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Saturday August 3rd 2013

John Kehoe showed his dominance, in winning his heats and the final at the Woodstock 1/2 Mile race.

Sadly after turning the track into a great race surface on Thursday and Friday, Mother Nature turned it's ugly head and drowned the Woodstock track on Friday night. Despite additional work by the track prep on Saturday, the track became very rough with big dips and grooves, leaving the riders to have an eventful and challenging ride!

John Kehoe won the day after suffering an engine blow in practice on his #1 bike! Terry Rideout finished the day in second place and went home covered with stone rash from his challenges to get passed Kehoe. Tommy Hensby suffered a front flat tire in his first heat, and then had ignition problems leaving him to limp through the event, and USA youngster Zack Peters rounded off the field, but suffered a bad crash in his second heat when he hit a big dip in turn 2 throwing him hard into the ground, which left him unconscious on the track for a few nervous minutes. The ambulance was called out and after a few minutes of treatment, Peters was able to walk back unaided to the pits, however his bike was damaged and he was forced to withdraw from the meeting due to medical concerns from the crash.

The final event was great race between Kehoe and Rideout, as Rideout tried his all to get passed the cunning Kehoe, but sadly he was unable to do so. Peters was a non-starter and Hensby limped his way through due to his mechanical problems to round off the day!

Final Placings:

1: John Kehoe

2: Terry Rideout

3: Tommy Hensby

4: Zack Peters (Withdrawn)


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