andy harris


Andy Harris was born in Ipswich, England in August 1958

Andy started late in speedway at the age of 19, and he raced for a couple of years in the UK in the early 80's on the tracks at Ipswich. Mildenhall. Kings Lynn. Milton Keynes. Rye House and Leicester.

His life took a change of focus and he moved to Ontario Canada, and started racing again in the early 90's, at tracks like Paris Speedway, Welland Speedway, Owego. Indianapolis. Greene. Binghampton. Lawrenceburg. St. Louis de France. Leamington. Woodstock. Wheatley. and Tilsonburg.

Unfortunately, his speedway career came to a grinding halt at a meeting at Welland Speedway, when a stricken Kyle Legault fell in front of him, he laid the bike down and slid feet first into the solid safety fence, and he suffered a game changing spinal cord injury that saw him hospitalized for 65 days.

However, Andy did make a good recovery and went on to ride dirt bikes on the local trails for fun.

Currently Andy lives in Welland, Ontario and owns LEV8 (Elevate) Low Level Aerial Photography, which provides high definition photographs and video using top of the line equipment from Walkera Helicopter to various clients in the Niagara Region of Ontario.



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