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Go Fast????

Contribution: Scott Collier

Although this is not technical stuff, it is good novice rider info. As a beginner, I was told "get good before you go get fast." These were good words to live by. Many get fast before they get good. Riding in control WILL prevent you from hitting the boards or someone else.

To get good, you must have the fundamentals in order. The first thing to comprehend is steering. For most, turning right to go left, is not natural. As most bike operators we usually turn in the direction we want to go. But while 'sliding' or 'drifting' many things are opposite. As an example: you are turning right to go left and more throttle (rear wheel spin) actually slows you down.

There are three things that control where you will go. First, the way you steer will control where you go. The right to left thing will be controlled by the amount of gas you give. Also, with the amount of gas you give, less throttle will allow you to drift wide on the apex and coming out of the corner. Giving more throttle will allow you to keep the front wheel down on the inside. The third thing you must consider is where you look. Look ahead. Just as you are driving a car, if you follow and watch someone that crosses the line while going around a bend, chances are you are going to also. If you look ahead of that car, you can keep centered in the lane. If someone goes down in front of you, DON'T look at them. Look inside and focus on your line. Same principle while racing, look ahead, don't follow.

So, three things to consider: direction of steering, amount of gas, and where you look.

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