tommy hensby


Name: Tommy Hensby

Born: December 3rd 1995

Place of Birth: Oakville, Ontario. Canada

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario. Canada

Started Riding Speedway: 2009

Tracks Ridden: Paris Speedway, Welland Speedway, Belleville, Woodstock

Achievements: Canadian Speedway Champion 2012 (D2)

Bio: Tommy began riding on a 185cc custom made speedway bike by Stan Bradbury at the age of 13. He moved up onto Stan's 500cc upright machine under Stan's guidance and progressed very quickly. He then purchased a Jawa 500cc upright from GT Tuning Canada and continued his learning at Paris Speedway. As his confidence grew, he moved to a more comfortable larger track at Welland Speedway and to the 1/2 mile tracks at Belleville and Woodstock.

His crowning glory was to be crowned the Canadian Speedway Champion (D2) at the age of 17. He rode for another year, and and then took time out away from the sport to go to school to become a Professional Photographer. He now owns TopNotch.Photography specializing is automotive photography.



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