riders, but their questioning was overruled by the officials.

The next attempt saw Mike Hammond move at the start, and all four came back to the line.

So a third and final attempt was made, Heye got the jump and Mike Hammond was left at the back, over two laps he passed both DeVeau and Rideout to grab second place, but was just unable to get to Heye, who took the checkered flag on his returning night at the Paris Speedway!

Augist 17th 2012

With vacation time in full flow, only two riders were able to make it out, to give a good showing at Paris Speedway, Friday night!

Mike Hammond and Terry Rideout took to the track and gave the crowd something to cheer about!

Heat One:

Hammond gated well and battled hard to keep Rideout behind him, Rideout was showing some pace, but Hammond held him to the line!

Heat Two:

Rideout suffered a speedway riders nightmare, as his chain came off leaving Hammond to again collect the checkered flag!

Heat Three:

Hammond again gated well, and was feeling the lack of power from his machine as the race progressed, but he was able to fight off Rideout again for the win!


After some frantic mechanical work by Hammond, he managed to get his bike up and running with minutes to spare! Rideout dropped the clutch like a demon and pulled away ahead of Hammond, but then on corner 3, lap 2, Rideout went out wide and Hammond seized the opportunity to dive under Rideout to get the checkered flag on the night! This gave Mike Hammond a perfect 4 for 4 night!

August 24th 2012

Mike "Hammer" Hammond once again ended the night on a win! In one of the last Friday night events, the "Hammer" once again proved his worth at the Paris Speedway track!

Heat One:

Terry Rideout got the gate followed by Hammond and DeVeau.  On lap 2, Rideout had too much drive going into 3 & went wide opening the door for Hammond to slide under & DeVeau tried to follow suit, but Rideout closed the door and kept him back.

Heat Two:

Hammond jumped the light & went back to penalty line.

Restart: Best race of the night, with lots of fast, tight racing. Terry Rideout gated well, but again he went wide in turn 3 on lap 2, leaving Aaron DeVeau & Mike Hammond to dive underneath, DeVeau fought hard to try pull off a win, but gets wide in 1 & 2 on lap 3 and slides out, but remounts to take 3rd, behind Rideout!

Heat Three:

From the tapes, Hammond, Rideout and DeVeau.


Sadly, the track promoter choose to water the track right before the speedway final, which due to the late night dew, left the track like ice! Which in turn caused a delay as they attempted to fix the problem! After a short delay the riders took to the line with Hammond on the outside gate where the traction was, Rideout in the middle and DeVeau inside! Deveau was battling a clutch problem which ended up with it imploding just as he finished the race! Rideout did all he could to get under Hammond throughout the race, but due to the dicey track conditions, he was forced to safely settle for second place!

Special thanks to Mike Hammond and Terry Rideout for the above reports and results
May 30th 2011

Friday night was a damp, but active night, Mike Hammond won the event and looked very smooth and fast in the process, beating out the also fast Terry Rideout. Tommy Hensby returned on his newly assembled bike, and enjoyed a night of learning the new feel!

Saturday, Mike Hammond went south, and rode at the Ohio 1/2 mile event, results will be posted once Mike returns with his update! Past Champion Jeff Orosz was unable to compete at either Paris or the 1/2 mile due to work commitments.

Aaron Hesmer was forced out of racing on Friday night, due to his role in organizing the new Paris Season, but he will be back in the saddle in a few weeks, once the events are running smoothly!

June 5th 2011

Friday night weather proved to give an excellent track surface. With track curator Mike Zelaska in hospital needing heart surgery, the track was prepped well on race day by the great group of volunteers at the Paris track!

Sadly, due to injuries and scheduling many riders were missing from action. Mike Hammond and Terry Rideout returned for week two, with the addition of fan favorite, Aaron DeVeau added into the mix.

Despite the number of riders available, these three guys all gave a great performance for the large crowd.

With 3 heats run, every rider took a heat win.

Heat One:

Mike Hammond and Terry Rideout fought hard all heat as Aaron Deveau, geared himself up to being in the saddle for the first time in two years! On lap 3, Hammond hooked up coming out of turn 2 and Rideout swooped under to grab a comfortable win!

Heat Two:

Aaron DeVeau proved his liking for the Paris track and led from the gate, with Hammond and Rideout continuing their battles behind!

Heat Three:

This time Hammond was on a mission, and grabbed the lead on lap two from Rideout, and pulled away leaving Rideout to defend 2nd place from a charging Deveau.


The battle continued as Hammond flew from the gate to keep Rideout back, despite a hard charging last lap, Hammond won by a bike length. DeVeau found the track had changed for him, and was caught off-guard as he trailed behind after using the outside of the track for the whole final.

June 10th 2011

Suffering from rider scheduling problems and injuries, the field at Paris Speedway was once again spread very thin.

Despite this, the night was action packed with good racing and some spills.

Heat One:

Mike Hammond, Terry Rideout and Tommy Hensby took to the line with a fast start, they all gated well with Mike Hammond pulling ahead of the hard charging Rideout, on lap 2 Hammond slid out on bend 3 leaving Rideout to pull ahead, Tommy Hensby passed Hammond and in the repeat, Hammond swooped around hensby who hooked up tightly and careered face down on the track in corner 4. Trapped under the bike, he arose with leg and hand injury, but was able to continue on through the night.

Heat Two:

Mike Hammond led from the gate to take a comfortable win, with Rideout and Hensby behind him in that order.

Heat Three:

Fun at the gate was the order of this heat, firstly Hammond blasted through the start, and was placed 15 yards back, and on the second attempt, Hensby did the same! He also was put back leaving Rideout alone at the gate, he took complete advantage of the situation and finished the heat well, to take the checkered flag win.


A close and aggressive battle ensued between Hammond and Rideout, Hensby feeling the effects of the first heat crash was well off the pace. Hammond continued to keep his winning streak going, as he kept a dodging and diving Rideout behind him right to the final flag.

June 17th 2011

Friday night at Paris Speedway was the best speedway turnout of 2011. The welcomed return to action for Joe Heye following his horrific MX accident in 2009 was a huge highlight of the night. Americans Casey Donholt and Dave Clark paid a visit, joining regulars Aaron Deveau, Tommy Hensby and Mike Hammond at the event. Aaron Hesmer donned his helmet for the first time at Paris for 2011 and two new riders, Kristy Dulaj and Rick Goncalves joined into the action.

The riders were split into ability levels for safety and they all enjoyed some close fast racing! Joe Heye looked as if he had never been away, fast controlled and smooth, he won his first heat and battled hard with Casey Donholt in heat two, showing that his crash didn't put him off bouncing off Casey on lap 2 shoulder to shoulder. His night however, was lost when he was chasing Aaron Hesmer very closely for 1 st place, when his chain came off on the last lap, leaving him to drag the bike back to the pits.

Aaron Hesmer continued his dominance from 2010 and won the final ahead of Donholt and Clark. Dave Clark enjoyed his time on the track, despite a couple of slide-outs in the heats! Mike Hammond worked hard all night, but sadly for him though, he was unable to qualify for the final for the first time in 2011.

The second class of Aaron Deveau, Tommy Hensby, Kristy Dulaj and Rick Goncalves gave 3 heats and a final of close racing, Rick Goncalves on his first outing was fast and battled hard with Tommy Hensby in heat 2 with a photo finish at the line, and despite his overzealous throttle control causing two slide outs, he look like a star of the future! Kristy Dulaj's transition from a top class flat track bike rider to a speedway bike, was seamless, she was fast and consistent, and spent the night chasing Aaron Deveau, a great debut for her and congratulations to both Kristy and Rick for a superb debut night!

June 24th 2011

With dark heavy clouds looming overhead, a night of racing was on the knife edge, but as the weather gods looked down on the Paris Speedway event, the racing began!

Four riders were only available for the night, with Aaron Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and newbie Rick Gonsalves all out with injuries, the on-going injury prone season proved to be a concern for the events.

Despite this, the riders, Mike "Sandvik Man" Hammond, Terry "Newfie" Rideout, Tommy "Monster" Hensby and Aaron "Ace" DeVeau did a great job and provided some superb racing throughout the nights program.

The track was changing throughout the night, and caught out Mike Hammond to his dismay, in his final races!

Rideout and Hammond shared the first two heats, bumping and grinding and taking the win in both. DeVeau and Hensby looked in good form and finished well.

Heat 3 was a cracker, Hammond and Rideout continued their pursuit just ahead of Deveau and Hensby, when Hammond lifted hard coming out of corner one slamming hard into the ground on lap 3, leaving Rideout to pull away with Deveau laying it down behind, Hensby out maneuvered the crash to grab 2nd place behind Rideout.

The final event was the highlight of the night, "Sandvik Man" and "Newfie" were side by side for 3 laps as DeVeau and Hensby chased the hard, but again Hammond was caught out by the dip in corner one and opened the door for Rideout to slam it shut, to grab the well-deserved win!

July 1st 2011

Canada's Birthday was celebrated by many with parties, BBQ's, family get-togethers and speedway racing!

Yes, Paris Speedway was alive and kicking on Friday night, and the rider and crowd turn-out was very good.

Joining in the celebration was Simon Bennington aboard his 1000cc sidecar, with 'monkey' Todd Vallee hanging off the side, Simon produced some great power laps to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd! The addition of the sidecar is always welcomed by all in attendance!

Mike "Sandvik Man" Hammond, Aaron "Ace" DeVeau, Terry "Newfie" Rideout and Tommy "Monster" Hensby all took to the track for 3 heats and a final race. The first two heats saw the continuation of the Hammond and Rideout battle of the seasonal campaign, they battled hard with Rideout winning both heats. DeVeau and Hensby were spaced out to finish the races.

Heat 3 was interesting for Hammond and Hensby, as Hammond came out of turn 2 on lap 2 and did a 360 degree turn in front of a hard sliding Hensby, who did a great job of showing bike control to avoid a bad collision. Rideout again won the heat with Deveau close behind.
The final of the night was a cracker, Deveau got a cracking start and took the lead for 2 laps, with Rideout chasing really hard, passing Deveau on lap 3, he pulled away to win well. Hammond however, was struggling to keep pace with Hensby behind him, when he caught some unexpected grip and shot under Deveau to grab 2nd place, almost taking Deveau with him as his passenger as he was forced out wide.

With a night of great racing, and a superb fireworks display put on by John Perry, Canada Day was complete.

In addition to the speedway events, other classes are run throughout the night, and two of these classes produce great racing, which are linked to the speedway 'family'.

'Big" John Perry who was an iconic racer a few years ago himself at the Paris Speedway track, has brought his 4 year old son Evan, to ride in the 50cc class, joining Aaron Deveau's son Owen, who is 5 years old also on a 50cc bike. They join another 6 riders to have a great time. sadly for Evan this week, he was a bit overzealous and crashed heavily in corner 3. Luckily he was up and OK and retired from the night after doing so well. Owen is fast and controlled and shows some great future skills to emulate his dad, Aaron!

The ladies Baja races are ridden on 197cc bikes purchased at Canadian Tire. These fun bikes have governors attached when purchased, but with some clever mechanical knowledge, these are removed and the bikes are race-ready!

The ladies involved in this class, 16 year-old Taylor Vallee is joined by her Aunt Tanya Vallee-Rogerson, Sister of speedway rider Tommy Hensby, 17 -year old Emily Hensby, wife of speedway rider Aaron DeVeau, Kim DeVeau and Kary Thompson Sehl, all join in the fun. The past weeks have been fun for most of the ladies, but with Kary Sehl crashing out heavily, and Kim Deveau also crashing breaking her leg, these two ladies are recuperating! This leaves Taylor, Tanya and Emily to have weekly battles, in which some very close and eventful racing takes place. Emily Hensby is leading the seasonal wins, but be assured, she is and will be be chased hard every week by the Vallee's!  

July 8th 2011

For the first time in 2011, five riders took to the track at Paris Speedway at once. Mike "Sanvik Man" Hammond, Terry "Newfie" Rideout, Tommy "Monster" Hensby, Aaron "Ace" Deveau and newbie flat track lady rider Kristy Dulaj, all had some great moments throughout the night of fun!

Heat One:

The track was looking very bumpy in turns 1 and 3, thus leaving a few heat stopping moments for all riders. From the gate Hammond and Rideout took off and were going well with Deveau close behind, Deveau sadly had a mechanical problem on lap two, to allow Dulaj and Hensby to come through. Rideout pushed hard to escape Hammond's grasp on the last lap to win well!

Heat Two:

Again all five riders flew to the first corner, with Hammond, Deveau and Rideout all side by side, they all stayed tight and as they came into turn one on lap 2, Hammond slid out forcing Deveau to lay it down behind him. The restart was controversial as Hammond was put back for causing the stoppage, but refused to restart until Deveau was wrongfully put back. The ensuing restart was superb, new rider Kristy Dulaj led for two laps until Rideout flew past, Hensby fought hard to hold back both Hammond and Deveau, but was unable to do so as they forced him wide to grab their points.

Heat Three:

Deveau went down on bend 1 on lap two and Hammond over-cooked it and did a 360, Rideout was in control and won again, Dulaj and Hensby wound it on to finish well ahead of a hard charging Hammond.


Deveau and Hammond were side by side for 3 laps, but as they bumped together, Rideout grabbed the ideal opportunity to shoot by to grab the win, Hensby chased down Dulaj who looked to be out of shape, which pushed Hensby to hook-up hard on lap 3 in turn 4, who in-turn, lost his momentum leaving Dulaj to grab the 4th place on the night.

  1. Terry Rideout
  2. Mike Hammond
  3. Aaron DeVeau
  4. Kristy Dulaj
  5. Tommy Hensby

The junior riders did a great job on their 50cc bikes. History was made for Owen DeVeau in his second heat as he took his first ever checkered flag! Evan Perry was also back on his bike to ride really well! These 4 and 5 year old riders really inspire the crowd and they love to see them having fun!

Baja ladies were joined by new rider Karly Zelaska. She was privy to a first race crash as she hit the dip in turn 3 and careered into Tanya Vallee-Rogerson, as Emily Hensby and Taylor Vallee worked away to complete the race. The second race saw Zelaska ride carefully with Taylor Vallee leaving Hensby to battle with Vallee-Rogerson, with Vallee-Rogerson grabbing the heat win. The final race was restarted much to Hensby's dismay as she got a good start,due to Taylor Vallee quitting on the line. The restart saw Emily Hensby again get a flyer, whilst Vallee-Rogerson had the worst, she entered the first bend in last place and careered into Taylor Vallee, both somehow staying on their bikes! Karly Zelaska followed Hensby's line and pulled away as Taylor's bike quit, leaving Tanya to hunt down Zelaska. On lap 3 Tanya passed Zelaska, but it was too much to chased the dominant Emily Hensby, who took her magic 3rd win of the season!

July 22nd 2011

On a very hot and humid night at Paris Speedway, the lack of rain is taking it's toll on the track surface, despite the gallons of water being applied, the tracks solid mid section caused it to become a dust bowl very quickly! Despite this, the racing has been good and close!

The regular riders, Aaron "Ace" Deveau, Tommy "Monster" Hensby, Mike "Mr. Sandvik Man" Hammond and Terry "Newfie" Rideout all took to the track for 3 heats and a final.

Heat One:

Mike Hammond and Terry Rideout were caught out by an explosive ride from Aaron Deveau, He sped out front being chased hard Terry Rideout, Mike Hammond again caught the dip on corner 1 leaving Tommy Hensby to work hard behind him all race. The "ACE' held on to grab a great win!!

Heat Two:

Coming out of turn 2 on lap 2, Hammond pushed Rideout wide and he went into the fence falling hard, Tommy Hensby did well to miss the fallen Rideout to stop the race. The restart saw Hammond take the lead with Rideout starting from the 15 yard line, he blasted passed Hensby and Deveau, but was unable to catch hammond at the line! Much to the dismay of Deveau who led a great first attempt!

Heat Three:

From the gate a close race ensued, with all 4 riders holding their own, with Rideout grabbing the win.


Mike Hammond gated first and held the line to the end, Rideout, DeVeau and Hensby finished in that order to complete the night of dusty bumpy racing!

July 29th 2011

After a week-long vacation, Terry Rideout made a last minute decision to come back early to ride at Paris speedway this past Friday night, and what a good decision this was for him in his quest for Paris track dominance in 2011!

Terry "Newfie" Rideout was joined by fellow riders, Tommy "Monster" Hensby, Aaron "Ace" DeVeau and Mike "Mr. Sandvik" Hammond on a warm summers night.

The track which underwent immense work following a huge thunderstorm in the morning, leaving it half flooded, was immaculately prepared by the Zelaska family, and this proved to be the key for some great racing in all classes.

Heat One:

Major confusion led to an unofficial result, as the race was flagged complete after 5 laps! Mike Hammond was leading the race just ahead of DeVeau, when he slowed after 4 laps and Deveau also slowed to be passed by Rideout, he kept going and Deveau took off, Hammond also realized something was wrong, as Hensby came flying up to him, but he held him back on the last corner to complete the heat!

Heat Two:

Aaron DeVeau had the best race for many years, he took off and pushed hard to take a strong lead, as Hammond led Rideout and Hensby to line!

Heat Three:

This heat was close from the line, DeVeau continued to pace hard as Rideout and Hammond were close behind, DeVeau's bike started to have problems and Hammond and Rideout shot passed, Hensby who was also recovering from a technical problem, saw an opportunity to get passed Deveau, but missed out on line as Deveau took third place by a tire width!


The demise of DeVeau's engine explosion following the last heat left him sidelined for the final. Hensby, Hammond and Rideout took to the line and with Rideout in gate 1, he took off holding back the challenges and led a very fast race of the equally spaced Hammond and Hensby to the tapes. A successful and worthwhile return to the track for Rideout, but sadly it proved to be a costly night for DeVeau!

August 5th 2011

With Terry Rideout back from vacation, refreshed and ready to go, he was awaiting the nightly challenges from his fellow speedway riders on Friday night at Paris Speedway. Joined by Mike "Mr. Sandvik" Hammond, Aaron "Ace" Deveau and Kristy Dulaj, they began the nights fun.

Heat One:

Kristy Dulaj was left behind a fast looking Aaron Deveau, who took a flyer into the first bend, but as he entered turn 2 he collided with Terry Rideout and they both went down. The restart saw Mike Hammond take the lead and hold it to the end.

Heat Two:

Mike Hammond again took the lead as the battle ensued behind him, Kristy Dulaj was holding her own for two laps, but then was passed by the ever aggressive Rideout and Deveau.

Heat Three:

Not a good one for Deveau as he crashed out, and was left bike-less as his bike took a bashing. Terry Rideout took the lead in the restart ahead of Hammond and Dulaj to the end!


With Aaron Deveau out with bumps and bruises and a bent bike, Hammond, Dulaj and Rideout took to the track, Rideout grabbed the start and took off to take the win ahead of Hammond and Dulaj.

The kids on the 50cc bikes were split into two groups and they had some real fun racing hard. Evan Perry made history for himself in his first final win of his racing career in the 'B' Main Final. Congratulations to him and all the other riders for a great show!

August 12th 2011

With the regular four riders attending, to dedicate the night's event to the sad passing of Graham Wale on this Friday. The riders all showed great respect with a moment of silence to remember "Pirate" Graham at the riders meeting, and the speedway guys all wore back arm-bands in honor of this great guy!

Heat One:

The riders took to the gate and as they flew away, Mike Hammond popped a huge wheelie with Tommy Hensby right behind him, Aaron Deveau and Terry Rideout took off leaving Hammond and Hensby to chase them hard, but on lap 3 Tommy Hensby went out too wide and over cooked the slide, leaving him to high-side hard and feel the effects of the hard hit. After regaining his awareness, he was declared unfit to continue on by the medical staff, and was withdrawn from the night's racing.

The restart saw Aaron Deveau take the lead, and hold off Rideout and Hammond, to take the win!

Heat Two:

This heat also saw a rider fall hard on turn 1, hitting the dip out of turn one, Aaron DeVeau was pushing hard when he went down stopping the race. After some quick mechanical work he was penalized and restarted on the 15-yard penalty line. Terry Rideout took advantage and won the heat as DeVeau pushed Mike Hammond all race.

Heat Three:

Terry Rideout gated well to leave Mike Hammond and Aaron DeVeau to follow his dust, evenly spaced finishing by all riders.


Another restart was forced as Terry Rideout also became a casualty of the turn 2 scenario. He slid out stopping the race, and the restart saw Hammond pull away from Deveau, who had been showing amazing pace on the prior laps. Rideout could not gain the distance and finished in third place.

August 19th 2011

Mike "Mr. Sandvik" Hammond arrived at the track pumped up following his 2nd place finish in the Ohio 1/2 mile event in the USA. He was joined by Terry "Newfie" Rideout, Aaron "Ace" Deveau, Kristy Dulaj, new rider Josh Barrick and returning to the Paris Speedway track, Scott "911" Collier and Bart "Crazy Pole" Moskala.

Heat One:

Collier, Barrick, Moskala and Rideout took to the track, with Rideout taking the lead and holding to the end, Moskala and Collier raced hard and looked as if they had never been away!

Heat Two:

Aaron DeVeau riding his reconstructed bike, following an engine blow-up at the recent practice session, took to the line with Mike hammond, and Kristy Dulaj. Deveau took off from the line and did a great job keeping a fast paced hammond behind him, sadly though on lap 3, his bike suffered mechanical problems and packed up, leaving Hammond and Dulaj to pass him.

Heat Three:

Hammond got revenge on Rideout to get the win, as Deveau and Dulaj followed from the gate. Deveau suffered more pain, as he slid out in corner 3 and the restart saw him go off the 15-yard line, but he got passed Dulaj to grab 3rd place on lap 2.

Heat Four:

Bart Moskala, Scott Collier and Josh Barrick entered heat 3. Collier took the lead as he flew from the tapes, but was deemed to have jumped the start and was put back 15 yard on the restart. Bart Moskala took the lead as Josh Barrick was looking smooth and controlled, utilizing the advise from his pit helper Tommy Hensby, who was sadly absent due to bike problems.

Heat Five:

The fun began for Moskala as his confidence was growing, but his lack of current track knowledge forced him to slide out hard, on corner 1 on lap 3. Mike Hammond led Terry Rideout again to the line with Scott Collier following them in.

Heat Six:

Aaron DeVeau with his mechanical problems fixed, showed a commanding display as Kristy Dulaj and Josh Barrick had some fun behind to finish well.


An action filled final left the crowd leaving with lots to talk about! Mike Hammond, Terry Rideout, Bart Moskala and Aaron Deveau lined up and with a great start by Rideout from the tapes, he left the others in his dust, Mike Hammond hooked up hard and did a 360 in the first corner leaving him out of contention, but on lap 2 Deveau went down in corner 1, fired up he remounted and chased Moskala, who also slid out in corner 3, he also remounted as Deveau shot passed and Hammond was still behind him, he charged hard and grabbed the 3rd place spot as Rideout who was oblivious to the fun behind him, took the checkered flag to win the night!

August 26th 2011

Riders- Josh Barrick#113, Clayton Isherwood #45, Terry Rideout #81, Mike Hammond #110, and Aaron DeVeau #30

Heat One:

Terry takes the checkered flag after a strong battle. DeVeau comes through the finish line with a solid second. Hammond tried to battle it out but couldn't quite make the move. Clayton showed his "no fear" attitude as he made his way around corner 4 and to the line, first time on a speedway bike. Close behind was Barrick who just couldn't get the feel of the track.

Heat Two:

DeVeau rode hard and showed superior skill as he took the win. Hammond and Terry battle it our for the second place spot. The three riders constantly going hard into all corners and putting on a spectacular show for the fans. Clayton and Josh not to far behind make their way around for another clean race.

Heat Three:

The riders come to the line again for yet another race. All of them anxious to go and get the checkered flag. The light goes on and they take off, DeVeau had forgotten to turn the fuel on. Hammond had a great take off . Rideout and Hammond race to corner one and are handlebar-handlebar most of the race. Hammond makes his move and pushes a bit harder to make the distance between him and Rideout as the white flag goes out .. He proudly takes 1st place ... followed closely was Rideout, Clayton, and Josh. Clayton and Josh learning how to ride the track on a speedway bike, and yet again have a clean run.


Terry's bike quits on the first lap, Deveau has the hole-shot off the line. Lap 2 Clayton goes down but proves his strength when he gets up and continues to race. Hammond and DeVeau put on an interesting show as they go hard into the corners together. Hammond winning by less then 3 inches. The crowd goes wild !! Josh Barrick makes his way around followed by Clayton and Terry.

May 28th 2010

The first meeting of the year is always one that is prone to problems as both riders and organizers get back into the swing of things.    This year despite a new promoter, additional classes added to the program, new arrangements in the pits and other changes, things went remarkably smoothly, so much so that it was possible to insert an extra round of qualifying heats to give the riders more track time.     In the circumstances there were remarkable few glitches and the lessons learned will allow for an even better, faster race program as the season progresses and the number of competitors increases.

The track was in good condition and didn't need a lot of work during the night to prevent it getting too dusty although Aaron Hesmer did manage to raise plenty when he did a series of donuts  at the pit gate to celebrate his win in the speedway class.


June 4th 2010

Scott Collier made his debut in fine fashion last night at Paris Speedway. With the speedway field being separated into two divisions for the first time this year, Scott took the opportunity to join Tommy Hensby and Mike Hammond to race the night away!

He quickly got into the groove, and worked out 3 wins out of the 5 heats before disappointingly miss out on the final race, due to a violent thunderstorm that came flying in, to cancel the meeting

The Division 1 guys were joined by two American riders, they added to the frey and mixed up the racing. Jeff Orosz joined the debut list and did really well, despite crashing heavily with American Casey Donholt after the track was watered going into turn 2. Both riders were up and walked back to the pits unaided, but will be sore this morning for sure!

Terry Rideout also made his debut in his new white outfit, sensibly taking the first night easy, he did a great job to have some good races with Gary Hesmer.

As mentioned, a violent thunderstorm literally flew into the Paris area at 10:00pm, and a sensible decision was made to cancel the night!

June 11th 2010

Friday night another hugely successful event took place at the Paris Speedway race track.

The rider and fan turnout were one of the best we have seen for a long time at the track, and all the classes were well represented.

The speedway class saw Jeff Orosz, Aaron Hesmer, Mike Hammond, Katalin Davis, Tommy Hensby, Gary Hesmer and Terry Rideout all compete to high level. The Final race was completed with Aaron Hesmer taking the checkered flag ahead of Jeff Orosz, Gary Hesmer and Katalin Davis. The Consi was won well by Terry Rideout.

June 18th 2010

In one of the most spectacular crashes in recent memory, reigning Canadian Speedway Champion Jeff Orosz, was caught up in a frightening accident in the final speedway race of the night. After Aaron Hesmer's jump in the first attempt, he was put back 15 yards to chase hard C.J. Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and Gary Hesmer in the final race.

Jeff Orosz was charging after a cool calm C.J. Hesmer when coming out of turn 4 on lap 2, he clipped Hesmer's back wheel and lost control of the bike, face-planting himself through the safety fence just in front of Roger Stevens, the event referee. After seeking medical treatment on the track, Orosz was up and walking back to pits behind his totally destroyed bike! C.J. Hesmer's bike was beaten hard and the chain had come off leaving him to actually being forced to lay the bike done in the first corner. At the pit gate riders including the bruised and beaten Orosz, worked frantically to get Hesmer's bike workable for the rerun. The all Hesmer final was a cracker with Aaron still starting 15 yards back, but catching cousin Gary in 3 laps to pass in him in Tomas Gollab fashion around the boards in the dirt! Then disaster again for C.J. Hesmer, while leading well, his chain came off due to the twisted frame of the bike and both cousins were forced to take evasive actions to miss the C.J.! So the night belonged to the hard charging Aaron Hesmer once again!

Mike Hammond, Terry Rideout and Tommy Hensby also starred in their consi-final. Hensby was privy to the best seat in the house, as he followed the fast and close racing between Rideout and Hammond. Rideout dodging in and out to gain the magic pass on lap 3 to take a good win from a great looking Hammond!

Simon Bennington was also at the track with his 1000cc speedway sidecar unit. With Father Gordon, back in the UK, Simon was poised to drive this beast with pillion passenger Todd Vallee holding on for grim death! Simon and Todd worked really well together and had some very fast controlled laps to the delight of riders and fans alike!

Superb night of racing which complimented a huge field of ATV's and flat track bikes!

Come out next week and see another weekly treat at Paris Speedway!

June 25th 2010

Aaron Hesmer kept his winning streak going in the Speedway class with Jeff Orosz taking second ahead of Katalin Davis while Gary Hesmer had the misfortune of having his clutch disintegrate as the tapes went up in the final.   Davis caught the eye throughout the night with her controlled use of the inside line that enabled her to overtake several rivals on the night.   She has progressed a long way from her early days which are best remembered for a spectacular crash when she flew a long way over the safety fence.  For the second week in a row Terry Rideout came from behind to win the Consi from Mike Hammond.

SPEEDWAY              -      1) AARON HESMER ,   2)  Jeff Orosz,  3)  Katalin Davis,  4)  Gary Hesmer.

July 2nd 2010

Aaron Hesmer completed his 100% run of wins at the Paris Speedway event on Friday night, as cousin Gary left it too late in the final event to just miss out on the win.

The feat for Aaron was also incredible due to two factors as well, one he ran out of gas as he went over the line and he was riding an older upright loaner bike which used to belong to fan favorite, "Tiger" Tom Marriott. Tom's bike had been purchased by GT Tuning Canada last year for use in the training schools, and Tim Murray owner of GT Tuning Canada, had bought two bikes to give a test for the up and coming schools. Aaron showed that he can make any bike a winner, and did a great job blasting around on this older Jawa!

Katalin Davis and Tommy Hensby both arrived at the track and found that the gremlins had been busy on their bikes. Both suffering with intermittent ignition problems which found them riding different bikes throughout the night. Katalin was a bit unsure of riding the 'Marriott' machine so she opted to ride Aaron Hesmer's bike for the night, and Tommy rode both the GT Tuning bikes, before getting aboard his own after some frantic work in the pits.

Katalin rode very well and made the final event, where she finished fourth behind Mike Hammond who was very quick and smooth on a superbly prepared track by Mike Zelaska. The track was privy to a major overhaul this week, and Zelaska's dedication and hard work, was repaid in a superb night of racing for everyone!

Gary Moody came for his first outing of the year, and did a commendable job on the smaller track. Sadly though, he crashed out in the consi final while being chased hard by Tommy Hensby, his bike seemed to lose power going into turn 3 and it hooked and threw him into the path of the charging Hensby, who did well to avoid the fallen Moody, to take the race win.

July 16th 2010

If there was an award for the best effort on the night it would go to Terry Rideout in the speedway class.  He had a great scrap going with Katalin Davis but went wide out of turn two on the last lap and she slipped through to take the lead.   With Davis on the inside line Rideout powered around the outside of the final two turns as he strove to retake the lead but was still half a wheel down as they streaked across the line.  Having given his all in this effort Rideout then came off and finished in a heap against the end boards but happily suffered no damage to himself or his bike.     Earlier in the night Gary Hesmer was in good form and had several spirited contests with his cousin Aaron.   They met again in the final with Aaron getting the win from Gary while behind them Rideout and Davis had another good race with this time Rideout holding on to third place.

SPEEDWAY - 1) AARON HESMER ,   2)  Gary Hesmer,  3)  Terry Rideout,  4)  Katalin Davis.

July 23rd 2010

Once again Aaron Hesmer ruled the night at Paris Speedway. His dominance of the Paris track was very evident in his fifth final win of the season!

Cousin Gary Hesmer, Mike Hammond, Jeff Orosz, Terry Rideout and Tommy Hensby, all competed for the challenge to take the winning crown off Aaron. The heat races were close with Gary Hesmer showing good form against both Aaron and Orosz, while Rideout, Hammond and Hensby all worked their own magic. Mike Hammond sadly continued his mechanical woes and was left wondering what if, after failing to finish in 3 of 4 heats. 14-Year old Tommy Hensby had his best night of the season, with some smooth fast and consistent riding to finish 5th overall.

The final race with Rideout, Orosz and both Aaron and Gary Hesmer, was poised to be a good one. Aaron pulled out of corner 2 ahead of Orosz and never looked back. Orosz was pushing hard but was unable to make the ground needed. Gary and Rideout both dueled hard, but were left to grab third and fourth respectively.

July 30th 2010

Tommy Hensby proved that using the opportunity to ride with Canada's best riders, would really improve your skill and speed as you learn. 14-year-old Hensby in his first year of competitive racing at Paris Speedway, had a dream night on Friday night, as he rode in the Division 2 class for the first time, and went undefeated in his four heats and in the final race! With the biggest smile in the world, he raced hard in the final race to keep the hard charging Scott Thompson behind him, to take his first checkered flag victory for 2010!

Aaron Hesmer continued his dominance of the Paris events with a solid display of speedway racing, with another sweep of a final win to keep his unbeaten run going, proving that he is definitely the man to beat this year! Gary Hesmer blew his engine during the pit warm-up session and was left to ride Katalin Davis's bike throughout the night. Katalin herself joined in the fun until an awkward slide out in turn 1 caused her to pull out of her last race. Terry Rideout aboard his new Jawa looked uncomfortable as he was challenged with new power and set-up. He also took an opportunity to ride in the Flat Track class as well on the night! Mike Hammond took on the big guns and had a few scary moments when he was sandwiched twice by the Hesmer boys in two heats, the second heat causing a slide out on turn 2, but he was able to remount and finish the race well.

Congratulations to both Hensby and Hesmer for a great job done on the night!

August 6th 2010

The August vacation period and the Belleville 1/2 mile race, caused a lower than expected rider turnout for the speedway class at Paris Speedway.

Reigning weekly champion Aaron Hesmer was again showing his superior track knowledge and experience to continue his unbeaten record on the Paris track! Cousin Gary Hesmer, did a fantastic job all night to keep Aaron on his toes, beating him out in their third heat of the night! Gary looked fast and controlled on his bike with a newly installed engine, following his engine seizure during warm-up last week. The older Jawa proved to be strong and solid all night and Gary was unlucky not to take the win in the final, as he was leading for nearly three laps, until Aaron grabbed a smart inside move on turn 3 to get the advantage to the checkered flag!

Mike Hammond and Tommy Hensby filled the remaining class, as they both had a few scares as they battled each other. Mike did a few 360 degree turns ahead of Hensby, who in turn crashed heavily into the boards on turn 4 while chasing down Hammond. Up and battered, both bike and rider were worked and patched up to finish the night, which left Hammond to take third spot and Hensby fourth.

August 13th 2010

The August vacation period and the Belleville 1/2 mile race, caused a lower than expected rider turnout for the speedway class at Paris Speedway.

Reigning weekly champion Aaron Hesmer was again showing his superior track knowledge and experience to continue his unbeaten record on the Paris track! Cousin Gary Hesmer, did a fantastic job all night to keep Aaron on his toes, beating him out in their third heat of the night! Gary looked fast and controlled on his bike with a newly installed engine, following his engine seizure during warm-up last week. The older Jawa proved to be strong and solid all night and Gary was unlucky not to take the win in the final, as he was leading for nearly three laps, until Aaron grabbed a smart inside move on turn 3 to get the advantage to the checkered flag!

Mike Hammond and Tommy Hensby filled the remaining class, as they both had a few scares as they battled each other. Mike did a few 360 degree turns ahead of Hensby, who in turn crashed heavily into the boards on turn 4 while chasing down Hammond. Up and battered, both bike and rider were worked and patched up to finish the night, which left Hammond to take third spot and Hensby fourth.

August 20th 2010

Friday night at Paris Speedway, the Hesmer family created Canadian Speedway history in a disqualification of all three family members by referee Roger Stevens.

The heat race caused a heat of the moment event, where Aaron Hesmer took the wrong gate and was challenged by cousin Gary, they had cross words and C.J. Hesmer who was in gate 4, rode across and accidentally rode into Aaron as they discussed the situation. Referee Roger Stevens, decided to run the race which Aaron won, but disqualified the points from all the Hesmer riders for the infraction. This left Gary Moody with a full point award for his last place finish.

Gary Moody returning to the Paris track for the first time, following his broken collar accident in July, was disappointed himself, as he wanted to get another run at Tommy Hensby who beat him in last time out, but sadly Hensby is out for the season with a broke thumb and some internal bruising following a hard crash in practice last week! He did however, ride very well and came out unscathed on the night!

Mike Hammond and Terry Rideout as joined in the fun on the night, with Terry Rideout grabbing a heat win for the first time in 2010. Mike Hammond had a few scary moments with some slide-outs following the best starting performance of the year.

The night however, was topped with the crowning of Gary Hesmer in the final event. He took a good lead following Aaron Hesmer's 15 yard penalty for jumping the start, and held on to keep the hard and fast charging Aaron back, in his passing of both Rideout and Moody.

August 27th 2010
1. Aaron Hesmer
2. Gary Hesmer
3. Gary Moody
4. Robert Cuff
June 5th 2009

A good size crowd was privy to a night of great racing and different classes of entertainment. We welcomed Jeremy Zelaska and Travis Lyle-Carpenter's Quad racing into the program, sadly though 3 quads were stuck on the side of the road after their truck broke down and they were unable to get to the track in time!

The Sehl/Vallee P85 flat track show was entertaining to the last lap of their final race, Braden Vallee pushed past a hard chasing Matt Sehl to take a good win on the night!

Tommy Hensby the new 13-year rider, continued to show his improving skills upon his 500cc bike throughout the night under direction of Aaron DeVeau.

Scott Collier had to withdraw from the night and subsequently, a changed program was implemented to facilitate some equal racing. The racing from both the Division 1 and Division 2 was outstanding. The night began with Joe Heye sliding out in both the warm-up lap and in the first race. The track which was probably the best we have seen for many a race, due to the work of Mike Zelaska and Dave Havill had put into it over the past week, caught Joe out! He did however, gain more confidence throughout the night and proved his reputation of being Paris Speedway's No 1 rider!

Terry Rideout, Gary Hesmer and Jeff Orosz joined Joe Heye in producing some superb duels with some clashing of bikes and very close racing. It was a treat for all there!

With the final event poised, Joe Heye took gate 2 along side Jeff Orosz in gate 1 and it was won from there, Joe pulled a flyer and took to the front while Jeff Orosz and Terry Rideout battled for second place, Gary Hesmer who was recovering from some technical problems pulled up the rear. Jeff Orosz pulled away from Terry Rideout and set about hunting down Joe Heye. The last corner near collision, was a breath-taking corner which left Joe Heye to take the checkered flag by a bike length! Great racing!

We look forward to our next event. which is the SANDVIK sponsored night on June 19th.

July 3rd 2009

An overcast night with a mix of light drizzle welcomed the SANDVIK sponsored night at Paris Speedway on Friday July 3 rd . A smaller rider turnout and crowd still enjoyed a superb night of racing.

The night began with four quads taking to the track, which had been superbly race prepared by Michael Zelaska following a week of rain. Jeremy Zelaska, Travis Lyle Carpenter, Jason Law and Clarke Voil all put on a great display of racing throughout the night, with Clarke Voil taking the chequered flag in the final event!

Mike Hammond, Scott Collier and John Bennett, represented our Divisions 2 class, in this work and illness reduced class. They did however put on quite a show. Mike Hammond was finding the damp tacky surface difficult for a few laps, as was John Bennett with them both performing 360-degree slides mid turn! One of the highlights of the night was the perfect lay-down by Mike Hammond as John Bennett fell in front of him in turn 1, great job by Mike! The racing was very competitive with all three riders winning a heat each, but with only one winner of the night, fittingly, it was down to Sandvik's very own, Mike Hammond who greeted the chequered flag from ?Tiger? Tom Marriott for a well-deserved lap of honour!

Braden Vallee was due to have his debut on a junior speedway bike this night, but due to mechanical problems, he was unable to get the junior bike running. This allowed him to have some fun on the track with junior speedway rider Tommy Hensby. A staggered start allowed both Vallee and Hensby to show the different styles of the P85 flat track bike and the 500cc speedway bike. Tommy Hensby was suffering from some ignition problems, and had to pull out of one heat as his bike quit on lap 3, but the enjoyment of watching Vallee pushing Hensby was great fun to see on the night!

Our reduced class of Division 1 riders, put on a classic night of thrills and spills that we expect from these top-flite riders. Joe Heye, Aaron Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and Terry Rideout thrashed out some amazing close racing on every lap raced. The first two heats saw Aaron Hesmer and Jeff Orosz going toe to toe, both taking the win, superb racing! Terry Rideout was a bit off the pace this night after he crashed out twice, while sliding out on the wet surface. He re-injured his buttock from a Welland Speedway crash two weeks ago, and rode on valiantly to help the show along! Joe Heye was never far fro the action and did all he could to spoil to Hesmer/Orosz show, with a heat win and by splitting the pair in a breathtaking move on lap 2 of heat 3 coming out of turn 2. His over-zealous push did cause him to slide out in heat four and cause a restart, but his best race was left till last. A superb final race where he kept the hard-charging Aaron Hesmer behind him to grab the well deserved win. Jeff Orosz and Terry Rideout finished in this order behind them, to complete a superb SANDVIK night of racing.

August 1st 2009

A warm sunny and humid night welcomed a good field of riders and fans to Paris Speedway, on the last day of July for 2009.

The riders were split into two groups and the additional P85 flat track bikes and the Quads added to the excitement for the night.

Division 2 riding saw Tommy Hensby make his debut with other riders following his weeks of demonstration laps, joining Graham Wale and Gary Moody, who himself welcomed his return to the Paris track for the second time.

Division 1 was spilt into two 3-man heats with a four man final. Aaron Hesmer, Gary Hesmer, Joe Heye and Terry Rideout were joined by Mike Hammond and Katalin Davis to complete the class.

The night's racing in the P85 class also welcomed Nathan Hammond into the racing world, joining the fast racers, Matt Sehl and Braden Vallee. The night was a duel of these two guys passing and pressing each other right to the flag in every race. The final event was completed with Matt Sehl beating out Braden Vallee and Nathan Hammond to take the well-deserved checkered flag win!

Division 2 riders were all equally paced with some great dueling between Moody and Wale as Hensby watched closely from the rear in heat 1. Their second heat saw Moody go out with mechanical problems on lap 2 leaving Graham Wale to defend the lead from Tommy Hensby, Hensby saw an opportunity on lap 3 when Wale went wide in turn 2 and swooped underneath to gain and hold the lead for his first win of the night! The next heat sadly was the last as Wale and Hensby clashed on lap 1 and were forced to retire, leaving Moody to be the only Division 2 rider running, which gave him the opportunity to join the other class for the remainder of the night.

The Division 1 racing was dominated with the riders showing their status of the countries top riders, as they battled each and every lap to gain that all important point! Aaron Hesmer pushed all night as well as cousin Gary, to both finish on the same total points, a toss of a coin for the final gate position was won by Aaron!

Mike Hammond enjoyed his first encounter in Division 1 despite feeling the side of Gary Hesmer in turn 2 and sliding out. He held his own for the night and did very well. Katalin Davis joined the fun in her first 2 heats, but sadly mechanical problems caused her to retire from the night to allow Gary Moody to fill her spot in the program. Terry Rideout had some serious clutch problems during his first race and was able to complete the heat with a badly troubled machine. The pits became a frenzy, as many other riders and pit crews all jumped on Terry's bike to strip and rebuild the bike to allow him to continue onward in the night,

Joe Heye was a man on mission this night, but despite his heroic efforts, the ever changing rack caught him out as the humid air drew out a lot of moisture in the track and caught him off guard as he slid out a few times. Heye kept the push on Aaron Hesmer all night, continuing the battle of the titans for the great enjoyment of the crowd! Also for the first time this year, Heye jumped the start in heat 5 and broke the tapes from gate 1.

The final event of the night was probably the longest race in time, that we have ever seen at Paris! It began with Aaron Hesmer in gate 1, Gary Hesmer, gate 2, Joe Heye gate 3 and Terry Rideout in gate 4. The tapes flew and all four riders attacked turn 1 with Aaron Hesmer pulling out front, Gary Hesmer in second was challenged hard by Joe Heye in turn 3 and he slid out. The first restart was duplicated exactly in the same corner and we went to restart number 3. This restart saw Heye starting from the penalty line and he blasted outside Gary Hesmer in turn 3 on lap 2, but they clashed hard and Heye fell awkwardly leaving Hesmer to go nowhere but straight. Gary Hesmer's bike took off and smashed into the fence with Gary sliding through it with his bike. After a quick look by the ambulance, Gary was up and back in the pits, but in need of some rest! Track workers quickly replaced the safety fence and we went into restart number four with only three riders. The start also with Heye back on the penalty line proved not to be the last! Again same place on the track caused the hard pushing Heye to slide out again! This caused the fifth and final restart with Heye back on a 30-yard penalty line. Aaron Hesmer refueled and pulled out a classic display of speedway. as Heye passed Rideout on the last turn to grab second place.

August 28th 2009

The last race for August 2009 seemed doomed from the outset, with thick rain clouds and thundershowers forecast, but with some heavenly help, the skies brightened and the riders and crowd arrived to enjoy a superbly prepared track Mike Zelaska.

Rob Dixon made a rare appearance at the Paris track after many years of absence. Being a firm supporter of the larger tracks, it was great to see him riding on the smaller track this night!

The night was divided into ATV racing with Jeremy Zelaska, Travis Carpenter, Jason Law and his buddy Clark, P85 Junior Flat Track racers, Nathan Hammond and Braden Vallee, Division two riders Scott Collier and Tommy Hensby, and Division 1 riders Aaron Hesmer, Terry Rideout, Rob Dixon, Jeff Orosz and Joe Heye rounded the field.

The night began with two ATV riders arriving late, so both Jason and Clark were forced to wait for heat 2 of their rounds to start. All night the guys held their own and produced some great racing. Sadly though due to the rain, they were unable to run their final event!

The P85 class was dominated by the ever popular Braden vallee. He assisted in the show with Nathan right by his side! Good job!

The Division 2 class of Scott Collier and Tommy Hensby produced some good racing with 5 heats being run, but also they suffered a non-running final due to the rain. Scott Collier won the first race of the night with a hard charging Hensby right behind him. Tommy Hensby did suffer some mechanical gremlins during the night, but with the help of Rob Dixon, Tom Marriott and Todd Vallee, they kept him running and assisted in him winning all the next four heats! A good display of intermediate speedway was shown by these two guys!

The Division 1 guys did a fabulous job of producing some high level exciting racing for the crowd. Aaron Hesmer produced some super moves and out maneuvered Jeff Orosz in some great racing. Rob Dixon's return was not marked with any wins, but he did show that the track was too his liking! Terry Rideout looked off the pace and suffered from some bad luck in his attempts to pass his fellow riders! Joe Heye's performance looked set to bring him good fortune with a good heat win, but Hesmer and Orosz were proving too much for him.

Jeff Orosz left the best till last, the rain started to come down heavily, and with the need to get the race going to avoid a cancellation, Rideout, Hesmer, Orosz and Heye lined up to the tapes. Orosz go a flyer from gate 4 and held on to win well in the pouring rain! Aaron Hesmer was struggling to hold on and very sensibly slowed down in the need of self preservation, but Heye and Rideout paid the price for pushing hard in the very wet and wild conditions, and slid off on turn 2, they both remounted, and finished in this order behind Orosz and Hesmer!

September 5th 2009

A very hot and sticky afternoon welcomed a large crowd to the Paris Fair race. A 2:00pm start enabled Mike Zelaska to prepare the track with loads of water, as the effect of the dust was a concern for the Fair and the afternoon managed to hold it back to a reasonable level for all! Sadly though, the level of racing was reduced due to the excess water needed to retract the dust, but all the riders produced the best show possible!

The day began with our quad riders taking to the track, Jeremy Zelaska, Travis Carpenter, Jason Law and Clark Viol all produced some close side by side racing, and Jeremy Zelaska did a super job in holding back the 450cc units behind his 350cc machine! Travis produced some close racing with Jason, thus producing a well-deserved round of applause from the large audience every race! They all produced a high level of skill and did a great job!

Our P85 flat track riders returned to also put on a superb selection of races! Matt Sehl joined Braden Vallee and Nathan Hammond and raced hard every race. Nathan Hammond suffered some mechanical gremlins but managed to rejoin some races! Matt Sehl again showed the crowd why he is the current Canadian points leader, he rode hard and fast to win the day's final event well!

Our Division 2 riders, Mike Hammond and Tommy Hensby were joined by Katalin Davis to round the class. All the races produced some very close and contact riding between Hammond and Davis with Hensby sensibly staying behind them. Mike Hammond slid out in round 2 and Katalin Davis laid the bike down superbly to avoid any further problems. The restart was dominated by Katalin to take a good win. Round 4 saw two crashes, Hammond and Davis again were side by side in turn 4 when they clashed and Hammond went down tumbling into the boards. Up and on, the restart saw the trailing Hensby hit the dirt with his foot peg on the last lap coming into turn 3, his bike twisted beneath him awkwardly and he high sided with his foot becoming entangled in his front wheel. After some assistance he was up and ok and his bike needed some TLC, which Jeff Orosz jumped in to get it straight for Tommy to continue. The final race of the day for them all, saw Katalin Davis produced a fine display ahead of Mike Hammond and Tommy Hensby.

The Division 1 riders, Aaron Hesmer, Rob Dixon, Jeff Orosz, Terry Rideout and Joe Heye all produced some good riding. Terry Rideout was having an off day with a few slide-outs on the wet surface as he battled hard to gain position from the tapes in turn 2. Jeff Orosz spent the afternoon trying to gain momentum of the ever-changing track surface and lost a really good lead to Aaron Hesmer in their second round race. Joe Heye and Rob Dixon also pushed hard and gave the other a run for their money! Aaron Hesmer put his best foot forward and kept a firm hold on all the heat races. He was very smooth and composed which really paid off as he took a very well deserved checkered flag every race! The final race was an absolute cracker! Aaron Hesmer took gate one and Joe Heye took gate 3, Heye pushed himself hard under Hesmer to take the lead out of turn 2, they then spent the next two laps ducking and diving under and around each other until, Heye slid out on turn 3 and Hesmer took off the grab the win! Jeff Orosz and Rob Dixon battled behind and finished in second and third respectively as Heye remounted and competed the race!

May 29th 2008

With the hot summer like weather upon us, we were ready for another season of Canadian speedway.

With special guests visiting from Eastbourne in the UK, Brian & Jackie Jones together with their son, Cameron and Uncle Trevor. We put on a show to remember!

Sadly, due to the big race in Ohio, USA. Our rider field was lower than expected and we had to do some drastic heat selections, which was both interesting and entertaining! With new rider Dave Hope taking to the track for the first time in a racing surrounding, he did very well to stay aboard the bike and enjoyed a few board bangs along the way, but he had a blast and thanks to Aaron DeVeau for bailing Dave out when his bike gave up!

Fred legault and Chris Hesmer spent the day battling it our as did Scott Collier and Terry Rideout. All pushed hard and enjoyed a good time!

Graham Wale also joined in on the action and rode very smoothly on his new GM.

Sadly for Allan Chisholm upon his Paris return, he suffered multiple mechanical gremlins and this proved to be the end of a good looking day.

Scott Collier has two chain malfunctions and during the interval had given up and was ready to pack up and call it a day, but referee Ian March gave some advice and directed his alignment problems and Scott went on to become the Division 2/3 final winner!! - Great Job Ian!

Fred legault came out of the gate with some speed to take the lead in the Division 1 final, but hooked up in turn two allowing both Chris Hesmer and Terry Rideout through, Fred fought back and took Terry on the next lap while Chris was pulling away in front. Then on a last lap thrust, Terry Rideout gained a swooping overtaking move on Fred to take his first second place in Division 1 for 2008!

Many thanks to all the volunteers and helpers for all your great work, and we look forward to seeing everyone back at Paris next weekend!

June 1st 2008

Sunday June 1st 2008, was poised to be a great afternoon of racing at the CKPC Paris Speedway event.

Under cloudy skies, the event began with a good field of riders. We welcomed Mark Engel from Michigan for the first time in 2008, as well as, a new rider Mike Hamond joining in the fun!

Our Division one rider list was filled with Aaron "Ace" DeVeau, Joe Heye, Fred "Hotdog" Legault, Terry Rideout and Chris Hesmer. These guys put on a fabulous show from start to finish. Joe Heye began the day with a newly built engine and a newly surfaced track. He came out of the gate like a bullet and was caught out in one heat race, when he crashed into the boards on corner 4, removing the board in the process. After a few minutes to get his breath back and a repair to the board by Dave Havill, he was able to take off again, only to slide out twice and get very frustrated! Terry Rideout once again demonstrated why he will be a contender for some high things in Division 1 this year. He was really composed and gave the guys a run for their money! Chris Hesmer also had a few problems with the track surface and slid out in one heat. He managed to win a heat in flying glory and got back into his groove. Aaron DeVeau sadly pulled out due to mechanical problems, but was showing some solid rides. Fred Legault was having a good day until the final race of the day. The final race was poised to be a cracker, Fred Legault, Chris Hesmer, Terry Rideout and Joe Heye all lined up at the tapes. Roger Stevens gave the all clear and referee John Franic let them go, but Fred looped hard at the line and was unable to hold it and landed hard just yards from the start line. Fred was up and walked back in the pits, but twisted his back and removed himself from the race. This left Terry Rideout to take a good lead over Joe Heye and Chris Hesmer in the restart. Joe Heye raced away from Chris Hesmer and went on a hunt for Terry Rideout. Sadly for Terry Rideout after leading for 3 laps, Joe Heye grabbed an open spot and dove under Terry Rideout to take the checkered flag. Superb racing by all!

The Division 2 guys, Graham "Pirate" Wale, Mark Engel, David Hope, Mike Hamond, Tim Murray and Allan Chisholm put on a show of their own!

The first heat of the day was marred with a nasty looking crash that left Allan Chisholm lying on the track. Entering the first bend, he eased off as they bunched up and Allan could do nothing but hit the back wheel of Graham Wale, causing him to high-side over the bike and he landed hard, and suffered the nightmare speedway injury!

Graham Wale went on to win the re-run well.

Tim Murray spent the day gating like he was on a rocket, he out gated everyone in every heat and had some great races with both Graham Wale and new rider Mike Hamond. These heats were worth the entry fee alone!!!

David Hope again was having a blast, and enjoyed the track time getting used to his new bike!

The final race was a great race with Mike Hamond taking the lead off Tim Murray after Tim went wide on turn 2, Mike led the race for 3-1/2 laps holding back a diving Tim, but under this pressure, Mike left a gap and Tim's experience led him through to take a well-deserved win! Brilliant race!

Matthew Sehl, Braden Vallee and Mike Fisher were on hand to race hard all day. These junior speedway guys did a great job all day, with Matt and Braden fighting for every inch of track available between each other. With a final race that left us all happy with Matt and Braden battling away. It was a great race with Matt pulling ahead on the final lap to enjoy his checkered flag lap of honor!

We do apologize for the absence of out weekly 50/50 draw this week. With our staff covering some critical marshalling positions, we were unable to get this done. So please buy double next week and get a nice big gift to take home!

June 15th 2008

The sunshine shine was all over the Canadian Speedway racing weekend!

CKPC Paris Speedway was played out on a hot and sunny afternoon for the last Sunday Afternoon race until August. A good crowd and good rider attendance gave us a recipe for success!

The field of Aaron Hesmer, Jeff Orosz, Terry Rideout, Doug Beaumont, Joe Heye and Aaron DeVeau, were joined by Graham Wale, Mike Hammond, David Hope, Bob Mosquera, Scott Collier and Tim Murray. Our Junior representation was from Matt Sehl and Braden Vallee.

From the first heat, John Franic the CMA referee was spot on in his delivery of the starts and this was enjoyed by all at the event!

The day opened with the return to Paris for Jeff Orosz, Aaron Hesmer, Doug Beaumont and Michigan based rider, Bob Mosquera. They were all great this day, and had a blast joining in the fun!

The afternoon was packed with action including lightening reflex starts from Tim Murray. Tim has really mastered the starts and with constant actions, he pulled out front in all his heats and the Division 2 Final. Mike Hammond in his second racing event turned up with former British and World Champion Gary Havelock's bike. Mike made the leap from the upright machine to the newer laydown and looked very good. He did however, show great sportsmanship in his quick reactions upon a couple of slide-outs in corner 1. Great Job!

Terry Rideout continues to show his maturity and led the first Division 1 heat from the two top Canadian riders for 2 laps, but was heaved away by Aaron Hesmer who took the easy win!

Jeff Orosz was finding his feet on the newly laid Paris track and he did suffer a few placements due to this. Pulling out of his last heat sadly with mechanical problems, his fellow GT Tuning associate Tim Murray, got his bike onto the track and saved Jeff within the 2 minute limit. Jeff jumped aboard and flew out to a great win leaving the other riders well behind. Aaron Hesmer also suffered a very rare and unusual lift coming out of turn 2 and held on tightly to keep himself in the race. Very impressive bike control!

Braden Vallee spent all afternoon chasing Matt Sehl. Matt the master of the inside line, kept a dodging and diving Braden behind him to take a very deserved checkered flag lap of honor in their final race. These guys really love to race and we thank them for doing just this every week!

The Division 2 final was dominated by the lightening starter Tim Murray! Tim flew out ahead of Graham Wale, Mike Hammond and Bob Mosquera. But Mike Hammond took it upon himself to give Tim some problems event to the point of passing Tim as he went wide coming out of corner 4 on lap 2, but Tim returned the favor and took a commanding win ahead of the pack!

The main Final took 3 starts to get a completed race. Firstly Aaron Hesmer was deemed to jumped at the start by referee John Franic. Sadly for Aaron, the reason for this was a clutch that just wouldn't work for him! The second attempt took place minus Aaron Hesmer due to his clutch seizure! So Joe Heye, Jeff Orosz and Terry Rideout took centre stage. Upon the second start, Jeff Orosz jumped too soon and was put back 10 yards. So with a third attempt, the race began. Joe Heye took a good lead ahead of Terry Rideout until Jeff Orosz flew by Terry on thr first bend. Jeff went in pursuit of Joe and was catching him well, until he sadly hit a rut on corner 2 and Joe pulled away! Congratulations to crowd favorite Joe Heye for a great job, and rounding off a great afternoon of racing at CKPC Paris Speedway!

August 30th 2008

With the great news that Dave Havill the Paris Track manager was successfully recovering from his operation the past week, we were very pleased to officially dedicate the two days of racing over the Labour Day long weekend to Dave Havill and his dedication to the sport of speedway racing in Canada.

The day was set to run the CSRA Championship races of the Division 2, Division 3 and Junior Speedway P85cc. The sun was beating down on a fabulously prepared track by Michael Zelaska for the 2:00pm start time.

Riders from all over Ontario and Michigan USA, came to see who would reign supreme! Corinne Franic, Graham Wale, Bob Mosquera, Mike Hammond, Jeremy Zelaska, Nicole DeVeau, Dave Hope and Tim Murray were joined by Matt Sehl, Braden Vallee and Mike Fisher in the P85cc class and providing demonstration laps were 7-year old Josh Wilson on the P50, Aaron DeVeau and Terry Rideout from Division 1 and new Junior speedway rider 12-year old Tommy Hensby.

The racing program provided by Duncan Luke proved to be the winner of the day! Duncan provided us all with a superb race program for the day. The heats were close and very entertaining!

Division 2 racing was split into 3 riders who clashed hard all afternoon, Corinne Franic, Tim Murray and Mike Hammond all pushed each other really hard. This left Graham Wale and Bob Mosquera to fight for the remaining places. Graham Wale was suffering from some troubles following his racing from last weekend , and just couldn't get into the winning groove required to gain the Championship win? This left the others to really have a good go at each other, but one lady seemed to have very quickly regained her composure following her absence from the track for most of the season. Corinne Franic kept her throttle wide open and looked very smooth all day! She took to the starting line in the final heat for the Division 2 Championship and led from the gate to take a well deserved checkered flag! An excellent performance by Corinne!

Division 3 produced some good racing, The returning Nicole DeVeau was our second lady to the track for the day, came back to the track looking very strong and determined. Dave Hope sadly had to withdraw from the meeting after crashing out hard while defending a great race from Jeremy Zelaska. Dave suffered a shoulder pull and was unable to carry on after 3 heats. Jeremy Zelaska riding in only his second ever full racing event, showed why he will really be a name to watch in the future! he was fast controlled and looked very comfortable especially when he raced over the line for the final time to collect his prize of Division 3 Canadian Speedway Champion! Congratulations Jeremy!

The Junior guys were once again aboard their bikes to take battle! Matthew Sehl, Braden "LiL K'OS" Vallee and Mike Fisher played a great role in providing some superb racing, all 3 riders pushed hard right to the bitter end! Matt Sehl and Braden Vallee were swapping places throughout the first few heats, but then Braden lost some momentum and Matt pulled away for the final heats to successfully take the new title of CSRA 2008 Junior Speedway Champion! Well Done Matt!

The afternoon was completed with Aaron Deveau, Terry Rideout and Tommy Hensby, all doing an excellent job in giving the large crowd some nice demonstrations of speedway all all levels. Thanks to them for a great job!

August 31st 2008

The Sunday event was poised to be a classic and this it was! With rumors floating around that Dave Havill had been let out of hospital and he was at the track! A buzz flew around the pits and a new level of eagerness to have a great show was in place. Our very dear and great friend Mr. Wesley Pierce from the Welland County Motorcycle Club events was invited to perform an outstanding job of announcing the event. Wes did not let us down one bit, his charming wit and wickedly funny humor keep the large crowd enthused throughout the proceedings!

Our Division 1, Division 2/3 riders were all there to battle away the afternoons big money prizes. Terry Rideout, Phil Mosquera, Aaron DeVeau, Tim Murray, Jeremy Zelaska, Mike Hammond, Jeff Orosz, Bob Mosquera, Corinne Franic, Nicole DeVeau, Joe Heye, and Doug Beaumont all arrived ready, as did Tommy Hensby to do his Junior Speedway demonstrations.

The racing was tight and close all afternoon. Joe Heye and Jeff Orosz had a few close and wonderfully entertaining battles, Jeff Orosz was ducking and diving all over the defending Joe Heye all day.

Phil Mosquera looked very good after a few years absence from Paris. he very quickly got into the groove and did a fabulous job for himself and the crowd alike! Mike Hammond was finding the track a bit uneasy and sadly he was involved in freak accident that left Jeremy Zelaska in hospital (Below with Emily Hensby) with a badly broken leg and dislocated ankle. Mike Hammond was pushing hard coming out of turn 2 on lap 3 as he slid out hard into the fence, his bike bounced back into the path of the sliding Zelaska and he had nowhere to go and hit Hammond's bike. Zelaska's bike pinned him against the safety fence and the impact by the foot rest smashed Zelaska's ankle and snapped in completely. He was left pinned upright and had to hang onto the boards to avoid any pressure on his leg. Such bad luck for both riders in a simple but crazy looking crash! Mike Hammond worked frantically to repair his bike and qualified to the final event!

The Division 2/3 combined races were completed with a great final race. Mike Hammond pushed Corinne Franic for 4 laps as Tim Murray and Bob Mosquera push Mike Hammond, a close hard race that was finished with Corinne Franic taking the second final event for the weekend!

Division 1 was a cracker, Joe Heye and Jeff Orosz led Terry Rideout and Aaron Deveau from the tapes. They were close for all four laps with Heye holding back Orosz as he tried all he could to get him, but to no avail! Joe Heye grabbed the big money and went home a very happy guy!

The CSRA would like to sincerely thank the following people, as this weekend tribute for Dave Havill, would not have happened to the height of success but for these volunteers and helpers:

Michael & Jeremy Zelaska (track prep) Wes Pierce (Announcing) Graham Wale, Terry Rideout and John Franic (Electrical setup) Russell Press (Sound Equipment) Tommy and Emily Hensby (Gate Sign-in) Roger Stevens (Starting Marshall and payout's) Duncan and Joan Luke (Program Set-up) Tom Marriott (pit Gate and programs) Dave Dudley, Kevin Robillard and Larry DeVeau (Corner Marshall's) Daniel Hanley and Charlotte Hensby (photos and event clean-up) David Hensby (Announcing and race direction) St. John's Ambulance, Peter Buss and Mario Glynn (Photos)

June 1st 2007

The opening night at Paris Speedway was presented with good weather, but a low rider turnout.

CKPC was on hand to officially launch their 2007 sponsorship of the Paris Speedway events.

The night was full of close racing and our Divison 1 guys did a fabulous job of battling hard all night! Jeff Orosz in his new GTS suit from the UK looked and acted the part in his total points win for the night!

Terry Rideout produced some great racing and kept Michigan rider Mark Engel behind him all night to take the Divison 2/3 night's award.

Corinne Franic took a trip on the back of Terry's bike for the lap of honor, but we will see if the roles reverse this week, when our lovely lady of speedway returns!

July 15th 2007

With the addition of six P50 / P65 / P85 into the weekly program, this gave the large crowd something extra to cheer about.

The weather was perfect, the track was in top shape, and the stage set for a great night of racing.

With only four Division 1 riders available this night, they had some serious battles that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Joe Heye with his new engine, once again pushed hard and did some great moves to beat Aaron Hesmer during the heats. Aaron back from his successful St.Alex win the previous weekend, was aboard a newer bike set-up. Despite the over spin at the gate, Aaron soon pushed his way passed Marc Gauthier, Gary Hesmer and the amazingly fast Joe Heye to take a well deserved final win on the last lap! - Great racing and good job Aaron!

Terry Rideout capitalized upon the mixing of the Division 2 and 3 riders. Graham Wale, Tom Brown, John Bennett, Tim Murray and the returning Scott Collier all suffered at Terry's ever-increasing speeds, despite some valiant efforts in the heats by Tim and Scott. John Bennett also returned to Paris for 2007 and had a very scary moment in the final as he looped at the start but managed to keep the bike in control to finish a well deserved 3rd place after having to catch the field!

Terry Rideout, did the business and took the Checkered flag proudly in front of the waving and clapping crowd.

Unfortunately for Graham, his Weslake wouldn't play fair and he had to withdraw from the night with mechanical gremlins! And Corinne Franic's 'Legault' machine would 'Not-go' so she, also sadly missed this night.

A complete night of good solid fair racing, and thank you to all the riders who came to put on the show!

June 29th 2007

With another low rider turnout, the GT Tuning Time Trial event was quickly orchestrated by Duncan Luke and Carol Havill, to be a complete night of good racing!

The individual events that regularly occur, were replaced with team racing of mixed Division 1 and Division 2 riders. 2 riders from each division were paired together and the fun began.

The heats became two races, with the D1 riders having their own battles and the D2 having their's too! It was great for the crowd, as the event was action packed.

With each heat being timed, the evening progressed with some close racing and good track times. Aaron Hesmer took the early strong lead in the times and Joe Heye followed close behind for the D1 riders. D2 saw Terry Rideout and Tim Murray, who was returning to Paris after his nasty bout of flu, have some strong times in their own heats.

With the heats over, the decision was made to have a first at Paris - Single time trials. Each rider had a 2-lap run, the first gated start lap, allowed for the warm-up and the second was timed from start to finish upon a flying start. This was also based upon the riders points scores for the night and the crowd really got into it. The times were very close for each rider and the final D2 rider to win the night was Terry Rideout. He looked very composed and showed why he is a definite threat to all the other D2 riders this season!

July 6th 2007

With the addition of six P50 / P65 / P85 into the weekly program, this gave the large crowd something extra to cheer about.

The weather was perfect, the track was in top shape, and the stage set for a great night of racing. With only four Division 1 riders available this night, they had some serious battles that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Joe Heye with his new engine once again pushed hard and did some great moves to beat Aaron Hesmer.

Aaron back from his successful St.Alex win the previous weekend, was aboard a newer bike set-up. Despite the over spin at the gate, Aaron soon pushed his way passed Marc Gauthier, Gary Hesmer and the amazingly fast Joe Heye to take a well deserved final win on the last lap! - Great racing!!!

Terry Rideout capitalized upon the mixing of the Division 2 and 3 riders. Graham Wale, Tom Brown, John Bennett, Tim Murray and the returning Scott Collier all suffered at Terry's ever-increasing speeds, despite some valiant efforts in the heats by Tim and Scott. John Bennett also returned to Paris for 2007 and had a very scary moment in the final as he looped at the start but managed to keep the bike in control to finish a well deserved 3rd place after having to catch the field!

Terry Rideout, did the business and took the Checkered flag proudly in front of the waving and clapping crowd. Unfortunately for Graham, his Weslake wouldn't play fair and he had to withdraw from the night with mechanical gremlins!

And Corinne Franic's 'Legault' machine would 'Not-go' so she, also sadly missed this night. A complete night of good solid fair racing, and thank you to all the riders who came to put on the show!

July 27th 2007

With a large comprehensive field of riders ranging from the P50's to the new Canadian Speedway Champion, a night was set for some great racing.

A superb rider-turnout proved to be the key to the night's success as the dark thick rain clouds hung over the event.

With a heavy rainfall just hours before the race, Dave Havill worked hard to get the soggy surface to a suitable riding surface. The expectation of some falls was seen as a few riders slipped away in the corners. Unfortunately, Peter Fornal took a nasty tumble and got his hand caught in the rear wheel and with damage to his middle finger, withdrew from the racing.

Combining the Division 2 and 3 riders always proves to be a great event and this night proved no different. Mark Engel and Bob Mosquera visited from the US and did a great job on the track. Mark also gave Tim Murray some serious challenges throughout the night. Great stuff!

Sadly though, the expected racing duel between the retuning "Tiger" Tom Marriott and Graham "Pirate" Wale was not to be, Graham's bike gave up on him and didn't allow for this to happen!

Fireman Scott Collier also proved that an 18 year gap can be good for you, as he also proved to be a threat to all the riders.

But it was Terry Rideout who took the checkered flag in the final in the rain. Terry all night showed that he really is going to be a rider who will go somewhere in 2008!

The P50's and P75's came to put on a show, they found the wet track in the first few heats something of a surprise, leading to a few unexpected slides. But they once again, gave their hearts and souls for the crowd and to the delight of his parents, Braden Vallee took the checkered flag and received his winning trophy!

The Division 1 racing was great! - close duels between Joe Heye, Fred Legault, Aaron Hesmer, Gary Hesmer, Chris Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and Aaron DeVeau were a delight to see. Jeff Orosz and Gary Hesmer had the most cracking race in their last heat. Gary took the lead and held back a charging Jeff until the very last corner, where Jeff launched himself under Gary taking to the inside line and managed to get passed Gary to take the win by half a bike's length, brilliant!

Aaron Hesmer the new Canadian Speedway Champion, was not on top form and it did show as he was beaten in all but 1 of his heats. He was playing with some new set-ups and with the track surface being wetter than expected, he was unable to get the grip he needed!

With the rain coming down, the final few heats and the finals were pushed quickly through and sadly, no walk-outs were permitted. Despite this the Division 1 final was also a cracker! Gary Hesmer took the gate and flew into turn 1 where Jeff Orosz pushed hard and passed Gary. With Joe Heye and Aaron Hesmer behind him, Jeff placed himself in front of a battling Gary, who was having to defend his own lines from Joe Heye. Joe hooked on lap three and lost ground leaving Gary to try and get Jeff but to no avail. Jeff Orosz grabbed the win and completed his well deserved lap of honor to the recognition of the cars headlights and horns flashing in the pouring rain!

Many thanks to all the riders for a superb show and congratulations to Terry Rideout, Braden Vallee and Jeff Orosz for their great wins!

August 3rd 2007

CKPC Paris speedway event on Friday night was a cracker!

On a hot summer's night, a large crowd witnessed some excellent racing. Our header of 'Thrills - Chills - Spills' was provided in full glory by a large field of riders. Corinne Franic took control of the pits and directed the night's action and did a fabulous job!

The night started with some close racing from our Division 1 riders, With a tape malfunction in heat 1 - Aaron Hesmer was presented with a face full of yellow tape! The restart was worth waiting for! Joe Heye the crowd favorite battled hard with Jeff Orosz, Gary Hesmer and Aaron Hesmer, they opened the night with some close furious racing with Gary and Jeff clashing twice side by side!

Sadly the night for Tom Brown ended short, as his bike gave up after just 2 heats, so he had to withdraw from the event. Tim Murray moved up to Division 1 enabling Carol Havill and Duncan Luke to provide a balanced program. Tim did not let us down! Riding very well and at times keeping up strongly with the big guns! Great Job Tim! - Tim also was very generous in his lending of his bike throughout the night to Tom Marriott. Tom's bike was 'Sick' so Tim gladly helped out with his bike!

Mark Engel and Bob Mosquera both joined in the fun from Michigan, great to see them back and congratulations to Bob, who had his first heat win since 2005!

New Rider Brian - Sam and Jessie's Dad, came from street racing into speedway and did a fabulous job, he kept up with the action and was leading a race when the mechanical gremlins got him and he had to pull out on lap 3!

Every heat was action packed with close hard racing. Joe Heye was pushing so hard that he did a 360 degree turn on bend 3-4 at one point! Jeff Orosz was battling to get his bike set-up right. The track was catching a few riders out and causing some interesting slides! Jeff Orosz and Aaron Hesmer continued their battles every heat with Aaron pushing and pushing Jeff, one race was a classic battle with Jeff leading for 2 laps, Aaron went passed on lap 3 and Jeff chased hard to lose the race on the line by only a tire width! Brilliant racing - worth the entry fee to see this one!

Gary Hesmer continued on his road to finding success, he came out to give a show, and that he did. Leading one race in front of Jeff Orosz, Aaron Hesmer and Joe Heye he worked very hard to keep Aaron behind him and on lap 4, he uncharacteristically went wide and Aaron shot under him to take the win - What a great race!

Our 'Junior Speedway' kids, Mike Fisher, Matt Sehl, Tyler Thompson, Braden Vallee and Dalton Gauthier were there also to join in the show. These kids have really come-in to their own and love to race at Paris. With both P85's and P50's racing two trophies were awarded to the winners of each group. Newly produced 'Junior Speedway' trophies were presented to Matthew Sehl in the P85 class and Tyler Thompson received the P50 trophy. Every race is like a championship race for them and they all battle hard to win. Great kids doing a great job!

August 10th 2007

Nowhere in the world will you see speedway racing as good as Canada! The event at Paris Speedway on Friday night was an absolute cracker!!!

With a large field of riders and fans, the night was set to be a beauty, on a warm summer's night!

The night started on a bad note for Chris Hesmer though, his bike was deemed unfit for action when his rubber inlet gasket blew on his carb! sadly, Chris was left to work alongside Gary and Aaron Hesmer in the pits.

Mark Engel had made the long trip from the US after working all day, he was great! Racing in a mixed Division 2/3 group, he did really well against Terry Rideout the current Division 2 points leader. Some close battles ensued with Terry, Peter Fornal, Graham Wale, Tom Brown and Scott Collier as well, giving the crowd something to really cheer about! The Final event was comfortably won by a hard charging Terry Rideout - Great Job Terry!

The Junior speedway kids were on hand to give some thrills too! Matt Sehl, Tyler Thompson, Braden Vallee and Dalton Gauthier rode their hearts out. The crowd loves to see these guys ride! Each heat was ridden with passion and some good duels between Matt Sehl and Dalton Gauthier proved this! Dalton twice lost his lead to a hard charging Matt, and the final event was no different! Dalton led for 3 laps and on the fourth lap, Matt took Dalton on the back straight, his momentum was fast and coming out of the last bend his bike lost grip and he flew across the line to win the final sideways!!! He landed past the line still holding his bike!!! Great job and what excitement!

Division 1 racing was not to be missed either, Marc Gauthier, Aaron Hesmer, Gary Hesmer, Aaron DeVeau, Jeff Orosz, Fred Legault and Joe Heye gave the crowd their monies worth alone! All night Joe Heye and Jeff Orosz rode side by side, they didn't give each other an inch to move! - Brilliant stuff! - Gary Hesmer looked cool and composed as he took a good heat win and Fred Legault did some great things to pass an out of shape Aaron DeVeau. who found the track not to his liking this night, with a few tumbles! Aaron Hesmer and Marc Gauthier also were racing hard and put on a great display of riding.

The final race of the night was probably the most exciting that there has been at Paris for many years! The race began with Joe Heye taking a lead over Jeff Orosz, Aaron Hesmer and Gary Hesmer. This lead was short lived though, as Gary went down hard on turn 3 and ended up in the fence. The restart was all Jeff Orosz, Jeff put the back wheel in the groove and away he went! What he missed was brilliant to see behind him. Joe Heye was pushing hard and on the last lap, Aaron Hesmer came off the last bend so hard that he lifted violently and his bike rode up Joe's back, Aaron let the bike go and the bike went over the line spinning in the air, with Aaron smacking into the boards. Gary Hesmer did a great job to miss both Aaron and his bike as they landed on the racing line to grab 3rd place. Aaron got up and actually ran over the line to ensure of his points! What a cracker! Congratulations to Jeff Orosz and to all who took part in this amazing night!

August 17th 2007

On a very cool and windy night in Paris, all the riders and fans celebrated the work that Dave Havill has put in from the conception of Paris Speedway till it's present day! A special program was complied covering Dave's work and dedication of the success of the Paris facility since Dave bought it to us all!

The night was set to honor Dave, and this the riders did in top form!

Racing began a little later than usual due to some late technical checks, but the wait was worth it! Birthday boy - 11 year old Braden Vallee came out in the first heat to a warm birthday welcome from the crowd. The P50, P65 and a P85 all put on a fabulous show. The racing was intense and close in each group. Sadly for Braden his birthday win was not to be as Matthew Sehl grabbed the checkered flag in the P65's, and Tyler Thompson grabbed the P50 checkered from a battling Mike Fisher.

The speedway guys also had a new face this night, Braden's Dad, Todd climbed aboard a machine for the first time and did amazing! Todd even lead one race for 2 laps until Mark Engel passed him on the back straight. Todd did have a few tumbles that caused him to be stuck under the bike, but he got back up and started again! He even made the D2 final for the night, which is unbelievable! Great Job Todd, and welcome to the world of Canadian Speedway!

Terry Rideout and Mark Engel continued their battles from last week. In one race Terry was pushing so hard he actually hit Mark's back wheel and rode up the back of Mark's bike, leaving Terry to crash heavily on corner 3. Up and OK, Terry restarted on the 10 yard penalty line and came through the pack to win the heat! The Final event for the Division 2 guys was all Rideout, he took the gate ahead of Mark Engel, Peter Fornal and Todd Vallee and never looked back! It was great to see the return of Bob Mosquera again to the Paris track and we thank both Mark Engel and Bob for taking the time to come up to Canada from the USA.

Division 1 continued to provide some cracking racing. With the absence of both Gary Hesmer and Jeff Orosz, the boys got ready for some battles of their own. We were happy to see the return of Chris Hesmer after his mechanical nightmares, and the consistent return of the 'Ace' Aaron DeVeau. 'Hotdog' Freddie Legault was again present to give the young boys a run for their money too!

The Division 1 heats began with two race in the same heat! Joe Heye took a great leap at the start and battled to keep an ever threatening Aaron Hesmer behind him and behind them Marc Gauthier had his own problems with Fred Legault pushing him really a hard - amazingly on lap 3 both Aaron and Fred passed on the back straight to take their respective positions - great race!

Their next heat saw a coming together of Joe Heye and Chris Hesmer, which left Chris on his back on turn 1. The restart with Joe 10 yd's back was all Aaron Hesmer, leaving his Brother Chris to chase him hard.

The final heat of the Division 1 guys was close and hard, hard enough that Joe Heye went down just pushing too much under Aaron Hesmer. The restart was all Hesmer, he rode hard and well to grab the checkered flag. Finishing the night doing his customary donuts on the front straight before getting his trophy from Emily Hensby.

A great night of racing, which was a great way to celebrate Dave Havill!

August 24th 2007

Friday August 24th, began with a very humid sunny and sticky 42 degrees in Paris. With just 1/2 hour before tapes-up, thick dark clouds rolled in towards the track, bringing the worry of a forecasted storm from the mid-US.

The night began with rider introductions, and the formal national anthems of both the US and Canadian along side a very dry looking track. Despite the tanks of water that had been applied every half an hour before the races, the track was like a sponge and after heat 3 the racing was stopped for more water, as the track and area became a dust-bowl!

Our Junior Speedway Group were once again on hand to give a great show! The weekly duel between Matt Sehl and Braden Vallee continued to a great height and produced a thrilling heat of just a wheel length win! Great Stuff once again for the crowd, from these junior guys!

Terry Rideout took a leap to ride in Division 1 this night. He felt confident enough to take on the big guns and did a good job of holding his own. After his first race he came off the track and stated " Did we really do 4 laps in that time?" The pace being so much faster, and the speeds higher, Terry loved it! Sadly though for Terry, during a terrific race for position with Fred "Hotdog" Legault, his bike made a very loud bang and funny whirling noise on the back straight, and his night was done with a blown engine, as something blew his engine case to pieces!!

Aaron Hesmer and Joe Heye continued their fight for Paris supremacy, they both were fired up and ready for battle. Joe Heye took the first heat really well and fell in the second, causing a restart. He chewed away at Aaron Hesmer all race but was unable to get that extra yard! These guys really put on a great show!

The night was also full of another battle, Aaron DeVeau continued his return to Paris by pushing Fred Legault all night. They both fought hard to race each other, and to also hold the battling Rideout too! Very good racing from these guys!

Mark Engel was up from the US again, his Division 2 night was all his, as he rode strongly against the fiercely competitive Scott Collier, Graham Wale and John Bennett. Graham did suffer a few mechanical gremlins along the way, but John, Scott and Mark all pushed each other very hard in some very well, evenly matched racing. It was nice to see these guys all trying so hard, not only for the fans, but for themselves as well!

You may have guessed it by now, the stormy weather did come to spoil the show. All evening there were lightening flashes around the track and as we ran the last heat of the night, the wind really picked up and the heavens opened. Joe Heye won this to capture the nights top prize based upon points against Aaron Hesmer.

So finally, upon the decision to finish the meeting amidst the heavy rain, thundering clouds and electric blue lightening strikes, we ended the night with all anticipation of next weekends Paris Fair event!

September 2nd 2007

With the sunshine pouring down and the heat up in the 90's, an evening of perfect speedway racing was ready for action.

A huge crowd was privy to a superb night of racing to round of a magnificent Sunday at the Paris Fair!

The evening began with a huge bang, all the riders mounted their bikes and did one continuous lap of honor before parking their bikes along the main straight. The sight was amazing to see, something that has never been seen before at Paris! After the rider introductions and national anthems, the event went straight into action.

The first heat of the night started with a bang literally! Mark Engel took a nasty looking fall after clipping the rear wheel of the returning Corinne Franic. He sadly withdrew from the event with a shoulder injury. Corinne Franic aboard Tim Murray's bike did a great smooth job to beat out Todd Vallee and Trevor Farrington.

The second heat saw the mechanical woes continue for Terry Rideout, his loaner bike died on him, as he was leading the heat well.

With many US riders in attendance, Cam Rafferty, Mark Engel, Katalin Davis, Mike Buman, Craig Estelle, Cole Forewell and Bob Mosquera. The action they provided was superb. Always coming to Canada providing a great show, we thank them for continuing this tradition!

Cam Rafferty was involved in a spectacular crash coming into turn 3 with Fred Legault and Joe Heye. The three of them were all battling for place coming out of turn 2 hard, when Cam lifted violently as he got too much traction which caused all three riders to crash hard into the corner. With the go-ahead from the St.John's crew, the race restarted, but Cam's woes continued as his chain came off on the last lap. Also sadly for Cam, upon his father's advice, he withdrew from the meeting with a slight concussion.

One heat that proved to be a crowd favorite was between Craig Estelle and Jeff Orosz, they both battled hard all race with Jeff just grabbing the win!

Tom Marriott was present this day, he had a scary moment as Trevor Farrington hooked up and fell in front of him, Tom being the pro that he is, quickly performed a lay-down that saved all from injury. Great Job Tom!

With many mechanical problems for Corinne Franic and Terry Rideout, it was great to see the other riders come together and lend bikes without a blink of an eye! Marc Gauthier, Bob Mosquera and Tim Murray all lent their machines to Corinne and Terry throughout the night, to keep them on their winning ways- super job guys!!!

Our infamous 'Junior Speedway Guys' were also on hand to give a great show - these guys have really come into their own as an integral part of the Paris Show!! Matt Sehl and Bradon Vallee continued with their weekly battles, pushing each other very hard as they kept a dodging Dalton Gauthier behind them! Mike Fisher and Tyler Thompson on their 50cc machines also did a fab job of giving the crowd something to cheer about. Congratulations to both Matt and Tyler for winning their respective finals!!!

The Division 2/3 blend Final was all Terry Rideout, he took control of the race from the start, and even did the same after the restart following a 4th corner crash by our #911 rider, Scott Collier. Great job Terry!

The Consi-Final for Division 1 was a cracker, Craig Estelle and Fred Legault put on the best race of the night! Fred was all over Craig and was basically in his shadow the whole race, the best we have seen Freddie all season at Paris! Craig did a wonderful job of holding him back to grab the checkered flag! Great Job Craig! It was really nice to see Craig and Fred shaking each others hands at the end of the race both on the track and in the pits afterwards!

The Division 1 Final was the longest Final, we have seen! with 5 restarts, it was a tiring one for all the riders! Joe Heye, Aaron Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and Mike Buman all took to the starting line 5 times following a list of disasters. The first attempt saw Joe Heye crash hard into the fence on the first corner, the second attempt saw Mike Buman lose control on bend 1 also and crash, the third attempt saw Jeff Orosz clash with Aaron Hesmer and do a 360 degree spin also on turn 1 and the fourth attempt saw both Jeff Orosz and Mike Buman spill again on turn 1. The last attempt saw Joe Heye chomping at Aaron Hesmer, but with no success and Aaron once again showed why he holds the #1 plate for 2007 - smooth, controlled and fast. Congratulations to Aaron Hesmer for completing the night's events in winning style and to all the riders listed below for their contribution to another successful and thrilling Paris Fair weekend!

Aaron Hesmer, Aaron DeVeau, Joe Heye, Fred Legault, Mike Buman, Cam Rafferty, Katalin Davis, Corinne Franic, Terry Rideout, Jeff Orosz, Tim Murray, Cole Forewell, Marc Engel, Bob Mosquera, Todd Vallee, Trevor Farrington, Marc Gauthier, Tom Marriott, Craig Estelle, Scott Collier, Braden Vallee, Matt Sehl, Tyler Thompson, Mike Fisher, Dalton Gauthier.

May 26th 2006
After a week of wet weather the skies cleared and the sun came out for the season opener, The Jim Hesmer Memorial race, which was also the first event promoted by the SPG group.   An excellent race track, no dust at all, set the table and the riders responded with some top notch exciting racing to the delight of the large crowd.

In a night that had lots to entertain the fans, plenty of passing, lead changes, tight finishes, spectacular rides and a spill or two, there was no doubt that the rider of the night was 20 year-old Aaron Hesmer who shook of the responsibilities of being the main man for the SPG group to wow the crowd with a dynamic performance as he went through the night unbeaten.

Four of his five wins were earned from the back and mostly with powerful  bursts around the outside of his rivals instead of his patented inside line.His first win came when he slipped inside when Bobby Muszynski  hooked up and drove across the track just regaining control before he hit the boards.His last came in the final when he caught and passed Jeff Orosz to take the win with American Brian Hollenbeck and Joe Heye following them home.

But the most exciting was a tremendous battle with Joe Heye in which Hesmer just found enough drive in the run to the line to catch and inch ahead of Heye as the flashed over the line.  The winning margin couldn't have been more than a tire width!

Other spectacular moments came when Jeff Orosz picked up traction coming out of turn four and wheelied for almost the entire length of the straight as he fought for control.  Being Jeff he won the battle and the race too.   Then Peter Fornal looped and came off as he left the line in one race while American Andy Crawford slid off and into the boards a couple of times, one at each end of the track.

Bobby Muszynski, making his return to the track after a two year absence, is still the same exciting rider and but for the mistake in his first ride would have made the final.  Ron Dixon was another to show well in a couple of races. 

With one of his falls costing him points, Andy Crawford had to win his final race to take D2 honours which he did in fine style with Terry Rideout and Tim Murray swapping places behind him with Rideout finally taking second in the race and on the night.

Instead of D3 a Veterans class was added to the program.  In this George Lavender from Welland make a dream debut , five comfortable wins in five races to easily finish in front of Alan Chisholm and Peter Fornal.
June 9th 2006
The big question from fans and riders alike for the first Friday night race of the season was what has happened to the warm weather?  Although the skies cleared, the cold temperatures meant that all bar the most enthusiastic fans preferred the warmth of home.   Another question would be where  have all of last year's D2 and D3 riders gone with only seven of them in action.   However a full twelve man contingent of D1 riders provide some  excellent racing to give the fans ample entertainment for their money.

The Best race in the first round saw Joe Heye set the tone of the night when he held off Jeff Orosz for an important win while Aaron Hesmer and Bobby Muszynski had comfortable wins.    Hesmer and Muszynski met in the next round and Muszynki seemed to have the win in hand only to bobble as he came out of the final turn.  This allowed Hesmer seized the chance to nip through on the inside and snatch the win.   They met again in their next  heat and this time Muszynski made no mistake and ended Hesmer's winning streak at seven races. 

Competition for a place in the final four was tight with Orosz and Gary Hesmer tied on points for the final berth and but for an engine failure when leading in his easiest heat, 15 year-old American Mike Buman would also have been tied with them.  A win by Orosz over Hesmer when they met earlier in the night in the night gave him the edge and a place in the final.   Buman was not so lucky as the points he lost when his bike failed not only cost him any chance of reaching the final but also a spot in the Consi, so tight were the standings.  In it Marc Gauthier overtook the early leader Gary Hesmer to grab the win.

That set the stage for the final.  In it Aaron Hesmer grabbed the lead but behind him Heye and Muszynski collided as they came out of turn two and Heye crashed spectacularly into the safety fence on the back straight.   It looked nasty but speedway riders are tough and after treatment from the  St John Ambulance staff all four made it to the line for the restart with Heye off the penalty line. This time Muszynski and Hesmer led from the gate but the former pulled out of the race leaving Hesmer to take the win from Orosz and Heye.   

Afterwards Muszynski explained that he was experiencing so much pain in his arms that he dropped out of the race for safety reasons.  Let's hope that some more track time can overcome that problem as he already shown that he has lost none of is ability in his three year absence and his dynamic all action style adds excitement to a meeting.   Gary Hesmer is another who can be pleased with his form on his first outing of the season just a month after having surgery.

Corinne Franic made her season debut in D2 and dominated the action for most of the night, although she had to settle for second in the final race to her partner Terry Rideout who is going very well particularly when one considers that this is only his third meeting.   We can look forward to some good competition between them as the season progresses.

In D3 George Lavender made it ten wins from ten starts in his speedway career with another unbeaten night and was never challenged by either Graham Wale or Peter Fornal.
June 16th 2006
What a difference a week makes. Good weather and the Vintage Rally at the Fairgrounds brought out the fans this week and were it not for 50 or so who opted to watch for free at a distance from the top of the bank, the attendance would have been well over 200.

There was still a shortage of D2 and D3 riders which meant that these classes were combined for the night. Also, with nine D1 riders on hand this meant that the qualifying heats were run with only three riders in each and unfortunately bike problems caused a couple of heats late in the program to start with only two riders.

Despite that there was plenty of good fast entertaining action to keep the fans entertained with all of the top riders on song. Aaron Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and Joe Heye made it through to the final with a couple of points to spare but the competition for the fourth place in it was very tight with every point vital to the riders involved. Typifying this was Gary Hesmer's effort in his final heat. Needing points, he successfully outduelled his cousin Aaron for lead for the first lap only to have his bike fail. After coasting the length of the back straight he jumped off and starting pushing his bike for what would have to be a full lap and a quarter if he was to score points as a finisher. Sadly, after a gutsy effort that covered three quarters of a lap he accepted help to push him the rest of the way home which meant a disqualification and no points. Much to his chagrin that cost him a place in the final and he showed how he felt about that by an emphatic win in the Consi.

The final provided plenty of excitement with Joe Heye providing most of it. He got the lead out of turn two and held it until Aaron Hesmer got past him on the second lap. Pushing hard in pursuit he went into the third turn a bit too hard, swung around a full 180 degrees as the other riders roared past, lifted and finally came off. However, he managed to keep the bike going and remounted to finish fourth, a poor reward for his efforts. Hesmer made it three Main event wins in a row with Jeff Orosz and Marc Gauthier finishing second and third respectively.

After a first ride spill Corinne Franic dominated racing in D2 and went through the rest of the night unbeaten. George Lavender showed a good turn of speed in his first outing against D2 opposition and came from behind to overtake Terry Rideout for second place in the Final. Kudos also to young Michael Small who looped at the gate and came off hard in an early race. After missing a couple of starts he posted a fine win in his last race of the night.
June 23rd 2006
It is hard to believe that three seasons have passed since Joe Heye last won a Main event at Paris but a check of the records reveals that August 2002 was the last time this happened.   Since then he has come close and provided lots of excitement and entertainment for the fans, so this week's win was both popular and well deserved.  It came on a night that his gating was sharper than usual and a good gate in the final set him on the road but he had to hold off a strong race long challenge from Jeff Orosz  to get the win.  He did so and then celebrated by giving his dad Noel a pillion ride on his victory  lap with the checkered flag.  Gary Hesmer was the third place finisher.

It was a fitting end to a night that had plenty of action, some surprises and several hard spills.  The worst came in a qualifying heat when Mike Buman lifted coming out of turn four, rocketed across the track, collecting Jeff Orosz on the way and smacked hard into the boards in what had the potential to be a nasty accident.    Fortunately Orosz was back on his feet quite quickly but Buman was knocked out and required help from the St John staff before being taken back to the pits in the ambulance.  In the end it seems that he escaped with a mild concussion as he was able to head home on Saturday to be checked out there.

Doug Beaumont also got his bell rung when he clipped Ron Dixon and went down hard in the Consi while luck was not on Rob's side either.   Having looped at the gate and come off on his first ride he didn't gate well in his next two starts but rocketed off the line in his final heat and had a couple of  lengths lead when the race was stopped when Buman and Orosz crashed behind him and unfortunately he missed the gate again on the restart and  had to settle for second after Gary Hesmer's bike gave up the ghost.  Unlike last week Gary pushed it home by himself this time and got the points needed to get him into the final.

Aaron Hesmer was another rider hit by bad luck on the night.   He lost his primary chain when leading on the final lap of his first heat and could only  coast home for a fourth place finish. At the end of the night the points lost by this left him a one behind both Buman and Gary Hesmer in the race to join   Orosz and Heye in the Main event so he had to make do with a win in the Consi instead.

D2 winner was veteran Chris Hathaway from Indiana on his first visit to Paris.  After a second place finish to Michael Small in his first heat, he went unbeaten for the rest of the night while using a flat-track style through the corners.  George Lavender continued to do well against D2 opposition but it was Michael Small who finished second and caught the eye with his neat controlled riding style.

A handicap race was added to the program and run as the first race of the night for prize money donated last week by Michael Staines.  Surprisingly there was little passing and after Moskala went down the finishing order was as per the riders' handicaps with Buman winning from Heye, Orosz and (Aaron) Hesmer.
June 30th 2006
With several riders choosing to leave early to take part the first round of this year's National Championship at St.-Alex in Quebec on the following night,  the result was a shorter than usual program.   However, Aaron Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and Tim Murray all kept faith with the fans and took part in the meeting, before setting out to make the long trip to St-Alex overnight.   One good sign was there were sufficient riders to enable separate classes to be run for D2 and D3 riders for the first time in three weeks.

With Aaron Hesmer not at his best on the night, he was suffering from a bout of food poisoning,  D1 came down to a battle between Joe Heye and Jeff Orosz.   Heye earned gate choice in the final by beating Orosz in two of the three times they met and chose gate 1 instead of his favourite gate 2 as he tried to make it two Main event wins in a row.   It looked as if he had made the right choice as he rocketed off the line and had a clear lead as he went into the turn.  However, he bobbled it and went very wide which enabled Orosz to zip through and take over the lead and that was how it finished despite a strong effort by Heye.  Behind them Hesmer was third while Phil Small dropped out with engine trouble.

In D2 Corinne Franic looked the likely winner as she won her first two heats but went down in her next race and was done for the rest of the night.  Happily, despite needing on track attention from the ambulance staff including a ride back to the pits for further checking, she was up and about before the end of the meeting.     Kudos to Terry Rideout and Tim Murray who both executed perfect laydowns when Franic went down in front of  them.  It was good to see them react immediately to the situation and respond accordingly.   Each rider in the class managed a win on the night with Terry Rideout just edging out George Lavender on the night by a single point.

In D3 Tom Marriott started off with a win in his first ride of the season but by the end of the night it was Graham Wale who came out on top, a point ahead of Peter Fornal.  Not that Peter will mind too much as he had a couple of wins on the night, his first of the year and equal to his total for all of  2005.  Not only that, but one of them was in the last race and earned him his first checkered flag lap.
July 7th 2006
With all the regular riders back in action this week there was plenty of action to entertain the fans in the 22-race program which ran smoothly with only one restart throughout the night. 

Although the D1 field quickly separated into two groups, those who were going to make it to the Main and those who were headed for the Consi, there  was plenty of good racing as the top four battled one another for gate choice in the final.  Joe Heye continued his recent run of good form and with only  one loss, to Jeff Orosz, topped the qualifiers and this week chose gate two for the final.  This didn't change the outcome as for the second week in a row he had to settle for second place.  This time, however, it was Aaron Hesmer who beat him off the line and scorched to the victory to make it three  different Main event winners in three weeks.  A great finish to the night for him and the perfect way to celebrate his 21st birthday, albeit one day early. Jeff Orosz overtook Gary Hesmer, another rider in good form lately, for third place in what has become a very competitive D1 after Aaron Hesmer dominated the early part of the season.

In D2 rookie George Lavender got his first Main event win in this class.  Although he doesn't yet slide his bike in the traditional manner, he has found a race line that works for his flat-track riding style and is quickly becoming a hard man to beat at this level.  Despite her best efforts Corinne Franic was unable to find a way past him and had to settle for second ahead of Terry Rideout and Tim Murray.

This week D3 included newcomer Trevor Farrington.    Unfortunately magneto problems meant that his bike would not run but thanks to Tom Marriott he was able to ride in the meeting.    Tom moved up to D2 for the night to allow Farrington to share his bike and race in D3.  While it may be a night he will  remember it wasn't a successful one as he crashed into the wall in his third ride.  That meant that the last couple of heats were match races between  Peter Fornal and Graham Wale.  Fornal just edged out Wale in both of them to make give him a 3-2 edge on wins on the night and his first overall win.
July 21st 2006

With several riders choosing to miss this meeting to be ready for the Nationals round at Welland on the following night, the result was a routine affair without a lot of close racing.  

T he humid weather didn't help as several riders had engine troubles and were out of action before the end of the night.              

Competition in D1 was basically a two man affair with Aaron Hesmer and Jeff Orosz having a decided edge over the others.   They had a win apiece in their meetings in the qualifying heats but the final wasn't ever in doubt after

Hesmer shot out of the gate.   He led throughout for a comfortable win although Orosz added some excitement when he went into the final turns too hard and all but came to a full stop as his rear wheek spun out.  He almost went down as he fought to keep control but somehow managed to keep going, complete a full 360 spin and still cross the line in second place to a combination of laughter and cheers for his effort from the fans.  Behind him Marc Gauthier was third and Phil Small fourth.              

The best effort of the night was a come from behind win in a D2 heat race by young Michael Small.  Using the outside of the track he powered through the turns as he chased down and passed George Lavender and then held him off for the rest of the race.   He tried the same line in the final but wasn't able to get the same drive again and it was Lavender who took the checkered flag ahead of Small, Katalin Davis and Tim Murray              

It was Peter Fornal's night in D3.  His only defeat came when he had a bike problem that enabled Trevor Farrington to get his first race win.

July 28th 2006

Once again Paris defied the odds and was able to run despite a flooded centre green and plenty of rain in surrounding areas.  Thanks to Dave Havill's hard work, the result was an excellent race track that had a little more grip than usual on a night that dedicated to Stan Bradbury's contribution to speedway in Canada.            

Unfortunately equipment problems caused the withdrawal of a rider after the program had been set and this meant that there were only three riders in each D1 heat.  Even so they provided plenty of action and the competition to reach the main event was very tight.  With one round of qualifying heats left only Jeff Orosz seemed sure of a place in the final while the other five starters were still in the hunt with only two points separating them.            

Having failed to score in his first ride when he lost a chain while leading, Joe Heye was one of those needing a win to be sure of making the final.  He chased Orosz hard for three laps and there was contact on the last lap which caused Orosz to go down.   He picked himself up and after pushing his bike for most of the back straight got it to going again to finish and get the points needed to earn gate choice in the final.              

Strangely, having gate choice for the final hasn't proved to be an advantage at Paris this season and for the fifth meeting in a row the rider with it couldn't convert that advantage to a win.   Orosz lifted as he left the line and was last into the first turn and never in the hunt.            

Instead it was Heye who had the lead and held it to the finish although Aaron Hesmer came within half a wheel of catching him on the second  lap.  Behind them Orosz closed up on Gary Hesmer but a nice move by Hesmer on the final turns covered the outside line and held off Orosz's challenge.            

There was some excellent action in D2 between Terry Rideout and George Lavender. Rideout favoured an outside line to combat Lavender's flat-track style of riding and had the edge in the qualifying heats.  

However, it was Lavender who was first off the line in the final.  Rideout went wider and wider as he tried to blast around the outside to catch him and finally overdid it and hit the fence on the third lap which brought out the red flag to finish the race with Mark Engel and Tim Murray getting second and third behind Lavender.            

It was Graham Wales's turn to dominate in D3 with four wins and a dnf in his five starts.  Michael Martin-Evans' season debut was eventful.  He managed a win, fell and remounted four times during the night and earned a disqualification for crossing the inside line, although only the  referee seemed to have seen that phantom transgression.

August 5th 2006

Finally some good weather on race day.   That helped to bring out the largest crowd of the season for the resumption of SPG promoted Saturday night racing and they got lots of exciting racing to keep them entertained.              

With nine D1 riders signed up for the program that meant three man heats for the second week in a row in that class but the riders still provided plenty of entertainment as they battled for a place in the final.   Bobby Muszynski in particular was in fine form scorching to wins in his first three heats as did Aaron Hesmer.  They seemed certain to be in the final with Joe Heye, Mike Buman and Gary Hesmer battling for the other two places. 

Gary H got a break in his final heat when he missed the gate and went down after clipping Rob Dixon's rear wheel going into the first turn.   He could well have been put back on the penalty line for the restart but the referee ruled all four back on the line and Hesmer took advantage of his good fortune to storm out of the gate and win the rerun and earn himself a place in the final.                

The next heat promised to be a cracker with Muszynski, Aaron Hesmer and Buman all in the hunt for a spot in the final.  It lived up to expectations but only for one lap.   Hesmer grabbed the lead but all three were in a tight group as they crossed the line.  Unfortunately Muszynski overdid it and came off at the second turn and the race was red flagged.   After attention from the St John Ambulance staff he limped back to the pits but was unable to come out for the restart.  

Hesmer won this but only after being passed and then repassing Buman in another good race.    Heye won the final qualifying heat to book his place in the final and drop Muszynski to the Consi.  Muszynski made it out for that and won it comfortably from Dixon. One mistake spoiled his night but he showed that he is rounding into form with the Nationals less than a month away.             

The final was an anti-climax.  Aaron Hesmer rocketed out of the gate and was a length clear as the others got started.  After that the result was never in doubt as he took the win to complete a perfect night for him with Heye, Buman and Gary Hesmer following him home.             

D2 provided some of the best action of the night with little to separate Corinne Franic, Phil Small and George Lavender.   In the best race, Small used the outside line to come from the back and get the win with all three of them close together for all four laps.    He tried to do the same in the final heat but this time it was Lavender who came from the back to catch Franic on the last lap and finish on top for the night.             

It was a question of the survival of the fittest in D2, at least as far as bikes were concerned for most of the night.   In the final, a fall and a tapes offence put points leaders Graham Wale and Peter Fornal on the penalty line and it was Trevor Farrington who outpaced Michael Martin-Evans for his first Main event win.

August 26th 2006

Heavy overcast weather after a day of rain helped produce an excellent race track but surprisingly the rider turnout was low considering that this was the last chance for them to get some track time in before next week's National Championship. 

The feature of the night was the welcome return to racing of 1998 National Champion Chris Hesmer for the first time since he dropped out of the sport in 2000.             

His first heat was a family affair with Rob Dixon the odd man out as he lined up with three Hesmers, Chris, brother Aaron and cousin Gary.  No fairy tale return for Chris though, as Aaron powered past him to get the win.  Nonetheless it was a big night for him as he made the Main event and showed that all he needs is a bit more racing to get fully race fit and be right back in the thick of the action. 

As it was he was part of the best race of the night when he held off Jeff Orosz for three laps and went shoulder to shoulder with him for more than half a lap before Orosz got around him for the win.               
With Joe Heye dropping points when he crashed spectacularly after clashing with Gary Hesmer as he tried to overtake him, only Aaron Hesmer and Jeff Orosz had booked a spot in the final with one round of qualifying heats left.  With only two points separating the other five, wins were vital to make the Main and Heye and Chris Hesmer responded to get through . 

Gary Hesmer fell a point short but went on to win the Consi from Phil Small and Dixon who deserved more reward for his efforts on the night. He misjudged the start by a fraction of a second in one race and spectacularly demolished the starting tapes while earlier he wowed the crowd as he spun out coming out of turn four, did a full 360 degree turn, clipped the grass on the inside of the track and still managed to keep going and finish the race.               

The final lacked that kind of fireworks as Aaron Hesmer sent a message to the others that he is ready for the Nationals with his seventh Main event win in ten meetings here at Paris.   He led from start to finish and proved once again that the shortest route is usually the fastest as he rode a tight line for all four laps as he headed home Orosz, Heye and (Chris) Hesmer in that order.             

With only six riders the D2 and D3 the classes were combined for the night.  D3 regulars Graham Wale and Trevor Farrington did well at the higher level but it was the usual trio of George Lavender, Corinne Franic and Terry Rideout who battled for top honours.    In the end it was Franic who overcame a first race fall to break Lavender's string of Main event wins with Rideout finishing second, Lavender third and Wale fourth in the final.

September 4th 2006

Originally planned to be a three round event, this year's National Championship came down to a single race at Paris when both the St-Alexis and Welland rounds were rained out. 

Incredibly the tail end of hurricane Enrico made it three for three rainouts on Sunday but thank heavens the weather cleared up and the meeting finally went ahead on the Monday afternoon rain date.

One result of the wet weather was a grippier than usual track that played its part in one of the most entertaining meetings seen here in a long time. Although sadly Nick Fafard wasn't on hand to defend his title, the meeting was replete with more than enough drama, thrills, spills, restarts, talking points and downright good racing to keep the fans in the edge of their seats throughout the meeting. 

After all, how often do fans get to see all this in one night: a race that took five attempts to complete with three of the four riders eventually back on the penalty line: a race having to be stopped as the referee hadn't realised that track workers were still repairing the safety fence when it was started: a rider coming back from injury finishing second on his first outing of the season: a mix up between the second and third places finishers at the medal presentation and much more besides.

Kyle Legault flew back from the UK to try to regain the title he won in 2003 and 2004 and solidify his chance of getting a UK work permit to continue to race there next year.  He achieved his aim by going undefeated on the night but the result was closer than it seemed from the scorechart.  

It took him half a lap in his first heat to get in front of Jeff Orosz but he had problems next time out when Bobby Muszynski beat him to the first turn.  They were level on the back straight when they collided.  Both struggled to stay on their bikes before Muszynski went down as they entered the turn and slid hard into the fence while Legault laid his bike down.   It was very fortunate for him that the race was stopped as by then he had lost his chain, probably when they collided.  Muszynski was able to get back on his feet after a length delay for treatment by the St John staff but reluctantly had to withdraw from the meeting.   Legault easily won the restart.

Earlier Aaron Hesmer had shown in his first heat that he was a serious threat to win the title.  He missed the gate and was only third going into turn three.  His attempt to power around the outside was balked when Marc Gauthier drifted wide and he dropped well back of the leader Adam Mittl.   Unfazed by this, two very fast laps later saw him take the lead with a powerful dive inside Mittl as they entered the turn.

After only two rounds the chase for the title looked to be a two man affair with Legault and Aaron Hesmer both unbeaten and two points clear of the field.   They met in the next round with Hesmer having the advantage of an inside gate and anticipation and tension was high as they came to the tapes. 

Up they went and so did Hesmer as he looped off the line and went down.  With his bike still on the track the race had to be stopped so he went to the penalty line for the restart.  In this he clearly jumped the gun and that brought about another restart with Hesmer now 20 yards back and the recipient of a warning from the referee.  Things may have looked bleak from him but he didn't give up and a determined effort saw him recover to finish second.  This kept his title hopes alive although he won't be on Joe Heye's Xmas list for the way he forced his way inside him on the last lap, a move that sent Heye out to the fence and back to fourth place.

Legault and Hesmer both won their remaining heats and were joined in the final by American Cam Rafferty and Jeff Orosz.  Rafferty rode very impressively throughout in his first outing of the season coming back from a very serious ankle injury while Orosz finished no worse than second in each race but finished behind each of the other finalists when they met.   The scores at that time were Legault 20, Hesmer 19, Rafferty 17, Orosz 16.  So, although Rafferty could still snatch the title, it was pretty much a two-man affair and with a tie in points broken by the placings in the final heat it meant that effectively Legault and Hesmer were as good as tied going into it.

Legault got the best of the start with Hesmer in hot pursuit.   He narrowed the lead to a couple of lengths at the end of the second lap only for the title to be decided in dramatic fashion as his primary chain snapped and beat him across the finish line as it flew high in the air.  It was a cruel end to the night for Hesmer who deserved better for his efforts.  Not only did it take away any chance he had to catch Legault and win the title, it also cost him second place on the night as Rafferty inherited this in both the heat and overall standings when the tie-breaker rule was applied. 

Other riders to catch the eye on the night included: Joe Heye who finished strongly with a couple of wins after losing points early with a broken chain and in his battle with Aaron Hesmer: Adam Mittl who finished in fifth place without ever looking like winning and wowed the crowd in one race by charging back to finish third despite a 360 spin in the first lap: 15-year-old Mike Buman who  could have finished fifth with a win in his final race only to lose points with a fall and Marc Gauthier who surprised with his seventh place finish.

September 9th 2006

A cool, cloudy night and the smallest crowd of the season made tonight's race something of an anti-climax after all the action served up at the Nationals on Monday. With the traditional staging of the CSRA D2 and D3 championships on the Labor day weekend being rained off they were run as part tonight's meeting but with a reduced field of riders.

Veteran Graham Wale was a popular winner of the D3 class. He was a comfortable winner as he went unbeaten on the night although he owes his win to Phil Small whose bike he rode for most of the night after his own machine gave up the ghost. Fittingly, his main rival this year, Peter Fornal finished as runner-up to him while promising rookie Trevor Farrington had a rough night with a couple of falls.

The action in D2 was much more competitive but despite this it was another maximum effort by the winner. Two years ago Corinne Franic just missed winning the title when she finished second in her final race. Things didn't go well for her in last year's event but a determined Corinne made sure that it would be a different story this year. She parlayed good gating and mistake free riding on an inside line to win her races. The only time she was really challenged was the final top scorers race which was one of the most entertaining of the year and the only really memorable one during the meeting. Corinne grabbed the lead and for all four laps had to fend off repeated challenges from Michael Small as he powered around his favourite outside line. They swapped the lead back and forth and were side by side as they crossed the start line for laps two and three while right behind them Katalin Davis probed for a way through on the inside and Terry Rideout stayed on the pace. Going down the back straight on the final lap Davis was level with Small and all four riders were within four or five bike lengths. A final blast around the turns by Small wasn't quite enough to catch Franic but gave him second place in the race and on the night. All four riders got a very well deserved round of applause for their efforts.

D1 action on the night will be remembered most for the mechanical problems experienced by several of the top riders. A excellent first race win was all she wrote for Chris Hesmer as his bike broke down on each of his other three. Jeff Orosz had to push home for three quarter of a lap to pick up a point in his first outing while Aaron Hesmer twice lost his chain during the night.

The second of these came in the final and Orosz was the beneficiary. Starting off the penalty line for breaking the tapes he was well back as Hesmer lost his chain going into turn three and not realising where Dixon was, balked him as he coasted out to the fence. By the time Dixon got clear, Orosz had zipped past and he went on to win from Dixon and Small. This was unfortunate for Dixon who otherwise would have been in position to win his first ever Main event.

June 3rd 2005
It was a night of firsts at Paris this week.
The first night of racing this year after last week's rain-off.
The first night of racing for newcomers Ryan Broda, Tom Brown, Krys Chudyk, Peter Fornal and Bart Moskala.
The first race wins for Chudyk and Moskala in their very first races.
The first time racing started with a qualifier to set the field for Div 1 racing.
The first visit to Paris in over two years by Nick Fafard.
And one that we didn't want, the first time that a meeting had to be abandoned before the finals could be run so that the resu lts of the night were based on the qualifying scores.

26 riders signed in and with 13 of them being in Division 1, a qualifier was run to set up a 12 man field for the night. The riders contesting it were the four who have moved up to Div one this year and it was Aaron De Veau who got things going with a storming ride that saw him win it by nearly a quarter of a lap while Shawn Morrison was the rider who had to drop down to Div 2 for the night.

With twelve riders chasing four places in the final, competition was bound to be fierce and that proved to be the case. Even so Aaron Hesmer managed to go through the qualifying rounds unbeaten while Joe Heye, Jeff Orosz and Nick Fafard bagged the other places after dropping a couple of points apiece. With the track in great condition the fans were looking forward to a dynamic final but it wasn't to be. A very fine rain was falling, really little more than a mist, but just enough to make it hard for the riders to see as it gathered on their goggles while they raced.

After receiving a complaint about this from some of the riders, the referee discussed the conditions with them and decided to abandon the the meeting, so fans will have to wait another week to see the four top riders face off at the end of the night.

Rob Dixon started slowly but finished strong to take fifth place overall while Aaron De Veau showed that he is ready to be competitive at this level. On the other hand it wasn't a night to remember for Greg Starcevic. He mistook the white flag for the checkered one in his first race, slowed and dropped from second to last and then hurt his hand when he slid off in a later race.

Not surprisingly Shawn Morrison, in D2 for the night, dominated the action there and was unbeaten although he was not happy with how his bike was running. Behind him D2 regulars Mark Priebe and Corinne Franic had some entertaining battles in what showed promise of being a season long battle.
Newcomer Bart Moskala was a surprise winner in his first race when he defeated last year's discovery Michael Small. But that was the only time Small was beaten and he defeated Moskala handily when they met twice more on the night. Nonetheless a good first outing for Moskala. They would have been joined in the final by sprightly veteran Graham Wale, who had a couple of wins and another newcomer Krys Chudyk who just edged out Greg Sim.
June 10th 2005
The weather gods finally gave us a break this week. Some light rain an hour or so before the start just served to help prepare the track and the heavy thunderstorms in Hamilton and to the west stayed there, so the meeting ran like clockwork. Unfortunately the combination of the hot humid weather and the forecast kept several riders at home so it was a shorter than usual program.

Although, as always, the riders in D1 were impressively fast and exciting to watch, on the night the closest racing was in D2. In it every race was closely contested and there were a couple of tight finishes with Corinne Franic bagging the win in one of them by less than a wheel as they crossed the line. So hats off to Corinne, Doug Beaumont, Tim Murray and Mark Engel on his first visit in a couple of years. They may not yet be the fastest or most skilled riders but they are racers in the truest sense of the word as they proved eachy time they rode and dueled with and passed one another.

At the end of the night it was Corinne who showed that she has made the right decision when she moved up to D2 for this season by winning four of the five races to finish well ahead. A fall by Mark Engel in his final race allowed Doug Beaumont to just edge him out of second place for the night. However, it wasn't all bad news for Mark as the points he earned moved him one ahead of Andy Delimat which means that he is now the highest scoring American rider as far as career points earned in Canada is concerned.

The action in D1 was entertaining with Nick Fafard providing the spectacle when he lifted as he left the gate in one heat and went all the way to the first turn on one wheel before settling down and charging from the back to take second place. Aaron Hesmer just edged out Joe Heye for choice of gate in the final. This time it was Joe Heye who lifted as they left the line and that allowed Hesmer and Fafard to beat him to the first turn and that is how they finished with Aaron Hesmer taking the win for the second week in a row while cousin Gary came in fourth.

D3 was a war of attrition for both bikes and riders. Peter Fornal was done for the night after only a quarter of a lap racing. He hurt his shoulder when he fell and was hit by Krys Chudyk. Two restarts later Chudyk was more fortunate when he fell and Michael Small smartly laid his bike down and both were able to walk away uninjured although damage to Chudyk's bike saw him sidelined for most of the night. Two races later it was Bart Moskala who ran into trouble. He was squeezed into the boards and crashed spectacularly as Michael Small drifted wide. As a result only Small was able to come to the line for the next race. Although Small was the winner on the night Moskala had a good meeting and won the three races he was able to finish.
June 17th 2005
Miserable weather all week finally cleared up in time to allow the meeting to go ahead and end the streak of rain-offs on the Vintage Club Rally night at three years on a row. A good rider turnout provided lots of entertainment for the biggest crowd of the year, although the meeting got off to a slow start with the second heat needing three tries and two on-track visits from the ambulance staff before it was completed.

At the first attempt veteran Graham Wale bit the dust in the middle of the turn and Paul Martin was not able to avoid him and went into the safety fence. In an alarmingly spectacular crash Paul went over it while his bike went through it and landed on top of him. Happily after several minutes treatment from the St John staff he was able to get back to his feet and eventually made it back to the pits with no more than severe bruising. After repairs were made to the fence the restart also came to a quick end when Wale again got into trouble as locked up with another bike and hit the track for the second time. Fortunately he also recovered after treatment but reckoned that was it for him for the night.

So for the second week in a row the D3 class was mainly a case of the survival of the fittest and with engine failures cropping up three heats had only a single finisher. Although Michael Martin-Evans and Peter Fornal got their first wins of the season it was Bart Moskala who dominated the class and was unbeaten on the night.

In Div 2 Mark Priebe caught the eye with a second place finish from the penalty line after breaking the tapes in his first race. But at the end of the night it was Doug Beaumont who came out on top after losing only once to Corinne Franic.

An eleven man field in D1 that included first time American visitor Merle Craven, meant that the competition for a spot in the final would be close, especially as a change in woek shifts allowed Jeff Orosz to ride. After a second place finish in his first heat Joe Heye decided to adjust his chain before his next race. That proved to a major mistake as he didn't have the work done in time and wasn't able to take part in it. Although he beat
Nick Fafard over four pulsating laps in his final heat, the points lost from his missed race were too much to overcome and allowed Craven to join Aaron Hesmer, Orosz and Fafard in the final while rerlegating Heye to the Consi which he won convincingly..

In the final Fafard drove around Orosz as they came out of turn two and made no mistakes to win his first main event of the year. Behind him Orosz got some extra traction out of the fourth turn, lifted and shot out to the boards on the front straight. He was able to regain control but Hesmer took his chance and slipped past him to take second place. Closest finish and best move of the night came in an earlier D1 heat when Phil Small came from third place after the first lap to grab the win when he squeezed inside Aaron De Veau coming out of the final corner and just outran him to the line for a hard earned win, his first of the year.
June 24th 2005
Hot weather all week brought out the biggest crowd of the season and they were treated to some interesting racing in all three divisions. For the second week in a row Nick Fafard won the D1 main event and this week he left no doubt that he was the man in form as he won all five of his races. He had to be in top form to do so as Jeff Orosz and Aaron Hesmer provided strong opposition.

For the second week in a row Joe Heye had his problems. This time it was a carburetor that gave him trouble. Despite this he just managed to edge out Gary Hesmer and Aaron De Veau for a place in the final. This provided four laps of fast close racing with Fafard powering around the outside of the first two turns to grab the lead and keep it for all four laps. Close behind him Orosz and Hesmer had a race long battle for second with Heye right behind them until he slid off on the third lap. To finish the night Fafard treated the crowd to some celebratory wheelies after his victory lap and capped this by overdoing it and going down on the front straight.

Other memories from D1 include Gary Hesmer and Phil Small proving that the best race isn't always the one for the lead when they swapped third place back and forth over the last two laps with Hesmer just having the edge on the line by a tire's width, a four lap battle with Orosz finshing a length ahead of (Aaron) Hesmer as they crossed the line and a great effort by Steve Glasgow to recover from last place after the first lap to catch and pass Phil Mosquera for second on the last lap.

Although D2 was down to three riders after the first heat there was some entertaining action. A determined Corinne Franic took the honors on a night that saw her bumping with veteran Mark Engel on a couple of occasions. Bart Moskala moved up to D2 for the first time but it was a disappointing night for him as muffler problems sidelined him after only one ride.

D3 was battle between a newcomer, Sean Trendelle making his speedway debut and veteran Tom Marriott who was in sprightly form and stayed close until he went down in the final heat. Quite a night for local boy Trendelle who won four of his five starts. Peter Fornal had a heavy fall in his first ride but happily was able to continue and took third place overall on the night.
July 8th 2005
With Dave Havill absent overseas, track preparation was always going to be a concern for this week and late watering resulted in a much heavier track than usual for the opening heats. Although the riders handled it quite well it was a new experience for quite a few of the D2 and D3 riders to get filled in with wet dirt from the riders ahead of them. There will be lots of work needed this week to get bikes and leathers cleaned and ready for next week's race.

Although each division produced a winner with maximum points, pride of place has to go to birthday boy Aaron Hesmer (pic above) who celebrated his 2Oth birthday by picking up 20 points on the night to extend his lead in the race for season high points at Paris. Ironically his toughest race was with his cousin Gary who gave him all he could handle in one of the best races of the season. It quickly became a two man race with Gary fending off every effort by Aaron to overtake him until the third lap when Aaron dove inside him going into turn three only for Gary to cut back and retake the lead coming out of four. Aaron then retook the lead on the final lap to grab a narrow win. Great racing and it was hard to tell who enjoyed it most, the riders or the crowd.

Earlier in the night Aaron De Veau looked as if he might reach his first main event with wins in his first two heats while Nick Fafard was struggling and had to push his bike home for a couple of points. Just as well that he did as bike problems for De Veau cost him points later in the program and Fafard made it to the main event with a two point margin over three other riders. In this Joe Heye made the gate but Hesmer powered through and took the win with Orosz pushing him all the way and Fafard taking third.

In D2 Doug Beaumont adapted best to the race track and came out on top for his second win of the season from Corinne Franic and Tim Murray while in D3 newcomer Craig Trendell continued to impress with a tapes to flag win in the final to give him his second win in two meetings. Michael Small and Graham Wale, back in action after a couple of falls in his last meeting, finished second and third respectively.
July 15th 2005
Despite heavy rain the day before leaving sections of the track covered in water, hard work enabled it to be ready for racing and a smaller than usual field of riders provided some excellent entertainment for the fans with the D1 class leading the way.

Not always the best of gaters, Joe Heye was quick off the line for most of the night, rode well and doubtless was disappointed to finish the night without a win which he richly deserved for his efforts.   Up against Aaron Hesmer and Jeff Orosz in his first heat he grabbed the early lead while Hesmer slipping past Orosz on the first lap and led the chase.  He fended off all challenges until the final turn when with the win in sight he lost his chain and coasted home in third place.   His next outing provided an even better race but once again he went from first to third on the final lap.

This time it was Nick Fafard who got the win with a spectacular ride. Back in third place after the first lap, he used the outside line to overtake Orosz and found enough drive there to slowly reel in Heye and finally get around him on the final lap while for the second race in a row Orosz just caught and passed Heye for second as they crossed the line.   Next time out Heye once again had the lead before Fafard used the outside line to get around him but at least this time he did finish in second place.

Going into the final,  two riders were still unbeaten on the night.   Fafard had won each of his four heats but Aaron Hesmer was unable to complete repairs to his bike before the riders were called to the line and was excluded from the race in which he would have met Fafard.  Fortunately wins in his other three heats easily qualified him for the final.

In this despite being under the weather with flu like symptoms, Hesmer led from start to finish to extend his unbeaten string at Paris to nine races in a row while behind him Fafard's chase ended on the third lap when he went down leaving Orosz to take second ahead of Heye.  In the Consi "Big John"  Perry got his first win of the season with Phil Small in second after the early leader Marc Gauthier dropped out with a fall.  Nevertheless, Gauthier was satisfied with his performance as it was his first outing of the year after suffering a severe hand injury at work just before the start of the season.

D2 action was another chapter in the chase for top spot in the standings between Corinne Franic and Doug Beaumont.  There was little between them and Beaumont just got the edge with three wins to Franic's two while in D3 Michael Small was just too fast for his opponents and went unbeaten on the night.
July 22nd 2005
This was one of those nights when things went wrong right from the start. The first sign of things to come was when the riders came to the line for the qualifier to set the field in D1 for the night. The starting gate would not work and for the entire night races had to be started by flags. Worse was to follow as two of three riders in the race pulled up before completing a lap and didn't ride again that night due to a combination of bike problems and concern about the track conditions. A lot of work had been done on the track during the week to improve it by removing the bumps which had developed in recent weeks. Unfortunately there hadn't been enough rain to bind the extra loose dirt created by this work with the track base and the surface was not yet back to its usual condition.

More grading was carried out and the meeting finally got under way half an hour after the scheduled start time. It has to be mentioned that the track appeared to improve as the night progressed and the riders handled it well as there were only three falls all night and in two of them the rider involved was able to keep his bike going, get back on it and finish the race. With most of the time consuming hard work already done, all that is now needed is some solid rain for the track to be back in good condition for next week, so it is worth taking a moment to thank both Dave Havill and Alex Wilson for the many unseen hours they spend working on the track each week and without which racing could not take place.

Aaron Hesmer kept his best bike under wraps in preparation for the Nationals on the following night and spent most of the night on borrowed bikes.  Despite this he was in the thick of the action all night although it was the full throttle style of Jeff Orosz that came out on top. Joe Heye was the only rider to beat him during the night but Orosz made no mistake when they met again in the final. He was leading Hesmer when the race was called and restarted after Marc Gauthier went wide and left Heye with nowhere to go but into the fence. Orosz again grabbed the lead on the restart and led from start to finish with Heye taking a well earned second place from Hesmer and Gauthier.

D2 featured another installment of the weekly battle for supremacy between Doug Beaumont and Corinne Franic. In the best of their races they passed and repassed one another around the final two turns with Franic getting the win. In the final she had the lead until she fell on the third lap. Despite having hurt her hand she remounted to finish third behind Beaumont and Bob Mosquera to pick up a point which could well be vital at the end of the season in their race for the High Points award.

Sean Trendell was back in action and had no trouble stretching his winning run in D3 to 12 races as he went unbeaten for the second week in a row. During the night he received some advice from Andy Harris and put this to good use and for the first time was sliding the bike effectively. It will be interesting to watch his progress in the weeks to come. Veteran Graham Wale had a good night and finished in second place.
August 5th 2005
All the hard work carried out on the track over the last two weeks produced the best race surface for many weeks and set the stage for an interesting night's racing. The start of the meeting was delayed as the setting sun would have caused problems for the riders but once underway it provided plenty of talking points which can be split into "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".

"The Good" covers the racing highlights on a night which had its fair share of them including a spectacular move by Joe Heye as he squared off his exit from turn two to blaze past Aaron Hesmer. Unfortunately he undid this good work by falling on the next lap and dropping points that cost him a place in the main event; a classic overtake by Phil Small when he went into the turn wide and cut back to the inside to catch John Perry coming out of the turn, a move that helped him make it to his first D1 main event; a turn two clash which saw both Aaron Hesmer and Joe Heye bumped out and left with nowhere to go but into the fence; Shawn Morrison stalling his motor after a 360 degree pirouette and then restarting to finish the race; Nick Fafard going unbeaten in the qualifying heats before coming a cropper in the final; a good night for Gary Hesmer; Sean Trendell not looking out of place in his outing in Div 2 and Peter Fornal picking up his first win from an opponent in D3.

Honors on the night in D1 went to Aaron Hesmer with Gary Hesmer and Phil Small finishing second and third respectively after Nick Fafard crashed out. In D2 Doug Beaumont was the winner with veteran Mark Engel providing most of the opposition after Corrinne Franic was sidelined, while in D3 Michael Small took the win and would have gone through the night unbeaten but for an engine failure in one race when he was in front.

"The Bad" refers to a series of bike problems which decimated the D3 race program. They started from the very first heat when Tom Marriott couldn't get his bike running. He was able to borrow a bike for that race but after that was sidelined for the night. To make matters worse Aaron De Veau was also supposed to use Tom's bike so that meant that two riders were out for the night. Worse was to follow as John Feeney also only made it to the start for one race and with Greg Sim also having problems, in one heat Graham Wale was the only starter while in another he was the only finisher when Michael Small broke down.

The Ugly" covers a couple of injuries which fortunately don't happen very often at Paris. The first involved Corinne Franic. After Mark Engel looped and came off at the gate, she led the restart but got into a wobble out of turn two and smacked into the fence. Happily, after attention on the track, she was able to walk back to the pits but a mild concussion sidelined for the rest of the night and this allowed Doug Beaumont to move ahead of her in their battle for season high point honors. The other accident happened in the D1 main event. Nick Fafard was chasing after Aaron Hesmer when he caught traction coming out of turn two, lifted and crashed spectacularly. After assistance from the St John staff he also was able to make it back to the pits but with a dislocated shoulder. Not at all phased by this injury he proved that speedway riders are indeed a special breed when it comes to injuries by saying that he would put his shoulder back into place himself and then proceeded to do so!
August 12th 2005
A very disappointing night with only the late arrival of a couple of riders preventing the ultimate embarrassment of the meeting having to be cancelled due to a lack of riders on a night on which the weather was good and the track in the best condition that it has been all year.

Veteran Greg Comstock was on hand all the way from Wisconsin but only eleven of the local riders put in an appearance with several choosing to skip the race and only ride in the Dean Bencsics Memorial meet on the following night. Hopefully those who did so will be back in action next week as without their support it will not be possible to continue to stage races for them.

Making matters worse was that the night started and ended with a couple of accidents to riders. Unfortunately for Comstock he had an awkward fall at the second turn of the opening heat and was sidelined for the night with a minor concussion. Then in the final D3 heat, popular veteran Graham Wale looped at the gate and came off. Fortunately he was not hit by his bike but he did hit the track very hard. Although he was able to get back onto his
his feet after treatment by the St John staff, he needed an ambulance ride to get back to the pits and was in considerable pain.

As a result of Comstock being sidelined, all but one of the D1 heats were reduced to three starters and generally the riders were well spread out. The exception was the Main event which produced a thrilling battle. Jeff Orosz and Aaron Hesmer went shoulder to shoulder for the first half lap before Orosz went too wide trying to power around the outside and Gary Hesmer took over second. For the rest of the race Orosz chased Hesmer and a final burst around the inside of the final turn brought them level as they drifted out to the boards on the final straight. For a moment it looked as if (Gary) Hesmer would run out of room but Orosz left him just enough and Hesmer had perhaps six inches advantage as they flashed across the line. Ahead of them Aaron Hesmer got the win to round off another unbeaten night.

The best racing in the night was in D2 where Doug Beaumont, Mark Priebe, Bart Moskala and Tim Murray kept the crowd entertained with plenty of passing and close racing every time they were on the track. Although Moskala ended the night in style with a good win, his first in D2, over the night he had to settle for third with Doug Beaumont the winner and Mark Priebe second with easily his best performance of the season.

Until his accident it looked as if Wale would come out on top in D3 but Ryan Broda's win in the final heat was enough to move him ahead.
August 13th 2005
John Perry and Shawn Morrison will be pleased with their first venture as speedway promoters under the banner of Speedy Race Promotions. The Dean Bencsics Memorial meet got great support from the riders and, blessed with great weather, drew easily the best crowd of the season at Paris. They certainly got their money's worth from the 41 race program which was replete with thrills, spills and even a chill. Although it took almost four hours to complete the program, the crowd stayed to the end and were rewarded with a perfect ending when the D1 Main Event produced the perfect climax to the night with a exciting race.

However, the most spectacular incident happened early in the program when 15-year-old American Katalin Davis, on her first visit to Paris, got into trouble at the first turn, lost control and smashed through the wood safety fence before coming airborne and clearing the secondary crowd control fence. She traveled so far through the air that she landed only inches away from a spectator's vehicle and the crowd was silent fearing that she had been badly injured. Incredibly, after treatment from the St John staff she was able to get up and walk back to the pits unaided and smiling broadly as she received the thankful applause of the other riders and the fans. Even more remarkably she was able to get back onto the track and only missed the restart of that one race through the rest of the night. Whoever said that women are the weaker sex definitely didn't know Katalin!

There were 13 riders in the D1 class, an unfortunate number for the organisers which meant that most of the races had only three starters. Despite this, there was plenty of excellent racing and the competition to make it through to the main event was very tight. After each rider had completed their four qualifying heats Aaron Hesmer and Nick Fafard topped the scores with 15 points and were safely through as was Brian Hollenbeck. However, the fourth place was still up for grabs as Joe Heye, Jeff Orosz and veteran Fred Legault, in only his second meeting of the season, were all tied on 13 points and had to take part in a run-off to decide who would be in the final. Orosz quickly settled that question by blasting around the outside of the first two turns to take the lead and was well clear of the others at the end of the race.

With Aaron Hesmer, Jeff Orosz and Nick Fafard, currently 1-2-3 in the Paris High Points standings and American Brian Hollenbeck who won the ECSS race here last fall all in the final it promised to be a cracker and it didn't disappoint. Orosz had the lead coming out of turn two with Hesmer outside him, Fafard tucked down on the inside and Hollenbeck on their heels. Going into turn three Orosz chose to defend the outside line against Hesmer but that left the inside line open and Fafard burst through as he went from third to first coming out of turn four. The remaining three laps were non stop action. Fafard was able to stay just ahead of the other three who staged a race long battle for second place. Unable to get to his favourite inside line, Hesmer had to try to get around the outside of Orosz and try he did at every turn but that left him vulnerable to Hollenbeck on the inside line. So close was the action that several times Hollenbeck moved up to third as they came out of a turn only for Hesmer to repass his as they hit the straights. With no more than a few lengths separating all four riders throughout the race it was too bad that only one could win but that's what racing is all about and in the end Fafard got the checkered flag lap with Orosz, Hesmer and Hollenbeck finishing second, third and fourth respectively.

D2 also provided plenty of excitement and it took three attempts to complete the final. Two falls to Corinne Franic put her back on the twenty yard penalty line for the second restart and it was Doug Beaumont who got the early lead and had a comfortable win from Bart Moskala and Mark Priebe. However, it has to be said that luck wasn't on Moskala's as he went through the qualifying rounds unbeaten and had the lead in each of the first two attempts to run the final before they were red flagged when Franic fell.

In D3 Michael Small also went unbeaten in the qualifying rounds but he had no trouble completing the sweep with another impressive ride in the final with Sean Trendell, Tim Murray and Peter Fornal following him home.

The addition of a veterans class to the program brought Greg Comstock all the way from Wisconsin to take part in it and he made the long trip worth his while by also going through the program unbeaten, including winning the final ahead of John Perry and the Mosquera brothers, Phil and Bob.
August 26th 2005
On a night when the D2 riders provided some excellent racing and outshone their D1 counterparts as far as entertainment was concerned, it was nonetheless a D1 rider who captured the spotlight as Aaron Hesmer set a new single season high points record for Canadian speedway.

The old record of 292 was set last year by Kyle Legault and Hesmer started the night needing just 11 points to break it. He wasted no time in doing so by winning his first three races to move his total to 294. Two of these wins were fairly straightforward with only Nick Fafard providing stern opposition in the other. A good effort by Fafard ended Hesmer's winning streak when they met again in the final qualifying heat and it seemed as if Hesmer's night was going to have an unhappy ending as he blew his motor just before the end of the race. However, that proved not to be the case thanks to Mark Priebe who lent Hesmer his bike for the final. Fafard was first off the line but Hesmer off gate four blasted around the outside to grab the lead out of turn two and held off a strong challenge from Fafard to take the win while Joe Heye caught and passed Gary Hesmer for third. With his win Hesmer broke another barrier and became the first rider to break the 300 point level in a season.

Rob Dixon won the Consi from John Perry and Phil Small but apart from the Fafard / Hesmer races there wasn't a lot of close racing in D1.

It was a different story in D2. John Bennett gave it a try but pulled out after one race due to the effects of his crash at Wheatley last week. The remaining five riders provided lots of close racing, plenty of passing and several very close finishes as they battled for every point available. Corinne Franic topped the qualifiers while Bart Moskala caught the eye as he bounced off the safety fence several times in the process of winning his last three qualifying heats. In the final Franic was the early leader but she left a small gap on the inside at turn four and Doug Beaumont slipped through to take the lead and hold on for the win from Franic and Chris Houtby who had half a wheel to spare over Moskala as they crossed the line. They certainly set the stage for what looks as if it will be a very closely contested CSRA D2 Championship on Saturday.

Michael Small had an easy time of it in D3 going through the program unbeaten for the second meeting in a row while Tom Marriott had his best night for some time and took second place ahead of Ryan Broda and Peter Fornal.
September 3rd 2005
In the end there was no doubt about the winners of this year's D2 and D3 championships as both swept their opposition aside as they went through the program undefeated but that is where the similarity ended. In D3 Michael Small's win was never in doubt as he cruised to victory and was never really challenged. It was a different story in D2 where it was touch and go whether the eventual winner, Bart Moskala, would even start. With work on getting his bike ready running late, he responded to a phone call that time was running out for him to sign-in for the meeting and rushed to the track without it to get his entry in with less than twenty minutes to spare. He then spent that time on tenterhooks waiting for his bike to arrive. To make things even more awkward for him, all of his equipment was coming with the bike so he couldn't even get suited up until it arrived. He got a break in that his first race wasn't until the fourth heat but even that would not have been enough as his bike was finally delivered just as he was due to go on the track. Fortunately, help was on hand in the form of Michel Lemay who had pulled into the pits shortly before race time, as he lent Bart both his bike and equipment so that he did not have to miss his opening heat.

Not surprisingly on and in the borrowed equipment, Bart was slow from the gate but a good burst around the inside of turns two and three moved him to second after the first lap. A lap later he was in the lead and on his way to the title. Being back in his own leathers and on his own bike for the rest of the night didn't much improve his gating but another last to first effort in his next heat was followed by two more wins from the back and this gave him a two point lead over Doug Beaumont as they came to the line for the final. This meant that a second place finish would be enough to take the title but another poor gate put this in doubt as Beaumont grabbed the lead while Moskala was last going into turn three. However, Moskala would not be denied and by the end of the second lap he had powered past Chris Houtby and Phil Lemay to move up to second which would have been enough to give him the title. Not satisfied with that he then caught and passed Beaumont to leave no possible doubt that on the night he was truly the champion.

All in all it was quite a performance by a rider in his first season of racing. Considering that he started the season in D3 and missed a month's racing while overseas, he has improved both steadily and rapidly. If he continues to improve at this rate he should have no problem when her moves up to D1.

Doug Beaumont fully justified his lead in the High Points standings with his second place finish and is another who can be pleased with his progress this year. Behind him Chris Houtby finished third ahead of Phil Lemay. Corinne Franic's hopes for a shot at the title came to an early end when she fell but she finished strongly and took fifth place away from Tim Murray.

In D3 Michael Small was in a class of his own and was an easy winner. No doubt he will be looking forward to his next birthday which will allow him to move up to D2 next season where he will get a bit more competition. Behind him it was a trio of veterans, Tom Marriott, Paul Martin and Graham Wale, chasing second place. They may not be the youngest riders but they all still have lots of the competitive spirit in them and this brought about the only trip to the track by St John staff. Going into turn three Martin tried to come underneath Marriott but there wasn't room to do so and his front wheel caught the drainage channel inside the line and brought him down. Wale was unable to avoid the downed bike and also came off. Martin was able to make the restart on a borrowed bike but off the penalty line couldn't catch Marriott who took second place overall.

A small D1 class was included in the program to add spice to the meeting for the fans. In it Aaron Hesmer won the first three races but then Jeff Orosz took over and won the next three including the Main event.
September 4th 2005
Perfect weather and an excellent race-track set the stage for a fast paced 21-race program that provided ample entertainment for the large crowd as the rider battled one another for a place in the all important main event at the end of the night.

There were no major upsets in the early heats and the riders one would expect to be in the running for a place in the final four were all still in the hunt with one round to go. Nick Fafard and Aaron Hesmer were both unbeaten in the first four rounds and had a point in hand over Jeff Orosz who had finished behind Fred Legault in a keenly contested race Although all three were due to meet in the next heat, they had sufficient points that only a last place finish could keep one of them from making the main event.

Nonetheless winning it would be critical as the high points scorer in the qualifying rounds would have the advantage of choosing his starting position in the final. Four very fast laps later Fafard had gained the advantage of gate choice but only after a cracking battle with Hesmer as they went side by side for the first two laps before Fafard found enough drive on the outside line to move ahead. Orosz finished third, so all three made it safely through to the final

That left only one spot to be decided and three riders still in with a chance of snaring it. Leading them was veteran Fred Legault who turned the clock back with some great racing all night and had a point to spare over Joe Heye and Rob Dixon. As none of the three were to meet one another in the remaining heats, wins were vital for them if they were to make the Main. Heye was first and Lady Luck smiled on him. His chance seemed to be slipping away as he was a couple of lengths behind Michel Lemay with just over two laps to go when the latter's plug lead came off and Heye got the win he needed to keep his hopes alive.

A win for Fred Legault in the next race would have settled the matter but Gary Hesmer prevented that by pinning him back in second place and leaving him tied with Heye.That opened the door for Rob Dixon and when he took the final heat he moved into a three-way tie with them and brought about a run-off to decide who would make it through to the final.

In this Legault got the early lead but went a little wide coming out of turn two on the final lap and Heye seized the chance to dive inside into turn three.There was contact but neither faltered and it was Heye, with the advantage of the inside position, who squeezed out a last gasp win Fafard chose gate three for the Main but missed the start and Hesmer grabbed the lead with Orosz chasing him hard.Fafard and Orosz had a good scrap for second before Fafard finally got by on the third lap but by then Hesmer was well clear and could not be caught.

Four D2 regulars were given the chance to see how they matched up with the D1 riders.Of these Bart Moskala confirmed the promise he showed the day before, when he won the CSRA D2 championship, by finishing ahead of three of this year's D1 regulars with a very creditable 11 points.It will be interesting to watch his progress in 2006.
June 4th 2004
The 2004 Paris season got off to a great start with a large rider turnout on a beautiful night. A strong D1 field was made even stronger by the presence of Jeremy Parsons and Josh Carr from NYS and with track having a little more dirt than normal it provided plenty of traction for the riders to use. The result was a good night's racing with plenty of action to entertain the fans. An encouraging sign for the coming season is that attendance was considerably higher than for last year's opener. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

It is more than three years since Parsons last raced at Paris and in that time he has developed into one of the top riders
on the east coast. He wasted no time in showing the local riders that he was going to be a handful. Sharper from the gate all night he was never headed and had notrouble going through the qualifying heats unbeaten. By the luck of the draw he did not meet Kyle Legault in these and fans were looking forward to a great battle when they would meet in the final. Unfortunately the gremlins got in the way of this when Legault lost a chain while challenging for the lead in one race and was unable to finish it. The points lost as a result left him one short of the total needed to reach the final and it wasleft to Aaron Hesmer, Joe Heye and Jeff Orosz to try to prevent a clean sweep for Parsons. However Parsons parlayed another excellent gate and a strong first turn into a comfortable lead and despite a strong ride by Orosz was never in danger of being caught with Hesmer taking third ahead of Heye.

To finish the night a special match race was arranged between Parsons and Legault. Parsons won the toss and chose the inside gate but this time Legault, who had been gating poorly, made a better start and stormed around the outside to take the lead and win comfortably leaving the fans to look forward to the next time Parsons comes north when hopefully they will meet more than once on the night.

Shawn Morrison and Phil Mosquera provided plenty of entertainment in D2 action including a last bend come from behind win by Morrison in oneheat when Mosquera went a little too wide and left a gap which Morrison immediately exploited. Newcomer Mark Priebe made his racing debut in this class and looked right at home in it but it was Morrison, last years' D3 high points scorer, who took the honors with an impressive showing. He had to come from behind to take the final as John Bennett rocketed out of the gate and was in front when he came down at turn three.
Fortunately , although he was right on the race line, the other riders were able to avoid him and Morrison went on to win from Mosquera and Priebe.

In D3 veteran Tom Marriott made a bright start by winning his first two races but it was Corinne Franic who finished on top with easily the best night of her career. She won her last three races including a couple of good scraps with newcomer Doug Beaumont. The latter had bad luck in the first heat when he looked likely to join the ranks of those who get a win in their first win race. He had a built up a comfortable lead only to coast to a stop when his engine gave out.

Other memories of the night - Aaron Hesmer looking sharp from then gate and very fast - Kyle Legault unusually sluggish at the gate - An excellent scrap when Hesmer lead Legault for two laps only to go a little wide out of turn two and had to give up the lead when Legault powered through on the inside going into turn three - Few spills and happily the St John ambulance staff did not have to move all night - no dust and no watering needed during the meeting - Legault overcoming a slow start to catch up with Jeff Orosz before losing his chain - John Bennett starting from the 20 yard line after touching the tapes and then rolling on the restart.
June 11th 2004
The weather was perfect for the second week in a row and although the number of D1 riders was down from last week but those who were there provided plenty of entertainment for the fans. For the second week in a row the track did not require watering after racing started which helped move the program along at a good clip.

Unlike last week the St John Ambulance staff were needed to help a couple of riders who came down hard but happily both were able to get back on their bikes and take part in the restart of their races.

Kyle Legault took the checkered flag in the Division 1 final to finish the night on a high note but had some problems in the early going. His gating wasn't up to his usual standard as he was lifting as he left the line and not getting all of his usual driveinto the first time. In his second ride he lifted so high that he had to slow to regain control and was in the unusual position of last place as he came out of turn two. He managed to catch Gary Hesmer and Phil Small but Aaron Hesmer is too good a rider to give that kind of a lead to and he took the win while Gary Hesmer and Phil Small had an excellent scrap for third with Small coming from behind to overtake the 'Hitman" around the final two turns.

Aaron Hesmer rode well all night and was only beaten by Legault but Joe Heye will be hoping for better luck next week.
A snapped chain cost him points in one race when he was in the thick of the action and he then took a heavy fall in the final. In it he dove hard into turn three trying to get his wheel inside Aaron Hesmer and get the inside line, didn't quite make it, lost control and went down hard. Despite this he was able to make to the penalty line for the restart and managed to chase down and catch Gary Hesmer on the final lap to get a hard earned third place.

Credit for the most spectacular tumble of the night goes to Shawn Morrison who got into trouble at turn three when leading, highsided and had the bike come down upside down. Not surprisingly it took him a few minutes and some attention from the St John Ambulance staff before he was up and about. But speedway riders are tough and he not only got back onto his bike for the restart of the race but went on to take second in it after a good battle with Aaron De Veau. However, there was no doubt who was king of the D2 action this week and that was Michigan basedregular Phil Mosquera. He went through the program unbeaten and always seemed to have plenty to spare over his rivals.

In D3 it was another big night for Corinne Franic. Tom Marriott came from behind to beat her in her first race but after that it was four straight wins, one more than last week and another checkered flag. Newcomer Greg Sim did well in his first night of racing but Marriott will want to forget this night as he not only fell three times at the same spot in turn four but also suffered an engine failure.
June 25th 2004
Last week's rainout didn't deter the fans and this week's meeting drew the largest crowd of the season to watch a thoroughly entertaining night's racing. For the first time this year the track was a little dusty by the end of the night but this didn't affect the on track action with all three divisions providing close competition and their share of excitement. This was the first night of the season that the P50 class was included in the program and the four kids who took part in it had a good time. A problem with the tapes meant that the finals had to be started with the release of a rubber band but this did not create a problem and the starts were fair in all of the finals.

Steve Glasgow made the trip from Michigan for the first time this year and rode well as did Gary Hesmer who had his best night for some time and was in the thick of the action. But it was his cousin Aaron Hesmer and Joe Heye who provided most of the excitement in D1 including a dramatic final that took four attempts to complete. Heye and Hesmer lined up next to each other and were level at the crown of the bend when they clashed and both went down. A full restart was ordered and again they led from the gate only for Hesmer, who was on the outside, to go down at the same spot. The referee's decision was for another full restart and this time it was Hesmer who got the jump out of the gate and led Heye out of turn two when behind them Gary Hesmer and Glasgow collided as they exited the turn and crashed heavily. After some help from the St John staff both riders made it out for a third full restart although Glasgow had to borrow a bike to do so. To the relief of the fans there were no more problems and Aaron Hesmer got the early lead and made no mistakes, although pressed hard by Heye, to take the win with Gary H taking third ahead of Glasgow.

There was plenty of exciting action in D2 with the final being perhaps the best race of the night. Shawn Morrison made the early running with Aaron DeVeau right behind him. This lasted for a lap until DeVeau slipped inside him coming out of turn two. He then held off Morrison's challenges until he went a little too wide around the final two turns. Morrison seized the chance to regain the lead and seemed to have the race won but DeVeau found enough drive to catch and repass him on the run to the line and snatch a dramatic victory. Both riders had excellent nights with DeVeau's ability to come from behind using both the inside and outside lines being particularly impressive.

In D3 Corinne Franic made it three wins in a row but had to work hard for her win this week with both Doug Beaumont and Tom Marriott providing strong opposition as did 13 year old newcomer Michael Small riding a 250cc machine. He not only displayed a neat controlled riding style but proved he is ready and able to take on riders more than twice his age when he came through from the penalty line to finish second in one race. In the final Corinne made her usual fast start and led from start to finish but had to hold off a good challenge from young Mr Small who chased hard and closed the gap over the final two laps.

It wasn't such a good night for his dad Phil who hit the fence hard in his final heat in D1 with fortunately the only damage being to his equipment. Nice gesture by Corinne Franic when she stopped to give her dad a pillion ride for her victory lap, an act that was repeated by Aaron De Veau after his win. For those not familiar with them, as both John Franic and Larry De Veau are themselves past riders, this highlighted the family aspect to the sport here in Canada.
July 2nd 2004
The show continues to get better week by week. A 23 rider turnout meant a big 34 race program which was choc-a-bloc with exciting action. The fans continue to turn out in increased numbers and the biggest crowd yet this summer went home happy after a night's racing that featured lots of passing and some close finishes. Add in nine falls and a rider doing a 450 degree pirouette and it all added up to great entertainment for the fans.

Although the most dynamic action came from the experts in D1, all three divisions provided their share of the excitement with four riders going home particularly happy having snagged their first race wins of the year. They were 13-year-old Michael Small, who looks as if he will quickly becomea crowd favorite, Chris Houtby, Mark Priebe and Greg Sim.

With nine riders chasing four places in the final in D1 there was an edge to the action in the qualifying heats as riders simply couldn't afford to drop many points. Aaron Hesmer got off to a good start when he headed Jeff Orosz home and Joe Heye blasted around Gary Hesmer to win his race. Kyle Legault had to work a bit harder for his win as he reared at the gate and lost ground to Greg Starcevic who put in a good ride and held onto the lead until Legault powered through on the third lap. Starcevic was again in the thick of the action in his next race when he and Steve Glasgow battled for the first lap before Orosz came from the back to get the win. Gary Hesmer was in fine form and only dropped one point in his early heats to put himself in line for a place in the final but his last race was a tough one as it included both Legault and Orosz. As they came to the tapes for it only Joe Heye had clinched his place in the final and all three riders needed points to join him. The matter was settled suddenly and spectacularly on the third lap. Orosz was chasing Legault when he lost control around turns one and two, did a full 180 degree turn to face back down the track, struggled through another 180 degrees as he fought to regain control and then went too far around and earned a disqualification by shooting shot across the inside line before rejoining the race. This dropped him down to the Consi which he won comfortably.

The final was another cracker of a race. Legault again reared as he left the gate but this time he tangled with Joe Heye and both hit the deck and left Legault on the penalty line for the restart. In this Aaron Hesmer got the early lead and all eyes were on Legault to see if he would be able to mount a challenge. He gave it his best effort and got past Heye on the second lap and Gary Hesmer on the third but at the front Aaron put in a fast, smooth error free ride and still had two lengths to spare at the line as he took his second main event win in a row.

Good news for the fans is that Jeff Orosz's work schedule should enable him to race in most of the meetings in July so they can look forward to lots more exciting racing before the month is over. Although Shawn Morrison and Aaron De Veau headed the qualifiers in D2 it was Chris Houtby who came from the back to catch and pass Morrison to complete his best night yet and win his first main event. Mark Priebe was another to show improved form and it was good to see John Cooper back on the track after an absence of several years. An indication of just how competitive racing is this year at this level is that there has been a different main event winner each week and the competition can only get better when Phil Mosquera is able to get back into action.

In D3 Doug Beaumont shook off the bike problems which hampered him last week and was the only rider to go through the night unbeaten including a start to finish win in the Main in which he was followed home by Corinne Franic, Michael Small and Tom Marriott. The latter two had several good dices on the night including one in which the youngster outfoxed the veteran to come from behind and get the win with a neat inside pass.
July 9th 2004
Cloudy weather brightened into a pleasant evening for the Symes Catering sponsored race night. R iders were quick to express their approval of the excellent track conditions and responded with some good racing and went home happy with the increased payout available for the night.

Racing got off to a slow start when problems with the tapes not releasing properly caused several restarts of the early heats. This was followed by a more unusual delay when a young bird, apparently still unable to fly, scurried back and forth on the track causing an adult bird to swoop down as it tried to protect it. Finally the fledgling was guided onto the center green where it was caught and released over the safety fence to end the problem.

While the fast and exciting action in D1 is the focus of the program for most fans, the standard of racing in D2 has improved week by week and is now extremely competitive. With Phil Mosquera back on the track after missing a couple of weeks due to a work injury and John Perry ending his retirement to get back into action, the scene was set for lots of good racing and that's what we got with each rider having some success.

Right off the bat Mosquera showed he was ready to race when he reared at the gate, held it and came from behind to catch Shawn Morrison for the win. However, it was Aaron De Veau who looked the likeliest winner as he strung together three impressive wins including beating both Perry and Mosquera in the process before coasting to a stop with bike problems in his final heat. With only the top four going to the Main event mistakes were bound to be costly as Shawn Morrison found out when his wheel seized and brought him down when he was in second place. Despite a win in his final heat he had to be content with a place in the Consi which he won with John Bennett powering inside John Cooper to follow him home. The expected battle in the final didn't happen. Mosquera launched from the gate and was clear of Perry when the latter went wide at turn three, blocking Houtby and leaving a huge gap around the inside which de Veau used to surge through to second. He managed to narrow the gap by the third lap but Mosquera responded to the challenge and had plenty to spare at the line.

In D1 the battle for the final place in the Main went down to the last qualifying heat with Gary Hesmer needing a second place finish to earn it at the expense of Joe Heye. Although Kyle Legault had the race in hand, Hesmer seemed to have second place sewn up only to slide off and out of the Main. For the first time in three weeks this went off without a hitch with Legault taking a comfortable win as Aaron Hesmer, Joe Heye Marc Gauthier followed him home.

Corinne Franic took the D3 Main for the fourth time in five attempts and was only beaten once on the night when young Michael Small came from behind to pass her with a nice inside move in a qualifying heat. Chasing Franic home in the Main event were Small, Tim Murray and Graham Wale who was appearing in his first final
July 16th 2004
Overnight rain left water on the track in the early afternoon but the combination of hard work by Dave Havill and a sunny afternoon dried the track out and allowed racing to take place. The number of riders was down from recent weeks which meant a shorter than usual 19 race program.

As this ran smoothly and there was plenty of time, a handicap race was run for the first time this year as the final race of the night.

Most spectacular spill happened when Corinne Franic looped as she left the line in a heat race and went down hard. Happily she was only winded and after being checked out by the St John Ambulance staff was able to make the restart and came from the penalty line to take a gutsy second place.

Kyle Legault was in good form and reeled off wins in his first three heats although he had the crowd on the edge of their seats when he picked up more traction than he expected, wheelied down the back straight and just recovered in time to avoid the end boards yet still found the drive to just stay ahead of Joe Heye and Aaron Hesmer as they came around the inside of the turn. Next race Legault had bike trouble and borrowed Corinne Franic's bike. This time Hesmer and Heye turned the tables on him and pinned him back in third in a close race. Fortunately for Legault he was able to get his own bike back in action for the final where he drove around Heye and Hesmer and grabbed the lead out of turn two and took an easy win with Heye outduelling Aaron Hesmer for second with Gary Hesmer in fourth place.

John Perry topped the qualifiers in D2 when his main rivals dropped points, Aaron De Veau with engine failure in one heat and Shawn Morrison getting a DNF when he overdid it in his first race and did a 270 degree spin while leading on the final lap. It was a different story in the final as Morrison led it from start to finish for an excellent win while De Veau overtook Perry for second with a neat move. However, it looks as if Big John is rounding into form just in time for next week's "Dean Bencsics Memorial Night" .

It is now five wins in six D3 main events for Corinne Franic as she had a tapes to flag win. However her competition is getting tougher and Doug Beaumont headed her home twice on the night but had to settle for third in the race that counted. Finishing second was Tim Murray who had easily his best meeting yet including his first win of the season.

In the handicap Morrison off scratch made the running for the first lap before Gary Hesmer took over the lead. However, Legault made short work of his back marker position and got through to take the lead on the third lap. A lap later Heye made it through to second while Aaron Hesmer made it a 1-2-3 for the backmarkers when he got past his cousin Gary with a lap to go.
July 24th 2004
The memory of Dean Bencsics is alive and well as confirmed by the success of the second annual, Steel City Riders sponsored, Dean Bencsics Memorial meeting at Paris. For the second year in a row it drew easily the largest crowd of the season who enjoyed a 31 heat race program enlivened by the presence of Craig Estelle and Jeremy Parsons, two of the very best East Coast American riders. The combination of good weather and an excellent race track set the stage for good racing and the riders responded to give the fans lots of entertainment.

Last year's event featured a memorable final in which Estelle defeated Kyle Legault after a race long battle and fans were looking forward to more of the same and they got it almost right away when Parsons and Legault met in the first Div I heat. Legault messed up his start and had to chase hard to close the gap on Parsons before slipping inside him for the lead on the third lap and then wowing the crowd as he got a little more traction than he expected and wheelied down most of the back straight before getting his wheel down in time for the corner. In the next heat Aaron Hesmer put in fast smooth ride to defeat Estelle who got the crowd going when he overcooked it and almost got into trouble on the front straight. Joe Heye then won the next race so the battle was on between the big five for the four places available in the final. Although most of the attention was on them there was still plenty of other exciting racing to watch including a four lap battle between Phil Small and Marc Gauthier with Gauthier coming from behind to grab a late win. Heye was the rider who had to settle for a berth in the Consi which Gary Hesmer won with a strong ride.

In the final Legault grabbed the lead from the gate followed by Hesmer, Parsons and Estelle. Parsons took over second at the start of lap two but by that time Legault had the race in hand. After Estelle moved up to third Hesmer tried to power around the outside of him at turn three and went down hard. As he was unable to get up this brought out the red flag but as by that time the leaders had completed their third lap the race was called.

Div 2 provided its share of excitement with Aaron De Veau going unbeaten in the qualifying heats and being joined in the final by Phil Mosquera, Shawn Morrison and John Perry. However, it was Mosquera who got the early lead and although De Veau moved up to second, Mosquera seemed to have things in hand when Morrison wiped out, bounced and hit the boards hard on the third lap. The race was immediately red flagged and, as the leaders had not completed that lap, this meant a full restart with Morrison off the penalty line. After attention, he made it to the line for this but justice was done when Mosquera led from start to finish while behind him John Perry took second ahead of with De Veau.

In Div 3 Corinne Franic started brightly but a fall during the night exacerbated an elbow injury from the week before and she struggled thereafter. It was the opposite for Michael Small. He started slowly and got better as the night progressed. To the delight of the fans he came from behind in the the final to catch and pass early leader Tim Murray and despite being mounted on a 250cc bike was able to hold onto the lead and take the checkered flag for his first main event win. A great night indeed for the youngster but it was a toss up who was happiest with his win, Michael or Dad Phil!
July 30th 2004
Once again the Paris track defied the weather and was able to run on a night when the odds seemed stacked against them. The forecast set the probability of precipitation at 60% and there was heavy rain to the south in the afternoon. As a result a number of fans stayed home but those who came out enjoyed some good racing and the rain gods co-operated as the first raindrops of the night did not fall until the riders came to the tapes for the final race and the meeting was over and the fans on their way home before rain came pouring down.

In Div 1 Aaron Hesmer and Kyle Legault continued their battle for the season High Points lead at Paris. Hesmer had a two point lead at the beginning of the night and that battle will be resumed next week as they each defeated the other once in the qualifying heats while winning their other races. A win for Legault in the final means that the gap is now down to a single point. Legault provided much of the entertainment as he was not gating well and had to come from behind to get a win in three of his four qualifying heats.

In their first outing Hesmer made the running for the first two laps and closed the door on his rival when he probed the inside at turn one. However, he left a tiny gap coming out of two and Legault was through in a flash to get the win. Next time they met Legault looped at the gate and went to the penalty line for the restart. Although he made it through to second place on the first lap he could make no impression on Hesmer who took a comfortable win with a fast smooth ride. Joining these two in the final were Joe Heye and Greg Starcevic who had easily his best meeting of the season and was particularly sharp from the gate. However the result was never in doubt as Legault simply ran away from the rest and won by a full quarter of a lap. Too bad that the race wasn't timed as he looked extremely fast and it could well have been the fastest time yet had it been recorded.

Aaron De Veau was impressive as he topped the D2 standings although he didn't have things all his own way. Chris Houtby also rode well and twice beat De Veau to show that all he needs to do to become a power at this level is improve his gating. De Veau got his first taste of D1 racing when he filled in a gap in the program in one race and showed that he is close to being ready to move up a level Tim Murray continued to improve in D3 racing and had his best meeting yet as he topped the scorers in the qualifying heats. However, although hewas first from the gate in the final, Corinne Franic slipped through a gap at the second turn and never looked back as she took the honors for the sixth time in eight meetings.
August 6th 2004
Better weather this week brought out a bigger turnout of both fans and riders including Colorado based Bobby Richards who made the long trip to ride here and at Belleville. The end result was another good night's racing that may be best remembered as being the night young Michael Small first raced on a 500c.c. bike. As it turned out, in all three classes it was a night for the younger riders.

In Div 1 Kyle Legault and Aaron Hesmer continued their battle for the Paris High Points Award. Legault changed his bike set up to sacrifice his speed from the gate in favor of more power and boy did that work. Although slower off the line he was usually in the lead by turn three and simply ran away from the rest of the riders, winning most of his races by close to a quarter of a lap. But for losing a chain, while leading, in his
first heat he would have been unbeaten on the night with only Joe Heye managing to stay ahead of him for a lap. However although Legault beat Hesmer three times during the program no one else could and the points lost in his first outing meant that by the end of the night Hesmer doubled his points lead to a scant two. This struggle will definitely be resumed next Friday. Aaron and Gary Hesmer took the top two places in the qualifying heats with Heye and Legault completing the field for the final. Rob Dixon overtook Bobby Richards to win the Consi before Legault quickly moved through the field and scorched away to take the Main form Aaron Hesmer and Joe Heye with Gary Hesmer biting the dust on the third lap.

In D2 Aaron De Veau finally put it all together and won the lot. He came close two weeks ago only to lose the final but this time made no mistake and led all the way for the win although he had plenty of opposition with Phil Mosquera and Chris Houtby chasing hard. Mark Priebe took the Consi but it was a bad night for John Bennett who returned to the track after a three week layoff only to fall in three of his four races.

In D3 Michael Small was mounted on dad Phil's 500cc bike for the first time apart from practice. His first race gave little sign of what was to follow as he seemed to park it on the turn and slid off on the second lap. After that it was a different story. Released form the frustration of not having enough power on his 250 cc bike to catch slower riders, he simply reveled in having the speed to match his ability and went unbeaten for the rest of the night. Although not fast from the gate, he now had the power to take him where he wanted to go and had little trouble coming from the back although he was sent to the penalty line for the restart of one race in which he misjudged his line as he overtook veteran Tom Marriott and brought him down. Despite this he worked his way through the field and had the lead by the third lap. In the Main event he was in front coming out of the second turn and cheered on by the crowd took the win from Doug Beaumont, Corinne Franic and Tim Murray. Definitely a night to remember for Michael and there should be many more to follo
August 20th 2004
A complete reversal of the weather from last week.  Very light spotty rain throughout the afternoon and early evening stopped just before the 8.00pm race time and not only allowed the meeting to be run but provided an excellent race surface.  With not even one fall during the night,  the program zipped along and was completed in two hours.

While, as usual, the most spectacular show was from the D1 riders some of  the best races of the night were in D2 and D3 with veteran Graham Wale in sprightly form.   He had an entertaining tussle in his final heat race swapping positions back and forth with another veteran Paul Martin, making a welcome return to the track, and then had an even better outing in the Consi.  In this Tim Murray grabbed the lead but Wale battled hard as he tried to come from behind to get what would have been his first ever win.  With the crowd urging him on he came close to catching Murray on several occasions  but a final burst left him a length short at the line.  It was another first for Michael Small who made it nine wins in a row on a 500cc bike and went through the program undefeated for the first time finishing ahead of Corinne Franic, Tom Marriott and Doug Beaumont in the main.

It was another Kyle Legault night in D1.  He dropped his only point when he slowed and dropped back on the last lap of one race with a mechanical problem but otherwise was just too quick for his rivals.   Joe Heye had his best meeting for sometime with three wins but he missed the gate in the main and although he caught Gary Hesmer, had to settle for third behind Legault and Aaron Hesmer.  The other riders had their moments with Marc Gauthier going well and Rob Dixon impressing when he pinned Aaron Hesmer back in fourth in a heat race.

D2 action has provided excellent racing in recent weeks and despite the absence of Phil Mosquera tonight was no exception  Not only is the racing competitive but the standard is excellent with several of the riders ready to move up to D1 next year.   Aaron De Veau topped the qualifiers with Chris Houtby and Shawn Morrison right on his heels with all three having their share of success during the program.  In the main it was Houtby who grabbed the early lead but Morrison took it away from him with a nicely judged outside pass around turns three and four.   Thereafter he never looked like getting caught and took the win with De Veau slipping inside Houtby for second.
August 27th 2004
The forecast thunderstorms for the area stayed away and a big 23 rider field was on hand for the final Friday night race of the season. The track surface was a bit deeper than usual and provided ample opportunity to ride inside or outside and the riders responded with some top rate racing. Kyle Legault in particular reveled in the grip available and put on quite a show for the fans in his final outing of the season at Paris. Instead of using his usual tight line in the turns he chased the dirt, used it to advantage on a wide line and was much too fast for his opponents. He won all but oneof his races by a comfortable margin dropping his only point when he went too wide and bounced off the fence while leading. He dropped to third and was unable to catch Aaron Hesmer who, for the second week in a row, prevented him from going through the program unbeaten.

Gary Hesmer had his best meeting of the year and finished with a well deserved second place in the Main behind Legault with Joe Heye just edging out Aaron Hesmer for third. These two riders had the best race of the night as they served up a classic four lap battle with Hesmer on the inside just having the edge as they went shoulder to shoulder for the first two laps. Heye then got just a little more drive to move in front and hold on over the last lap for a thrilling win. Great stuff to watch.

More exciting racing in D2 with John Perry back in action. With Mosquera, De Veau, Morrison, Perry and Houtby all capable of winning, one of them would not make the final and the competition between them was so close that only Phill Mosquera had booked his place in the final as the riders came to the tapes for the final heat. In this a fall by Shawn Morrison decided the issue and relegated him to the Consi. The main event provided the anticipated close race with De Veau overtaking Mosquera for the win and Perry getting by Houtby for third. Mark Priebe had a better night including a win in the Consi when early leader Morrison went down after a spectacular 180 degree spin. However, the best move of the night was not on the track. Although battling with Morrison for season high point honors, De Veau was quick to lend him his bike when Morrison's had problems with his own and needed to borrow one or miss his race. Nicely done Ace!

In D3 Tim Murray had an excellent night and topped the scorers in the qualifying heats but it was young Michael Small who won the final for the third week in a row from Corinne Franic, Michael Small and Doug Beaumont. Small's run of consecutive wins came to and end earlier in the night when he went down twice in a race. Another happy youngster was Michael Martin Evans who won the Consi in his first outing of the year.
September 4th 2004
This day is the big event of the year for the D2 and D3 riders. They are the stars of the show as the D1 riders are not part of the program. A warm afternoon saw 21 riders take to the track to try to add their names to the list of those who have won these coveted trophies in the past. Unfortunately, the hot day made it difficult to keep the moisture in the track and this caused some problems as the meeting progressed.

Over the years pre-race favorites have often had their problems at this event. This year the first favorite bit the dust, literally, in the very first heat. Michael Small has dominated D3 racing over the last month but he missed the gate and found his way blocked as he tried to drive around Tim Murray, slid out and down against the fence. Despite winning his remaining three qualifying heats he missed a place in the top four by a single point. It began to look as if someone had put a hex on the favorites when points leader Corinne Franic looped at the gate and came down hard at the start of the second heat. She was able to make the restart from the penalty line but showed the effects of her spill and could only finish second behind veteran Graham Wale who was delighted to notch his first ever race win.

These meetings often throw up an unexpected performance and in D3 it was Wale. He continued to pick up points including a second win and was tied with Franic for the lead after the four qualifying rounds with Doug Beaumont and Murray a point further back. These four moved on to the top scorers race. With the title going to the rider with most points over the meeting and any tie broken by the order of finish in the last race, it meant that whichever rider won it would be crowned as champion. It was Doug Beaumont who grabbed the early lead and although chased by Franic for all four laps held on to take the title while Wale finished third despite bouncing off the boards on the third lap.

Things went pretty much according to form in the early heats in the D2 title hunt with all the favorites picking up points. After three rounds Aaron De Veau and John Perry were both unbeaten and looked certain to make the final four. However Perry missed the gate completely in his next race and was still in last place as they started the final lap. In a desperate effort to move up he dove hard into turn three and hit the second place rider bringing him down in the process. Although Perry managed to say upright and cross the line in second place he was disqualified because of the incident. One heat later he was out of the meeting, ejected for arguing his case too vociferously with the referee.

With De Veau having won his fourth heat and Phil Mosquera heading Chris Houtby home in their heat, it meant that De Veau had a comfortable three point lead over the other two with only the top scorers race left. He went on to take that race and the title in style by going through the program unbeaten with Mosquera finishing second, Houtby third and American Dave Clark fourth.

A fine effort by De Veau who confirmed by his polished performance that he is indeed ready to move up to D1 next season where he could well be joined by both Phil Mosquera and Chris Houtby.

Another rider to catch the eye during the afternoon was Quebecer Jocelyn Lesieur who crashed spectacularly in his first race but recovered well and won his final two heats to finish fifth overall.
September 5th 2004
Brian Hollenbeck's best days are still ahead of him which suggests that they could be very good days indeed. Still a teenager, this quiet American let his riding do the talking on Sunday night when he outpaced some of the top East Coast riders to win the fourth round of the Blendzall sponsored East Coast Speedway Series at Paris.

He didn't look like a winner when he came home in third place in his first heat. However, this wasn't too surprising as it was his first time on the Paris track and the riders who beat him, Craig Estelle and Joe Heye, both finished in the top four at the end of the night. A second place finish next time out left him in danger of not making the final but he turned things around and was unbeaten after that.
The battle for a top four finish and a place in the final was very close with only two points separating the top six riders after four rounds of racing.

Jerry Harman had 15, Estelle, Aaron Hesmer, Heye and Rob Dixon were on 14 with Hollenbeck on 13. Heye, Hesmer and Dixon were all in the same heat in the final round so something had to give. Heye came around the outside of Hesmer and grabbed the lead when he beat him to the inside line at turn three and held on for the win while behind them Dixon slid off and out of contention. More drama in the next heat when Hollenbeck faced off with Harman and got the win he needed to keep his hopes alive. Estelle then won his race to join Heye and Harman on 18 points and in the final. That left Hesmer and Hollenbeck tied on 17 pts with the tie breaker being the result when they met during the program. This was the race in which Hollenbeck got his first win, so he was in and the unfortunate Hesmer left to ponder his fate on the sidelines.

Unfortunately for Harman he had blown his motor and had to ride a borrowed bike in the final and was never in the hunt. With all of the marbles on the line it was Hollenbeck from the outside gate who grabbed the lead and held off a strong challenge from Heye to get the win, with Estelle third and Harman fourth.

Apart from the finalists Rob Dixon had easily his best meeting at Paris and rode impressively while of the younger brigade getting a chance to race at the D1 level, Aaron De Veau confirmed that he is ready for regular D1 racing with a healthy 13 point score.

May 30th 2003

The season opener was threatened by rain  which started falling 15 minutes before start time.  Fortunately this proved to be no more than a shower and the meeting got underway after a 30 minute delay.  The track surface was deeper than usual as the additional material added the week before was still quite loose and as the night wore on this built up on the outside and made this tricky to ride.                                 

With several of the D1 regulars missing, including the Legaults not yet back from the UK, it was fortunate that several out of province riders were on hand to take up the slack.  It proved to be a good night for riders from Quebec as both Nick Fafard and Philip Lemay went through the program undefeated to take the honours in D1 and D2 respectively.                                   

Although much of the pre-meeting interest was on the first appearance in Canada of multi time World Championship finalist Kelly Moran in only his second outing after an eleven year retirement, it was young Nick Fafard who dominated the meeting.   He showed little sign of having taken last year off from racing and although a trifle fortunate to win his first two races when the early leaders had problems,  he was never headed thereafter and parlayed his fast starts into comfortable wins.  He was clearly the fastest rider on the night and fully deserved his success.                                   

Behind him last year's top two at Paris, Joe Heye and Aaron Hesmer each dropped points with an uncharacteristic fall and it was Hesmer who edged out Heye for second with Gary Hesmer taking fourth in a welcome return to form after two difficult years due to injuries.   Michigan based Steve Glasgow showed good form in his D1 debut and won the Consi from Marc Gauthier and Rob Dixon.                                                                    
Kelly Moran's debut was spectacular but all too short.   In his first outing he ripped around the outside of the first turn and sped past Fafard only to coast to a halt when he lost his chain on the second lap.   A similar start in his next outing saw him fly into the third turn at a high rate only to crash heavily and be ruled out for the rest of the night by the St John Ambulance staff due to a mild concussion.

Competition was close in D2 but Phil Lemay was just that bit sharper from the gate than his rivals and handled the deep track well as he was never headed on his way to a five win night.  No wonder he calls Paris his favourite track!  Behind him competition was close with Phil Small just edging out John Perry on the night. Although he did not make the final Bob Mosquera looked much more controlled and comfortable than he did last year.                                                                      
Most disappointed man on the night was Graham Wale who could not get his bike to run, nor a spare offered to him, and as a result had to sit out what was going to be his first night of racing.   This only left two riders in D3 and another rider having his first outing John Bennett, went unbeaten on the night including a come from behind win in his first race.  After giving up the early lead he chased down Corinne Franic over the final two laps and swept around the outside of the final turn to pass her on the run to the line.  The crowd gave him a good hand for this effort as he showed that, despite the different speeds involved, all three race divisions can provide entertaining action.

June 6th 2003
The season debut of Kyle Legault, just returned from racing in the World U-21 Champs in England, added spice to this week's program and when Nick Fafard made the long trip from Quebec to compete for the second week in a row the stage was set for some exciting racing.    This proved to be the case and fans were treated to an excellent night's entertainment with extremely close competition in both D1 and D2.

In the first D1 heat John Mercier, also making his season debut, showed that he has fully recovered from the injury that sidelined him for the second half of last year by taking an impressive win from Aaron Hesmer.  The next heat had Fafard, unbeaten last week, facing Kyle Legault and they provided four laps of pure excitement.  Fafard from the inside gate grabbed the early lead while Legault used the outside line to try to get around him. He got just enough drive coming out of turn four to snatch the lead at the end of the first lap and the second lap was just as close.  Both riders were pushing so hard looking for that extra little bit of traction that their front wheels lifted almost in unison as they came out of the turn.
A sign of just how fast they were going is that Joe Heye, #1 at Paris last year was well back in third place. In the end Legault pulled a little ahead for the win and the battle between them was joined.  This trio each went unbeaten for the rest of the night to reach the final where they were joined by Mercier.

Legault had his choice of gate for the final and chose gate two and then completely missed the start.  Mercier grabbed the early lead but left a gap coming out of turn four and Fafard seized the chance to come through for the lead. He seemed to have the race well in hand when he lifted on the back straight, hit the fence and went down hard. After treatment he made it out for the restart.  This time Legault made no mistake and took a comfortable win while Fafard overcame his 10 yard penalty to take second place with another fine effort with Heye taking third after Mercier went down on the last lap.

The D2 class provided more close racing with John Perry wowing the fans with a storming win from the penalty line when he caught and passed the rest of the field within two laps. To make things even better for him he then went on to win his first D2 Main event from Lee Charland, Phil Small and Phil Mosquera.

John Bennett was again the class of D3 but Corinne Franic made her fans happy with her first win of the season.  Fans held their breath when newcomer Graham Wale was involved in a spectacular accident in only his third race. Happily, although he went through the safety fence, he escaped serious injury and was in fine spirits in the pits after the meeting.
June 20th 2003
Decent weather at last, an excellent track and a good rider turnout nicely balanced between classes, created the framework for a good night's racing.   Heavy rain in midweek after the track had been graded, produced a rock hard smooth base with sufficient  loose dirt on top to allow different race lines.  The riders responded to this and provided excellent racing throughout the program and gave the fans a truly exciting night's entertainment.   To make it a near perfect evening the spills were minor and the ambulance did not have to move all night.                                   

A problem with the starting gate for the first heat and a couple of bike problems in the first D3 heat got the program of to a slow start but things never looked back after Phil Small set the tone for the rest of the night with a nice move to take the lead away from John Perry in the next heat.                                     
For the fourth week in a row Nick Fafard and Lee Charland were welcome visitors, despite having made the long drive from Quebec last week only to have the events rained off at both Paris and Welland.                                    

Fafard and Kyle Legault, mounted on the bike he bought in England for the U-21 competition, met in the first round and the fans were eagerly anticipating a rematch of their exciting action in the last meeting but it was Joe Heye who got the better of the start and had a clear lead over Legault with Fafard bringing up the rear on the second lap when Legault misjudged his line coming out of turn four, cut across the track and hit Heye before hitting the deck.  There was a complete reversal of fortune in the restart in which Fafard led from start to finish, Legault came from the penalty line to take second while the unfortunate Heye, the innocent party in the accident, was relegated to last place.                                       

The best race of the night featured a four lap duel with Fafard probing for a way past Aaron Hesmer on the inside of each turn and finally battling through to edge ahead around the final two turns only for Hesmer to find enough drive coming out of the turn to catch and repass him on the run to the line and win by less than a wheel.  Just as entertaining was another four lap battle between Rob Dixon  and Gary Hesmer for third place in which they went side by side for most of the race and seemed to swap positions at least twice a lap.  Great stuff to watch!                                   

For the second meeting in a row Legault had his choice of starting position in the final, again chose gate two and again it did not work for him.  Fafard led form the gate and in the end took a comfortable win as Legault slowed with bike problems and was overtaken by first Mercier and then Hesmer.                                    

Star of the night in D2 was unquestionably Phil Small.  Just back from a trip to the UK he was suffering from jet lag and claimed to be be 'shattered' but this didn't affect his riding.   He was able to use both the inside and outside lines as necessary and came from behind several during the night, including his win in the final to complete his best night's racing to date.                                                                     
With six riders in D3 racing was much more competitive this week. Aaron De Veau emerged as the winner in his first outing of the season by  using the outside line to come from the back on several occasions.   It may not be long before he is ready to move up a grade.  Shawn Morrison,  also making his debut for the season, showed that he can challenge John Bennett for Rookie honors.       
June 27th 2003

The spell of ninety degree weather broke in time to  provide excellent race conditions which helped attract the biggest crowd yet of the season.  The late arrival of the St John ambulance delayed the start of racing but once underway things ran smoothly including the first appearance on the program of a P50 class.  With a meeting at their local track the following night, long distance travellers Nick Fafard and Lee Charland were missing from the program for the first time this season.           

Although the track was in excellent condition again the racing, although entertaining, lacked the edge that it had last week.  However it did have its moments several of which were crammed into the final three races of the night.             

In the D2 final John Perry timed the start perfectly, rocketed from the gate, and was several lengths ahead at the first turn when the race was stopped with the referee ruling that it was an unsatisfactory start and bringing all four riders back to the tapes for the restart.  Presumably this was because Perry was judged to be rolling as the tapes were released as he did not touch them.   Second time around it was Phil Small who got the better of the start and went on to win followed by the Mosquera brothers, Phil and Bob as Perry went down on the first lap.  He remounted but was well back at the finish and then showed his sportsmanship by congratulating Small on the cool down lap although he must have been feeling disappointed that his original jet propelled start was called back.

The next race up was the D1 Consi and kudos in this go to Rob Dixon who did an excellent job of laying his bike down to avoid a rider who fell in front of him. Surprisingly the race was not stopped and both riders were left to remount and rejoin the race far behind the leader Aaron Hesmer who cruised around for the win.   In the end Dixon was most unfortunate to lose a place as a result of laying his bike down but more importantly he did get the approval of his fellow riders.           

There was no controversy in the D1 main event but plenty of excitement. Joe Heye made the gate and battled Kyle Legault for the lead around the first two turns and looked to have the better line when he lost control, did a 180 degree pirouette and went down.  Fortunately the other riders managed to avoid him but he had to go to the penalty line for the restart.  This time John Mercier was first out of turn two but Kyle Legault powered through on the inside to take the lead by the end of the first lap.   Although chased hard by Mercier,  Legault never looked like being caught and took the win while Gary Hesmer continued his run of improved performances with a third place finish.           
Although not the fastest race of the night one of the most entertaining was a D3 battle between veteran Paul Martin and Shawn Morrison in which they battled hard for all four laps swapping the lead back and forth several times during the race.  Morrison then led the final from start to finish to  earn his first main event win. 

July 4th 2003

A spell of hot weather gave way to thunderstorms early Friday evening but Paris defied the odds, shook off the effects of a mid-afternoon shower  and lived up to its reputation as a track that manages to avoid the worst of the bad weather as the meeting took place.  Perhaps it was this reputation that helped to attract the biggest crowd of the season for 'Symes Catering Night' and they were rewarded with another night of excellent racing.  With lightning visible in surrounding areas after the interval,  the program was run as quickly as possible in case of rain that happily did not come.                                       

There was plenty of action on the track too with top American Craig Estelle adding spice to a very competitive D1 class. Unbeaten in two previous visits to Paris, that record went in his first heat when Kyle Legault squeezed past him coming out of turn four to takeover the lead and go on to win.

Falls in his first two races put Joe Heye out of the running for a place in the final but competition was tight with one round left.  Needing points, Estelle booked his place with perhaps the best effort of the night when, back in third place after two laps, he powered around John Mercier then caught and passed Kyle Legault around the final two turns after the latter faltered for a moment on the back straight.  That left Aaron Hesmer and Nick Fafard to battle for the last place and it was Hesmer who was the odd man out.   To make matters worse for him he had bike problems while leading the Consi and could  only watch as Joe Heye went past to take the win from Rob Dixon.                                       
This week Legault selected gate one for the final and made it work.  He just beat Fafard to the turn and was never headed as he took his third main event win.   Behind them Estelle took a lap to get around Mercier who then got into trouble next time around trying to do the same to the American and came off, happily without injury.                                       

Marc Gauthier moved down to D2 due to the rider numbers and program setup.    His experience showed and he was just that bit sharper than the D2 regulars, particularly from the gate and around the first turn, and he went unbeaten on the night.  John Perry did make him work for his win in the final jumping out to the early lead before falling on the second lap.   He remounted and finished third with Phil Small taking second behind Gauthier.                                       

With only three riders D3 was decided on total points over the night and the decision went right down to the final two turns of their last heat.  John Bennett missed the gate, moved up to second on the second lap and set out after race leader Shawn Morrison.  A determined effort saw him catch up going into the final two turns and a burst around the outside saw him squeeze past and snatch the win with a fine effort. 

July 11th 2003

Defying the odds of rain and storms in most of the surrounding areas, the Paris track was bone dry a couple of hours before racing was due to start.  Unfortunately the threat of rain kept most of the fans and several of the regular riders at home.  However those who were there put on a good show and despite the cold the fans who were there stayed to the end and enjoyed the shorter than usual race program.                                       

Kyle Legault came out on top of D1 for the third week in a row although Aaron Hesmer made him work hard for the win. Hesmer surprised Legault by finding drive out of turn two and zipping past his rival in the deciding heat.  He held the lead until Legault used the outside line at the  same spot to overtake him and move ahead for the win.

In view of the short program an extra elimination race was staged at the end of the night between the four D1 riders.  The format for this was for the riders to race for a single lap with the last place rider dropping out, a similar one lap dash to eliminate a second rider and then a two lap race between the remaining riders to determine the winner.  In this Aaron Hesmer hopes of winning disappeared quickly when he looped at gate and went to the penalty line for the restart.  Despite a strong ride from there line he was still a length behind Gary Hesmer at the line and was eliminated.  Gary was next to go leaving Joe Heye and Kyle L as the survivors.  For the third tine in a row Heye did not get the starting position he wanted when he drew gate four.  Despite this he had the edge around the first two turns but bobbled it striving for the line he wanted out of two and that was all that Legault needed to roar past him and take the win.                                        

D2 and D3 were combined into a single class for the night and provided some excellent competition between the pairings John Perry and Phil Small and John Bennett and Shawn Morrison with Small and Bennett just having the edge on the night.   Unfortunately the other two riders in this class crashed early in the program and Graham Wale was sidelined with a broken hand plus a broken finger.  Corinne Franic injured her hand in the same crash but was able to continue riding.

July 18th 2003

For the first time in three weeks the weather was good as was the crowd.  With only two riders in D3 as due to last week's accident, that class was combined with D2 for the night and D3 regulars John Bennett and Shawn Morrison reveled in the stonger opposition and both made the final while continuing their personal chase for the season high points title.      

Jeff Orosz made a welcome returrn to the Paris track after his early season injury at Leamington and was in thick of the action all night.  His presence made the D1 class even more competitive than usual and racing was always entertaining as the riders battled for each point and a place in the final.   With Joe Heye in good form and Aaron Hesmer getting a zero return in his first race when he dropped out with more bike troubles, it looked as if Hesmer might be headed for the Consi again but he stormed back and a win over Legault and Mercier in his final race enabled him to squeeze past Mercier and join Legault, Orosz and Heye in the final.  Another battle between the teenagers seemed to be underway when Legault, out of gate one, and Hesmer, out of gate four,  emerged side side by side from turn two. However, as they dove into turn three Hesmer slid out and off.  Although Orosz took up the chase he never looked likely to catch Legault who went on to take the Final for the fourth week in a row.  Heye was third while Hesmer sportingly remounted to avoid a restart, and finished fourth.                                       

With Phil Small missing this week John Perry always looked the likely winner in D2 although John Bennett did manage to beat him by half a wheel with a great effort in one race.  He shot of the line and had a comfortable lead in the final only to slide off on the second lap.   Shawn Morrison inherited the lead and held it for a lap until Phil Mosquera got past and earned his first checkered flag of the season. Behind them Perry had remounted and just managed to chase down and catch Bennett out of the final turn to take third.

Other efforts to catch the eye included a perfect drive around the outside by Steve Glasgow to overtake Gary Hesmer in one race and a good effort by Pete Hamm to lay his bike down to avoid Shawn Morrison who fell in front of him.

July 25th 2003
The first Dean Bencsics Memorial Meeting was a huge success and it is a mark of the respect in which he was held by his many friends that it attracted by far the biggest crowd of the season.  It's timing, Great weather, lots of prizes for the fans from several sponsors, 35 heats of exciting racing, some spills and controversy over some refereeing decisions all added up to a great night's entertainment for the fans and the hope that this may become an annual event.

The strongest field of D1 riders of the season ensured that racing in this class was competitive throughout the night as the riders battled for a place in the main event.  They provided lots of truly exciting action with shoulder to shoulder racing happening several times.   Kyle Legault went unbeaten through the qualifiers and was joined in the final by Nick Fafard making a welcome reappearance after a couple of weeks absence.  A fall by Craig Estelle in his final heat left him tied in points with Jeff Orosz and Aaron Hesmer for the remaining two places.   Estelle got in as he had beaten the other two when they last met and as Orosz and Hesmer had not met during the night it had to go to the second method race wins to break the tie and this put Orosz into the final and relegate Hesmer to the Consi which he then proceeded to win.

With such a high quality field for the final the start was critical as evidenced by three riders touching the tape as the referee held them at the start.   They must have been relieved when he ruled a full restart rather than penalize anyone. When the tapes did go up it was Estelle who just beat Legault to the first turn.  The four laps that followed were classic speedway.  Legault was all over Estelle looking for the smallest gap on the inside at every turn.  Often barely the length of a wheel separated them but the American was unflappable.  He soaked up the pressure and did not move from his race line and did not yield an inch to the youngster.  Although there was no passing during the race it was a spine-tingler and well worth the price of admission.  Third place went to Nick Fafard.

Phil Small led the D2 final for two laps but the race was halted and rerun due to a fall when Lee Charland went down on the second lap.    John Perry took advantage of his second chance and led from start to finish to notch a very popular win and one which was fitting in view of his close friendship with Dean.

In D3 John Bennett went unbeaten through the qualifying heats but fell on the second lap of the final while leading.  He got off the track but despite his bike being left on it the race continued and Shawn Morrison got the win.  The result was protested and the outcome of this will not be known for some time.
August 1st 2003
Despite a forecast of rain there was a good rider turnout for the meeting.  The field included one rider, Chris Houtby, having his first outing.  The weather during the week and practice on Tuesday produced a track that was not as consistent as usual and which developed some ruts on the turns that gave the riders some problems until shaved down half way through the night.

Kyle Legault continued his domination of racing here and swept through the program unbeaten.  His win in the main event was his sixth in eight meetings.  John Mercier looked likely to give him his stiffest opposition when he led him for almost two laps before Legault found a way through on the inside coming out of turn four.  However Mercier fell on the last lap and a harder fall in his next heat left him sidelined for the rest of the night.   So it was Aaron Hesmer who finished in second place in both qualifying points and the main event while Joe Heye took third and Marc Gauthier had his best outing yet at Paris and reached the D1 final for the first time. 

Phil Mosquera got things off to a good start in D2 by holding off a strong challenge from John Perry with Phil Small pinned back in third but thereafter the night belonged to Small who went unbeaten for the rest of the evening including a win in the main event when he had to hold off a strong challenge from Phil Mosquera whose form has improved in recent weeks.   Also showing much improved form was Aaron De Veau while Pete Hamm had a better night and just missed a place in the final.

In D3 John Bennett and Shawn Morrison continued their season long battle and for the second week in a row it was  Morrison who came out on top.   Chris Houtby, riding Graham Wale's bike showed promising form in his first outing.
August 22nd 2003
After missing two weeks to first a thunderstorm and then the large scale power outage which affected all of Ontario, racing returned to Paris this Friday.  There was a smaller than usual D1 field and Kyle Legault picked up from where he left off at the last meeting by going through the meeting unbeaten and basically untroubled to once again take D1 honors for the night.  Behind him Aaron Hesmer finished in second place with Joe Heye third and Greg Starcevic fourth.

Going into the meeting Phil Small trailed John Perry by two points in the season's high points race and they had a fantastic race when they met in the opening D2 heat.  They swapped the lead three or four times during the race and hotly contested the entry to each turn throughout the race.  Pure entertainment that ended with Small winning and narrowing the gap to a single point.  However, that was the high point of the night for him as a couple of falls in subsequent races saw the gap widen to four points by the end of the night.   These two topped the qualifying points but it was Phil Mosquera who won the race that mattered when he swept around the outside of turn four on the first lap of the final to grab the lead and leave the others behind him for his second main event win of the season.  Unfortunately it wasn't such a good night for brother Bob who had the misfortune to break a finger in a fall in his third heat race.

Michael Martin Evans made his season debut in Division 3 but it was dad Paul who continued to show the  leaders in D3 that he still has what it takes by topping the qualifying points and taking his first main event win of the season.  Part of the drama in this division was in the pits as high points leader John Bennett struggled to get his bike running while rival Shawn Morrison was on the track whittling away at his points lead.  In the end Bennett missed his first two heats and a fall in his final outing allowed Morrison to reduce his lead to only four points by the end of the night.  However, it wasn't all plain sailing for Morrison as he crashed heavily into the boards on the front straight in the most spectacular spill of the night.
August 30th 2003
The meeting had plenty of action with D2 providing most of the exciting racing and D3 more than its share of minor spills.  Fortunately those involved escaped with minor scrapes and bruises.

Eight riders in each class allowed for four qualifying rounds after which the top four met in a final race with the remaining four taking part in a consolation event.   However, the result was not based on the final race but on total points over the night with points in the final being 5-3-2-1 and in the heats 4-3-2-1 and any ties in points being broken in the usual way by the finishing position in the final.   As it turned out the D2 championship was decided by that additional point at stake for the winner of the final.

As the riders came to the tapes three of the four could still win the title by winning the race.  Phil Small was ahead in points with 15, while John Perry had 14 and Phil Lemay 13.  Phil Mosquera was the other finalist but with 9 points he could not catch Small.  Perry's hopes vanished as the tapes went up when his engine gave up the ghost and he could only watch as the others raced away.  Lemay grabbed the lead and although Small stayed close for most of the race, he stretched his advantage over the final lap for a comfortable win.  The two-point differential between first and second place tied him on points with Small and gave him the title based on his higher placing in the final heat.

Competition was close throughout the meeting between the top three and they provided plenty of action when they met. Small showcased his ability with a spectacular ride in his final qualifying heat.   Last after the first lap, he overtook Aaron De Veau but was still back in third place behind Lemay and race leader Charland as they approached the final turns.  Lemay opted for the inside line leaving the outside to Small.  It proved to be a bad choice as he was pinned behind Charland while Small was able to find the drive to power around both and snatch the win which gave him his point advantage going into the final. 

The competition in D3 was not nearly as close as the anticipated battle between Shawn Morrison and John Bennett simply did not happen.   Both Bennett and last week's winner Paul Martin had meetings they will want to forget as Bennett hit the track four times during the night and Martin went down three times.   Going into the final Shawn Morrison had a four-point edge over his nearest rivals and only needed to finish to take the title.  It took three tries to complete this but although Jocelyn Lesieur overtook him on the final lap to deprive him of a maximum score the title was his by a comfortable margin.   

Quite a night for Morrison as not only did he win the championship he finally moved past Bennett, after weeks of chasing him, in the hunt for the season's high points total and must now be favored to complete the double by clinching this next week.

Lesieur finished as runner up and showed that he has improved considerably since his last visit to Paris two years ago.  Chris Houtby will also be pleased with his third place finish while Michael Martin Evans grabbed a spot in the final and showed that he only needs track time to challenge the best in this division.
August 31st 2003
Race Format was the traditional 16 man, 20-heat program with the four top scorers moving forward to a final race and the winner based on total points for the night.

With Craig Estelle and Jerry Harman traveling up from New York, Michel Lemay from Quebec, Bobby Muszynski coming out of retirement and the top finishers from the previous day's D2 championship also taking part, fans were looking forward to an entertaining meeting and they were not disappointed.

None of the meeting favorites slipped up in the early heats and Muszynski showed that although he may not have been race fit he could still race with the best.   After three rounds the race was well underway for a place in the final four with only two points separating the top six.  Kyle Legault and Estelle were unbeaten, Joe Heye and Aaron Hesmer were a point back with Harman and Muszynski two back.  

While Heye, Harman, and Hesmer get up their challenge with wins in the next round something had to give when Legault, Muszynski and Estelle went head to head.  Legault and Muszynski hit the first turn fractionally ahead of Estelle who was forced wide and the race was on.  Legault picked off Muszynski on the first lap and raced off for the win.  Estelle looked likely to take second as Muszynki appeared to be tiring but unfortunately for him was pinned outside him as Muszynski drifted out to the boards and took him with him and all but out of the race.   Fred Legault seized his chance to move into second and Muszynski kept going to take third while Estelle could only restart and circle round for fourth.

The first heat in the final round was crucial as Heye, Harman, Hesmer and Estelle were all in it and needing points.  Heye made the gate and led from start to finish with Estelle holding off Hesmer's challenge for second while Harman was at the back.  In the third lap Hesmer got the entry into turn three wrong and to avoid Estelle's rear wheel went right out to the fence allowing Harman to move past and take third.   This mistake meant the end of the night for Hesmer as it left him tied with points with Estelle and Harman for the last two places in the final four and eliminated as a result of finishing behind them when they met.

All four finalists still had a chance to win as they came to the tapes but Legault left nothing to chance and after he found a tiny gap to squeeze past Estelle out of turn four the result was never in doubt.   His win was popular with the fans and put an exclamation point to his domination of racing at Paris this summer.

Behind him Heye was in excellent form and had his best finish of the year.  While Craig Estelle could feel unlucky with the manner in which he lost points in his critical fourth race fellow American Harman was delighted with his fourth place finish.  Tribute is also due to Michel Lemay who aggravated his injured shoulder during the meeting but resisted the recommendation of the St John Ambulance staff and continued to race and managed a sixth place finish with a truly gutsy performance.
September 5th 2003
This additional race was staged to offset the two meetings lost in August to the weather and the black out.   Unfortunately, despite the increased prize money on offer it did not attract the usual number of riders.  However if the program lacked variety it did not lack interest, as there was something at stake in each division besides the prize money.

In D1 Kyle Legault , Aaron Hesmer and Joe Heye all had their moments with Hesmer looking particularly sharp.  However, it was Legault once again coming out on top although this time he suffered his first defeat at Paris in several weeks.   He came from behind to beat Hesmer in the first heat. But when he missed the gate in his next race and tried to make his patented move on the inside of turn one, he found his path blocked by Joe Heye, made contact with him, shot across the track and finished up in a heap against the fence.   That put him on the penalty line for the restart and he never looked like catching up to either Hesmer or Heye.  It looked like another loss for him next time out as Heye had the lead and control of the race only to swing wide at the beginning of the final lap and lose the lead.  Later it was revealed that he had miscounted the laps and thought the race was over.  All in all some good racing spiced up by Legault's chase for points to break Len Dillon's single season record which he achieved during the meeting to cap a great season for him.

However, unquestionably the best action of the night was the battle for season's D2 High Point honors between Phil Small and John Perry.  Perry has a single point advantage going into the meeting and gated well all night but Small would not be denied and his efforts to come from the back kept the crowd entertained.  Their first race was typical of their battles.   Perry got the lead from the gate and held off Small's challenges for the first three laps.  Small caught him on the inside out of turn two on the final lap and moved ahead on the back straight.  Perry did not give up and fought back so that there was only half a wheel separating them at the line.  Two more come from behind wins gave Small the lead but Perry kept the pressure up with a start to finish win in the next heat.  This meant that Small had a one-point margin as they came to the line for the final race. This time Small finally got the better of the gate and when Perry fell on the second lap it was all over with Small taking the honors.   In a sporting gesture and a fitting finish for their friendly season long battle, he gave Perry a pillion ride for his victory lap and the crowd responded with warm applause for them both.

The D3 High Points title was also up for grabs but with John Bennett absent the title went to Shawn Morrison who then went on to celebrate with an unbeaten night.  It was good to see veteran Graham Wale back on the track for the first time since being injured early in the season.


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