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Saturday August 17th 2013

Upon arrival to the track in Quebec, it was looking to be an awesome night of racing, but then disaster for all, as the track staff went wild with the water truck and completely changed a perfectly race surface into a sticky gooey mess! After delaying the meeting start for nearly 3 hours, the event took place which left alot to be desired!

Heat One:

Mike Hammond gated well, and Matty Ward was second into first bend leading Terry Rideout and newbie youngster Nathan Hammond. Mike Hammond then lost his momentum and was passed by Ward and Rideout on lap 3, on the last corner Rideout outgunned Ward to take the win at the line!

Heat Two:

Matty Ward DNS due to flat tire, which left the two Hammond boys to fend off a fast looking Rideout, who again drove hard to win the heat.


Mike and Nathan Hammond led into the first corner as Matty Ward went wide with Rideout, they both grabbed huge grip on the outside and flew past the Hammond boys in Gollob type fashion! Rideout looked comfortable on the unpredictable track and took a well deserved checkered flag ahead of Matty Ward in second place.

A great job by all these guys especially rookie Nathan Hammond in his first speedway event!

Final Placings:

1: Terry Rideout

2: Matty Ward

3: Mike Hammond

4: Nathan Hammond


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