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Graham Wale was born in Poole, England and rode in many cycle speedway events in his youth.

His passion for speedway was always there, and he managed to partake in his love following a move to Canada.

Graham was also a fully qualified pilot.

His engineering background was evident in his job working with planes, scheduling and maintaining them was his love. He moved to Mount Hope nr, Hamilton, Ontario close the the airport where he worked, a quick 2 minute drive! His back garden was adjacent to the runway and he often enjoyed many hours sitting and watching the planes come and go with his wife Dulce.

Graham was well-known for his proud display of his home-town team the Poole Pirates in the UK, and Graham gained the nickname "Pirate" in his new homeland of Canada, when he began riding speedway bikes at the tender age of 58.

Winning the Division 2 Championship was Graham's highlight, and he celebrated in the UK by meeting up with then UK champion Scott Nicholls, a memory he cherished very much!

His retirement from racing was marred with a nasty crash, but his drive and support of Canadian Speedway continued onward and his role on the board of Directors of the Canadian Speedway Racing Association was very instrumental in the growth we see today!

Graham's support for other riders especially Tommy Hensby was very evident when he spent hours of time riding and schooling Hensby in his early years of crafting his skill at the Paris Speedway track. Something he did without question or by request!

Sadly following a long battle with cancer, Graham passed away peacefully in his sleep at 7:30am on Friday August 12th, 2011 at the St. Peter's Hospital in Hamilton Ontario. Graham had just celebrated his 69th birthday on August 8th.

A true gentleman of the sport of speedway, who is sadly missed by all his fellow colleagues, riders and fans alike. A great guy who always gave time to his young fans at every event providing his smooth, happy charismatic way with everyone who came into contact with him.

The support to end from the Poole Pirate's team manager Neil Middleditch, was one that was appreciated by all Graham's family, friends and especially Graham, who was so thrilled that his personal friend, had taken to the time to keep in contact with him throughout his illness providing Graham with huge support and the boost that kept him going in his last few days!

Grahams last request was to be cremated in his Poole Pirates shirt worn throughout his racing career in memory of his beloved team!

Once a Pirate always a Pirate!!!

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