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Canadian Speedway Track Gearing

Contribution:Philip Small

Paris gearing for a newcomer:
Try 16 crank, 16 countershaft , 72 rear wheel
Generally the countershaft gear (gear behind the clutch) is standard at 16 tooth. It can be changed but this is unusual.

So when you hear speedway riders say 16:72 it means they assume the countershaft is 16 but they have specified the crank as 16 and the rear wheel as 72.

A rule of thumb is one tooth on the crank is equal to 3 or 4 teeth on the rear wheel.
So 16:72 would be very similar as 15:68

This Paris gearing is a good starting point for a newcomer, but as you get quicker, the gearing should be raised.

For instance in Division 1, I will sometimes will 17:72. This would be similar to 16:68.
If it's your first time at Welland, try 18:60.

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