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Contribution: Aaron Hesmer

D1 guys try staying at least with 68 or 69 on the back. Anywhere from 67 - 70 works good on that track. Any higher will be to inconsistent for you. Lower isn't enough.

Tire pressure depends on weight of rider. Between 7 - 8 pounds is premium. Too little is a waste, you lose speed and bite (trust me it's weird)... Too much no control of course. You have to able to feel the tire.

Jetting 220 for both tracks is good

If you go up in jetting it'll bog the motor and make the bike want to hook up. If you go up in jetting you'll make the bike want to spin.

Newbie's try a 210 jet. and keep lower tire pressure THIS IS ULTIMATE TIP ... It will give you more control because the back tire wont be so inconsistent. Most newbie's get on the gas hard to turn the bike. Most times will spin the bike right around. Lowering your jet will tend to give you the ability to go over bumps and turn the bike while maintaining full control that your tire should give you.


18 on the front works best!

57 - 60 on the rear no secret and if there is I don't know it!!!

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