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February 23rd 2020


Sincere thanks, is offered to Mr. Duncan Luke and Tom Marriott for their assistance in providing the covers from nearly all the Paris Speedway events.

Some great memories from 1998 and up.....

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There has been some additions to the site recently.

Allan Kidd's Hall of Fame page has had some new photographs added, and Eric Chitty's Hall of Fame page, has been redone with lots of addition information and photographs.

Mike Tamms profile has also had some new photographs added.

Please take time time to take a look at this and other pages on this site, as we know you will enjoy the historic overview of the past riders.

This section is always expanding with new photos and information, as we receive it from friends, family and fans of these Canadian Speedway Icons.


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Terry Rideout Dies in freak accident
Feb 23 Duncan Luke and Tom Marriott program additions









canadian speedway history

This section of our site is forever growing. Despite its size, Canadian Speedway has been blessed to have some iconic names associated with it, and we are proud to bring this information to you.

Thanks is offered to many contributors including Duncan Luke, Tom Marriott, Roger Stevens and David Hensby for the the information used on this site.