tom marriott


Name: "Tiger" Tom Marriott

Born: May 9 1951

Place of Birth: Sheffield England

Hometown: Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Started Riding Speedway :1969

Bikes: Make/Models: JAP. 4 Valve Jawa. Weslake. GM all upright

Tracks Ridden: Sheffield, Doncaster., Scunthorpe, Halifax, Belle Vue . King's Lynn. Paris (Canada). St Alex.(Canada)

Achievements: Survived! lol!!! Mostly concussions and a few broken bones! was voted most popular Canadian Rider one year. Rode for the pure fun of the sport!

Bio: Tom has been a huge proponent of Canadian Speedway. His love for the sport was brought to the forefront when he joined the CSRA. Tom became a heavily involved member and rode at events, promoted events, and provided race programs for the events. He is also very involved in the historic side of Canadian Speedway and has written some great articles on this site. His passion for the sport also includes a huge UK and European race programme collection, including a super autograph collection.



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